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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Vibrant Pink Rose!

Wow! This one turned out very pink and pretty. On this one I painted the petals before assembling it. That was much easier to do - painting wise. I used a more vibrant pink and edged the petals with even a tad darker pink. It turned out lovely, but my favorite is the previous one - pink with magenta edges. In person that one is absolutely stunningly gorgeous. These will probably go to a friend in a gift I'm preparing for her. These are delightful to make but one usually takes most of the day. I wish I could streamline them somehow but haven't figured that one out yet! Some lucky girl is going to receive this one!!! Wonder who?!?!


  1. They're all beautiful and you're so talented! I'm sure the recipient will LOVE it.

  2. Your site is lovely, and your Roses are are very talented!!


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