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Monday, November 12, 2012

Random Thoughts 11/12/2012

An announcement:
Starting with this post, I'm going to do only 2 posts a week now. I have so many other things I have to get done that I can't possibly keep up. With the issues I've had with health this past year I need to get to work getting healthier. I think this will be a major concern with everyone in the coming years. We need to be healthy. I'm not making any drastic changes just ones I think I can do relatively easy.

We all need to be prepared. And if you doubt me, just look at the recent hurricane and its results in New York and New Jersey. It's not a doomsday scenario; it's common sense. 
I haven't yet eaten enough pastries to be willing to trade this world for one in which the existence of sugar is not guaranteed by theologians. That goes for Pepsi and Coke also.

How any woman can be stoked with her new cookware is beyond me!

Worry is the anticipation that the outcome will be bad.
Faith is the anticipation that the outcome will be good.
Faith in God is the anticipation that whatever the outcome, it will be for your good.

I shop at Costco and love it. The French Onion Soup there is the best I've ever eaten. It's frozen in little pouches and is a very quick dinner with some crusty french bread.

But the other day I got to wondering why they have limits on some items. Just how many people would buy more than 3 screens, 3 office printers, 5 GPS' or 5 PCs? I couldn't figure that one out.

I can't tell you why but this room drew my attention mightily. Maybe it's the wrought iron. It looks more like a man's room as there is nothing much in it that is feminine, but I really do like it.

Beautiful purple and pink roses.

Beautiful bougainvillea up close.

Yes, I know. You all would love this kitchen sink in a french home. But if your faucet ever went out you'd need a jackhammer to replace it. Lovely however!

Pretty ribbons.

What a pretty and inviting table.

I decorate jars and bottles. Some hold screws or nails or sticky things to hold pictures on walls and some hold wire. Some hold a plethora of other things but they have one thing in common: They are all lovely but hold the ugliest things that we would normally want to hide in drawers in our home. And since ours isn't a big home with lots of storage places I make do with making the "ugly" attractive enough to line a shelf above my sink.

A bold statement in a bathroom with pink/white/black toile and a geometric black and white shade for the window. Gorgeously done!

Just a little tease with a cute shoe to show you. I love it and would wear it if I could walk in high heels again. ;-)

A truly beautiful and elegant bottle or carafe.

Pink bundt cake.

A scrap of ephemera for you to use. I plan on using it to decorate a bottle.

A simple kitchen with a lot of character.

A porch of some kind but quite lovely.

I love little little ruffled clutch purse.


  1. I'm with you on the health issue, Connie! I work out at home at least six times a week except if I don't feel well. But, I need to start walking more outside on the cement or in the winter do mall walking. I haven't walked much these past months because I wasn't feeling well and I feel it. Walking is the best exercise in my book when we age because it strengthens the heart,lungs, and arches. We need to keep our arches strong. I never, never walk barefoot in the house because on the long term, it weakens them. At 89, my mother is a living example and I don't want that for myself if I get to be her age.

    On another note, that jar is adorable. When I look at all those beautiful things, I wish I had more time to do crafting. I love that room you call the simple kitchen with character! Love that bathroom with the pink/black/white toile. It always amazes me what decor daring people come up with. So interesting! It inspires me!

    Take care of yourself, Connie! Whenever I have to exercise and my body rebels against it, I tell myself that this is an investment in tomorrow and whatever tomorrows I am given. It's an investment in a life of quality! I don't know if you remember, but just like you, I'm in my seventies so I know what you mean when you say you want more time to look after your health.

  2. Your posts will just be that much more special! :) I really like that living room in the first photo - calm, cozy, comfortable! The decor doesn't distract you. Take care of yourself!

  3. Hi Connie-Good for you, even though I will miss your daily thoughts. I too, am working on my health, I gave up Pepsi 4 weeks ago, and feel better and lost some weight as a bonus. I didn't give up all caffiene though, that's next. I have had emergency kits my whole adult life. I learned that from my Grandma. Her and my Poppa never went without during the depression. Plus our family always has had emergency shelter.
    Oh goodness, you are so right about expensive cookware. Our daughter was married in June this year. She registered for, rediculously expensive pots and pans. And I won't even get started on her knives. She ended up using her gift certificates to get some of her things. I told her, she was rude, registering for such expensive gifts. Her answer, 'they can buy a gift certificate'. I don't get it. Oh well, someday she will figure it out. Take care of yourself, Blessings Paula


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