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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ballerina's Toes

Having been a high heel wearer in my younger years and loving the way they made my feet and legs look, I now try to warn the young women today at church how they'll suffer for wearing the highest heels imaginable in their youth. I loved and still love moderately high heels. I had some absolutely stunning heels that friends wanted to buy if I would sell them. Unfortunately, my feet were bigger than theirs—size 8 1/2 and they wouldn't fit them when I no longer wore them. I sold some on eBay and some I just cannot part with. So I truly know how you younger women feel. But I've had to have surgery on both feet to correct what those heels did. (I fully anticipate any young woman reading this will "pooh-pooh" what I'm telling you by rationalizing that it could never happen to them. I laugh but feel sorry for them because that's exactly what is going to happen to them in a few decades, especially with the ridiculously high heels now that have women almost standing on their toes.

I saw some article the other day that sent me to another article that talked about ballerina's feet. Our niece was a ballet dancer and auditioned for the NYC Ballet. I cannot remember if she danced for them but she was a professional ballerina for a short period until she met her hubby and got married. She is a beautiful long-legged young woman with 2 boys almost grown. But when I think about her and what she gave up, I'm certainly glad she did.

Ballerina's suffer immeasurably from being on pointe most of their lives. The feet you are about to see are some of the worst cases I've seen, and they will never be normal again.

So if you're the mother of a little girl wanting to be a ballet dancer, think twice about what her later life will be like. The younger years will definitely determine how much pain she'll endure down the line.

This is what some of the ballerina's feet end up looking like. The legs are also distorted with most of them.

Never to be able to be repaired.

Ruined toes and feet.

Pain and wrecked toes.


This is the worst case I've seen.

Twisted and painful.

Now, let's look at some eye candy and beautiful photos.

Sigh. Yeah, the first photo is one of a darling pair of shoes. Sorry about that. But they are cute.

A quaint, sweet home in Europe somewhere.

And another pretty home.

I would never have thought of painting my kitchen cabinets in stripes but I love these.

Look at all the windows. They all have the same curtains so this must be just one person's house above a business. Absolutely adorable.

Some of my favorite things to show—beautiful fabrics.

A charming office for a woman.

Isn't this cute? I don't think I'd want to live beneath a waterfall though.

The world's largest eatery: the Damascus Gate restaurant, in Syria. It seats 6,014 persons.


  1. I have kept the shoes, 5 inch heels, that I wore on my wedding day! I could never wear them now, but how I loved them!

  2. My feet hurt now when I see some of the shoes they are wearing. I have a lot of foot issues just because I wore the wrong shoes when growing up.

  3. I always wondered what ballerina feet looked like...Yikes. :(


  4. I was a dancer through out high school and college and boy do I remember being on Pointe. Fortunately, my feet weren't as bad as some of them so outside of the pain that I have, they look okay. I loved dancing but oh my, the pain you can get when you are older. The hips, knees, ankles, and feet can get bad. Although, thanks to dance I do have nice posture (okay - and the 2 rods in my back help some). I do remember that my dance teacher had horrible feet.

    The pictures of the dancers feet were awful, I am glad mine do not look like that! I also don't like heels that much either.


  5. You always have the most gorgeous photos Connie - ( except those feet of course ) lol
    Hope all is well -

  6. I'm thanking my lucky stars my daughter is a hockey player and not a ballerina after seeing those pictures! Much less risky! I'm loving all the pretty pictures in the last half of your post though! Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a great weekend!

  7. Wow, it's amazing that such beauty in ballet dancing can do this to feet...oh my!
    Hope you are having a GREAT week!

  8. I always wanted to be a ballerina when I was younger (and thinner lol) and would "practice" on Pointe in my bare feet, thinking that I would have been a "natural". So glad it stayed a dream! Also love heels when I was thinner, but just can't do it now.

  9. I feel your pain. I can't wear even the lowest heels anymore. I have to wear my new balance always. I can't part with my beautiful heels either!

    Love your blog and joining you. Please visit us.

    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  10. I have never liked high heels, they may look nice, but most of them are terribly uncomfortable. When I see the young girls in them, I have to smile.
    The image of the office is gorgeous and the kitchen is very charming!

  11. I have talked about wanting my grand daughter to take dance lessons when she is older, she is only 13 months now. I am doing some rethinking on this. Never did I know the feet could get this bad. Thanks for sharing and bringing to manys attention.
    I love the beautiful pictures of the homes you posted and the pretty fabrics, but still can't stop thinking about the feet pictures.
    Have a great weekend


  12. Ah they suffer (ed) for their art. Can't believe how high the heels have become, no way I could or would wear them tho some are soooo pretty !

  13. Hi Connie, I'm so glad so see you again! Love that beautiful office! Happy Pink Saturday!

    Big Hugs

  14. Hi, Connie! I've come to your delighful blog from Beverly's Pink Saturday! Now following you, my Dear!
    (P.S. ~ Contemplating corrective surgery as well, from years of wearing high heels!)

  15. Happy Pink Saturday, thank so muc for sharing. Please be sure to visit my pink saturday post when you get a chance


  16. I never liked heels much because my feet always hurts. I would live in cute flip flop sandals if I could, but I'm not allowed to wear them to work.

  17. Hi Connie,
    It's sad what a ballerina endures to dance so beautifully! Wow, I had no idea. Love all your pinks! so pretty! Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. Love the office!!!!
    I LOVED wearing heels...still do but not 3 or 4 inch heels any more!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  19. I loved high heels, too, and worked in them every single day. Now, I wouldn't try to walk across the room in a pair. They sure are pretty, tho.

    Those are the worst looking feet I've ever seen in my entire life. whew....

  20. Great post. I too wore high heels to the office everyday in my youth and I believe my feet have suffered from it. Don't wear heels anymore these more pretty flats! Love the image of the office. Diane

  21. Hi Connie, I am late with my comments but I always like to visit your posts. I too wore high heels but I survived with little problems. I have very high arches and the flat shoes were more painful than heels. However, now my heels are low and have better function.

    The photos of the ballerina feet make me cringe. I am so glad our granddaughter gave up dancing pretty young.

    I love the houses with the window boxes so much. However, watering them would be such a chore.

    xo, Jeanne

  22. I'm a dancer who happened to stumble on this post from Google images. Seeing all the people changing their minds about enrolling their daughters in ballet classes makes me so sad. Yes, a dancer's feet can get wrecked from pointe shoes, but if care is taken in wrapping the toes, using proper padding and spacers, and choosing the right pair of pointe shoes, there shouldn't be much pain or many issues. Actually, calluses, bunions, and toughened skin are very good for ballet because they protect the feet. The pictures you showed were very extreme cases and most ballerinas do not have feet like that. I hope that anyone who has decided not to have their children dance because of this post changes their mind. Just because professional dancers have horrid feet, doesn't meant that you shouldn't enroll a young child in a dance class. Give them the decision if they want to continue, they may love it. My name links to a video a me dancing at a ballet competition this year. I hope you'll give it a look and see the incredible beauty of ballet.


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