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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Driving In Snow

Snow has been sugaring our yard the past few days. It does look like a winter wonderland, only I hate driving in snow and ice. I've been doing it a few times these past couple of weeks because I need to be able to do it in an emergency, but I'm driving Love Bunny nuts. We are making a trip over to Washington in a few weeks to visit granddaughter, her hubby and the girls and we knew it'd be snowing somewhere along the way so I had to be prepared. But when we first moved up here, I'd never been in snow to drive; after all, we've lived most of our lives in California.

Well, the first 2 years up here I had 2 accidents in the snow. One was where I was driving Love Bunny's truck and hit a road post and destroyed his passenger side door. You know how well that went over, right? He had broken a couple of ribs a few days before so I had no choice. I needed to go somewhere. I had to drive. Plus I skidded out several times. So I gave it up as we've not had much snow here for a lot of years and it melts pretty fast. It was time, however, to give it a second chance. I probably have a reputation in our city as the slowest driver in snow but at least I'm safe.

Another beautiful lamp and shade in this vignette.

Wonderful place to stroll.

Cute little vignette.

More eye candy for ya.

Wonderful outdoor living area.


Another beautiful area of a lovely room.

Charming old home.

Pretty way to display fabrics—with folded roses sewn together.

I'd love to visit this cute cafe.

Another pretty setting with roses.

French vignette.

How lovely would it be to live here, almost like a castle.

Pretty entry way.

Another beautiful window surrounded by roses and lace curtains inside.

In 2006, a London fashion show called "Naked Fragrance" had nude models wearing different brands of perfume, walking in front of a blindfolded audience.


  1. Like you, Connie, I dread driving in icy conditions. I just wouldnt know how to stop a skid. My daughter in Northern BC has 6 months of snow so she is very competent, but I'd rather stay at home.
    Or go to your photo of Italy!

  2. I hate driving in snow! I grew up in the Midwest and lived out east for years, so I certainly am used to it but I find that I get more and more leery of driving in it the older I get.


  3. You always show such luscious images. Gets me to dreaming.....

    Icy conditions petrify me! And it's been icy here. Right now, it's foggy. Still unpleasant but not as dangerous as ice. Susan

  4. Hi, Connie,
    I am with you on driving on snowy, icy roads or ever really wet and slick roads. I was in a car that hydroplaned, and then about a year ago, a car hydroplaned into me on I-35. I love to sit inside around a fire and look out at the snow!! All of your photos are lovely. I would love to be in any of those settings. Wishing you and your family a blessed and prosperous new year, my friend. Vicki

  5. It snows a lot here most winters. So far we have had 2 snow storms but with the warmer temps this week, the snow is gone. I don't particular like driving in the snow either. I will also agree that the snow does look rather pretty.


  6. I love snow but then I don't drive. But the older I get, the wearier I get of going out during winter, but I must. Walking is such a good excercise. I've gotten into the habit of taking a tall umbrella with me and I feel safer this way. Another reason I like snow is that with packed snow, it's not slippery. But I still need to watch out for black ice. I think it was in the year 2000 that I slipped on black ice and broke my right arm in two places. That was horrible and I hope nothing like this ever happens to me again. It could have been worse, though. I could have broken a hip. Thank the Lord I did not.

    That is such a beautiful pic of Italy and that castle-like house is rather unique. Not too many of those around. I've fallen in love with the colour green. It seems I can't get enough of it. Maybe it's because it's winter and there's no green out there. It could be that. Take care, Connie! Thanks for the lovely photos!


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