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Monday, October 29, 2007

Exclamation Points in Life!

I found out many years ago I live my life in "exclamation points"! I talk in "exclamation points" for the most part. I'm enthusiastic about life and all things around me. Today I want to show you an "exclamation point" in my life - this little "jar."

I have many "containers" I've bought through the years to hold things. I don't believe in putting something in just a plain ol' jar, box or container when there are such gorgeous ones available! This is one of them I absolutely treasure. I think I bought it at Macy's but it's been so long I can't remember - probably 20-25 years ago. It sits on a table in my family room where I can look at its gorgeous roses each and every day. In this photo I have it sitting on a photo box painted by Lorena of 2chicfriends, who is one of my favorite artists because of her magnificent fluffy roses! Ya gotta go see her stuff on ebay. This woman is fantastic!! Now, wouldn't you rather see your little doo-dads, bibelots and furbelows in something like this than a ratty old box??!! Hmmmmmm..................


  1. Lorena is one of the very best artists and I am so honored to own some of her art! That box is gorgeous Connie and I so agree with you about storing things in pretty containers!!!


  2. WhaT A GORGOEUS BOX!!! Things absolutely should be stored in pretty containers!!! I had to laugh at your living in exclamations!! I feel that's how I live too & you put it so well! :) chris p.s. such a prtty blog! come visit lucy's lounge when you can!


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