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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hubbies DO Love Shabby

I realize I've put on 3 very long photos today, but you need them to see the "spectacularness" of this crystal chandelier. (Only paid $99 brand new!) I've put on yards of chiffon, tied it with organza ribbon and pinned on some little roses I bought from a sweet, magnificent lady on ebay. So I'm showing you what can be done to "fix" a chandelier.

We bought it and hubby said, "Our home isn't a crystal chandelier home." I said, "Trust me." (My usual phrase to him!) Our home can be whatever we want it to be, and I wanted that crystal chandelier!! He put it up last saturday night and it was too high. He had to go out of town overnight monday but assured me he'd rewire it tuesday night when he got back. He had to put more links in (unmatching ones!) and add more wiring. he was concerned about the links not matching. Again, I said, "Trust me." Only took a few minutes for him to do it. When he got it up I performed my magic with the hanging chain. Then he said, "That's really pretty." I said, "Thanks, I knew it would be." He LIKES it, no...... he LOVES it. Let me tell you it was no easy task to climb to the 3rd rung on that wobbly ladder, hold up the slippery chiffon, try to get the slippery organza ribbon tied to that chain and keeping it up there while winding it around and around and not falling to my death!!

I keep telling women friends and acquaintances men DO love the frou frou-y type decor. Most men who come into my house love it. They tell me they do so that's how I know it. They say it feels serene and peaceful.

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