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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bed Sheets

Bed sheets. I'm fanatic about soft sheets. You can buy vintage sheets, but sometimes they are hard to find in queen or king size. But that shouldn't stop us from truly beautiful sheets. My ideal sheet would be white cotton. I love flowers but white sheets are my favorite. I have a blue sheet that I just love because it is the softest one I have. It is all cotton and I purchased it from a K Mart. Yes, it is the softest sheet I've ever lain on. I feel it in my whole body. It is a delicious luxurious feel to legs and feet especially. Sheets that are only polyester are rough. They may last longer but who would want a sheet that lasts longer but is harsh to lay on. So try it. Feel the difference. I would eschew poly/cotton also. I might buy cotton/poly if the cotton content is much higher than the poly, but for all out luxuriousness cotton is the ONLY choice!! Our senses are so important to us.

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