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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Being Happy is the Goal

I thought of something today. Being happy and peaceful, especially at home but also in any place where you spend a lot of time, is the goal: stimulating the senses is one way to start. Learn to "tease" yourself into doing necessary and useful tasks by stimulating your senses. Think of the fountain pen squeaking across fine white paper. Smell the fragrance of the ink. Feel the smooth pen in your hand. Have a light bulb ring with the glorious scent of plumeria; you'll think you are in Hawaii. These oils can be bought for very little in many natural food stores or on line or ebay. Put a lovely small french style lamp on your writing table. Have a lovely little antique footstool under your desk for you feet. Set up the task so it will be pleasurable for you.


  1. -sigh- How beautifully you write. What lovely word pictures you paint. I don't understand why you don't have 'batches-and-loads' of people coming here and commenting.

    Well, maybe they're coming. But not commenting. -sigh-


  2. Me either, sweets! I keep hoping.....Connie


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