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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Eye Candy --- Yummy!!

I'm a visual person. I like to see "eye candy" and so I decorate thusly. One of the things I did was make these delightful faux petit fours. Very easy to do. I bought the little strawberries in a tiny boutique in Bend, Oregon on a vacation once and they are so real looking I have to watch children who visit because they try to eat them! The little pastry stand on which they are arranged I bought very cheaply at an online store. It serves no other purpose than to please my eye. As I said: "eye candy." Oh, the apples? They're my husband's snack! They are for real.


  1. Connie, I love those!! I want faux desserts so bad! It looks lovely. Your house is so pretty :)

  2. Eye Candy is very important to life. I totally agree. :-)



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