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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Live Colorfully!

Bear with me, please! I'm taking all the articles off of my website and posting them on here. There are 40 of them so it'll take me several days (weeks?!) to do it. But I'm not putting them on the website from now on; they'll be here. This is about living beautifully!
Have colored pencils in a pretty cup with roses or your favorite flower or design on it and a pretty notepad and keep them by each phone. Note paper can also be lovely. Get it in the design of your choice. For me there is no other choice but flowers usually!! I also use colored staplers and colored staples. Yes, they are available and why not have something that is necessary be beautiful also?! Below are some samples of pencil cups, staples, staplers, paper clips and notepads I use in my home for both their beauty and being very utilitarian. "Live Beautifully!!"

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  1. I love this idea Connie! Making normal everyday things pretty and inique, I am all about that! Any idea about how to cover a black mesh pencil cup? I hate anythihg black in my house. My kids have a black mesh pencil cup for their homework.


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