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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Love Bunny In The Kitchen

I told Love Bunny recently that he's pushing the edict I gave him for staying out of my kitchen. Now, this is not meant to be mean to the man. He's a wonderful man; he just doesn't clean up like I do. I told you I'm obsessive about a clean kitchen! And I am. That's where food is prepared. I've been in women's homes where I wouldn't put anything in their microwaves because of how they look.

About 3 or 4 years ago, we took a trip to Utah for a wedding of a friend's daughter that we'd known since she was about 3 years old. We stayed at their house and I cleaned her microwave and told her if I saw it that dirty again, I'd paddle her backside! She grinned. She and I share a birthday but 20 years apart. We also share an unusual middle name. We figure we knew each other in the pre-existence. I love this kid. But I'm honest when I told her to keep her microwave cleaner than she does! I can tell her anything and she still loves me. One of the greatest moms ever. She introduced me to the Gospel. I've always told her she pushed me out of Heaven so I'd be older than she is. ;-)

Anyway, hubs is getting much better about cleaning grease up and wiping counters off when he makes a tomato sandwich. I love that man beyond reason. Yep, I sure do. But I sure wish he'd stay outta my kitchen! ;-)

An entrancing yard. I saw this and just loved it. Looks like a house in Southern California.

I cannot seem to get enough of bows on lamps and this one is no exception. Not a particularly pretty lamp or shade but that bow brings it up to just plain cute.

While I have no idea what kind of flower this is or even if it's Photoshopped, it's beautiful.


This could be a cute activity for kids: making lace paper dolls. Even I'd like to do it with all the laces I have. Make several and put them on a string to make a banner of them.

Vibrant colors will always catch my attention.

And I love making ribbon roses also. Just go off into my craft room and make ribbons for hours sometimes. I always have several I can make something gorgeous when I need to.

The inner most part of a beautiful flower.

I'll forever love bougainvillea.

Quick and easy idea for a night time picnic or patio.

Pink strawberries.

Another of my mottos! Truly!

Pretty way to display roses anywhere you can find a place to hang a bag.

While this is not my style, I thought some of you might like to see the ingenuity of one homeowner. Clever.

And another embroidery that is too lovely to pass up. Gorgeous!


  1. LOL - whenever John cleans the kitchen - I go in right behind and do it again - can't stand it.
    But I also did that when my kids were small - and that's an awful thing to do to young kids - the message was that they never did it good enough for Mom I guess - I feel a lot of guilt to this day for that!!!
    Gorgeous photos Connie!

  2. I am in awe of all these pictures you find, I am so deeply inspired... having the energy is quite another question though./. thank you for sharing again your thoughts, love to read your blog.. hugs from across the pond. Janzi

  3. Men in the kitchen! It should never be allowed.

  4. Good morning Connie, I am so happy to be home on a Saturday morning with nothing to do but visit my blogging friends. The Gator game will be watched on TV. Yippee!

    I saw that your pic of the lovely room was the most visited last week. Congrats. I am not the only one who enjoys your fantasy rooms. Today is no exception. Congrats!

    I too am a clean kitchen maniac. Bill has learned under timeless criticism, to clean my kitchen 'to a point.' He fixes his own breakfast and lunch. It stops there. I'm in charge of dinner. I have a cover in my microwave so that is so helpful.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Love, Jeanne

  5. I'm better at cleaning up than Don is, too. And he fries a lot, so you can imagine the grease. Come to think of it, I need to clean the microwave today!! You've shamed me into it, Connie.


  6. Im so with you, clean kitchen is where it's at! :) And a clean microwave is a must! :D Lovely pictures dearie, as always! :D


  7. Connie,
    I love all your pictures! Such fun....I adore the lace paper (fabric) dolls, my daughters would too! and the silk ribbon pillows? I love making silk and French ribbon flowers...
    and that last embroidery piece.....*Ahhhhhh* takes my breath away! I have got to try to make one of those. I learned how to make ribbon roses 32 years ago when I helped
    my m-i-law make the flowers for our wedding reception. We were married in the Seattle Temple in February and chose to have the reception 2 weeks later, after our honeymoon. I love those ribbon roses still today! I am going to do something beautiful with them on a pretty lace something like this...thank you for the wonderful idea!
    Have a spiritual Sunday!


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