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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Preferences & Styles Change!

Collections can truly be only papers covered with ribbon as seen in above picture. Whatever you's your choice and your collection. :-)

Two of my favorite sayings are: "Do it now "and "There's nothing to it but to do it." I am a "Now" kind of woman. Get it done; don't procrastinate. Instant gratifiction! YES!! So if any one of you is sitting out there now and not sure what to do, just get up and do it. Make that decision. You'll feel much better of course and you won't be stagnant.

Our tastes change over the years. When we were first married, we got hand me down furniture from my parents. Oh, it was nice stuff, but still it was my mother's colors, style, etc. That was 1950s type furniture. Then we graduated up(!) the scale to yard sale finds. Got some lovely stuff, too. Then we went into our mexican colonial style. After that it was green velvet sofa and "trying to find my own true style." Then I found country and loved that for a while. I loved bright intense colors at that point. Then I went into a more traditional/formal style. That lasted several years. And then I found shabby and pink and roses! I've always loved pink. It's been my favorite color forever. I love shabby romantic cottage and roses and pink now. This late in our lives I doubt I'll change again. I've found my true decorating style. Of course I'm into whites and pink a lot, but I thrown in a LOT of other colors. Hubby simply cringes when I say "I think I'll paint that white", especially if it's something made of wood. But he finally admits it looks good. His aim in life is to make me happy - something he told me a loooong time ago. And he does - make me happy, I mean. If someone gives me something, it goes in my home. I figure that if they are kind and gracious enough to present me with a gift of their talent or thoughtfulness then I should display it. I love sweet thoughtful gifts. I've never been disappointed.

So my preferences and styles and colors have changed over the years. So can yours. Be bold with soft colors if that is what you want. Or be bold with bold colors also. It's your home do what you feel comfortable with and what you want to live with'll make everyone happy. Oh.......and hubby's really do love pink!! Trust me on this one!

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