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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ever Wonder Why............

Have you ever wondered why your tea towels always look so dirty after a day or so? Well, I've had the answer to that dilemma for many years now. It's the hubby! Yes, your hubby. Men wash their hands to their wrists and then dry to the elbow! No matter how far "UP" they wash, they always, always dry further "UP!" Test this and see if I'm not correct. Go on; I dare ya!! Hah.


  1. All right you win, they do! Another thing is why do they never rinse the sink???????

  2. Ooooor, they shake their hands after washing at the kitchen sink and get drops all over the counters, floor and stove! Yep, you got it.......then they don't wipe it up, you come in with your bare feet and step on something wet and end up wiping up the counter top for the 156th time that day and it's only 8 am!! Hah. Connie

  3. I agree, and can add my own.

    Mine sneaks in a wipe of his mouth, on the hand towel on the kitchen stove... and denies it was he, who left the Peanut Butter on the towel. Eeeek!

    And how about leaving kitchen cabinet doors open???????

    -giggles- Do we have a "hot topic" going here, or what?!?



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