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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rambling Today

Several weeks ago we went to Boise shopping and stopped in at The Cheesecake Factory. It had been a very long time since we'd eaten there but I wanted cheesecake desperately.
I had the half chicken salad sandwich with salad but they also brought me a cup of soup. This was much more than I anticipated! I told him to bring me a box immediately as I would never be able to eat all of it. I didn't even touch the soup, ate half of the sandwich and salad and brought the rest home. We both told them to add in 2 pieces of cheesecake to take home also. I refuse to share my slice of cheesecake with anyone.  That lunch was $45 and a bit more than we thought it would be but very good. But it was also more than most people could possibly eat unless they were hogs! I'm not. It was truly fantastic.
At the rate of weddings in Hollywood, the career to have is wedding planner. You'd never ever want for a job! I simply cannot believe the turnaround in husbands and wives in that city. Surely with all their offspring, every single person there is related to at least 99% of the others. It would be ugly trying to fill out your lineage chart down there. Sheesh...
 Awhile back I heard someone say that something was totally impractical for their lifestyle—can't remember what it was—but it was desirable to have. I told her to change her lifestyle then. It's that simple and if I recall it was something good. Why can't someone change their lifestyle? We certainly did and it's brought blessings more than we can count to our lives.
I've also noticed that some people are a bit lean on their answers. Wonder what that's about or what they don't want to say.

This looks like a little girl's kitchen for play but it is indeed a woman's cute kitchen dining area.

A fabulous cabin.

Pretty chair in a field of lavender.

A very pretty white living room with roses prints all around.

Sweet hearts to enjoy.

Cute open shelving but I really like the cans on the shelf.

Someone's sweet vignette.

A luxuriously long porch with vivid flowers all over.

Pretty rose fabric juxtaposed against an old door.

I like this adorable sofa but I'd put it in a family room.

The kitchen of a very serious cook! I don't have near those pots and pans and I manage. The drawback is I have to cook, which we all KNOW I hate!

Interesting way to display pretty teacups.

Pretty little office area. I like the green and pink together also.

Cute redecorated can.

Lovely embroidery.
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  1. Your pictures are always fun to see. I like that kitchen with all the pots and pans, except I can't figure out why anyone would need so many! I just like the kitchen! The tea cup display is adorable. I'd love to have a rambling porch!

  2. I love that first kitchen. It's like a story book kitchen. The woman who did this kitchen really knew how to abandon herself to what she loves and I'm sure she accomplished it. I would be so happy in a kitchen like that. The difficulty for me is that I live in an apartment with wall to wall tweedy beige carpeting and can anyone ever get past such an eyesore? Oh, okay, I am grateful for what I have. I've had worse and even less in the past. It's just that the carpet does not go well with pastels.

    I love the curtain arrangement in that fabulous cabin. They scream of abandon! I love it when decorators create a look of abandon. That's when I feel that the creating endeavour has been successful. Everything is not just here and there and as tradition has deemed it should be.

    The pot and pan kitchen is not to my taste. Why would someone need so many? Plus, they gather dust which I abhor!

    That rack with the cups is just so precious and all those cups are beauties!

    The white desk set against apple green wall in the office area is so striking. And the vase of roses completes it.

    That decorated can is just so pretty. If I could abandon myself to creativity for a moment, I could do something similar. It seems that all I ever do is clean, clean, clean! Darn cleaning routine. It never ends, does it?!!

  3. I love the hearts! Those are so cute. I also love the cabin!


  4. Congrats Connie, on being the "most viewed" pinkie last week! :0) How are you? Are you faring okay this week? Some crazy ups and downs, eh?

    Hope all is well. Pretty pics as usual!


  5. While I was gone, I was in a world that nearly drove me crazy. Maybe I need to change, but decided I am just too old. I like your style and glad Beverly shared you on Pink Saturday.

  6. Yeah, I don't share my cheesecake either. I've shared enough to deserve a whole piece LOL.
    Fabulous photos as always. (())

  7. Hi Connie- I love to go the Cheesecake Factory. You are right though, their portions are too much. So sometimes, my husband or daughter and I go just for a piece of the cheesecake.
    I agree with you about the amount of marriages people go through. I'm from southern Calif. Born and raised, married to the boy I met at church for 35 years now. We both know that we are lucky to have eachother. Now, I'm not saying we are perfect and never argue, but, the funny thing is, sometimes one of us will stop in the middle of an argument, and ask the other 'what are we arguing about?' and we apologize because neither one of us remembers. Mustn't have been too important. lol We both feel that our love for eachother comes from the Lord, we worship regularly, tithe, and truly believe He is the center of our lives. Blessings Paula

  8. I like the one with open shelves and pretty containers....
    where in the world do you find such lovely photos? I love coming here. :)

  9. Gorgeous stuff, Connie!
    Love the silk ribbon embroidery, The tea cup display, The white living room, the fabulous cabin hideaway....and the pink dinning room!
    I have been going to plant a few rows of lavender for a few years, just don't get around to it....
    Maybe next summer! I have large plants, but no rows...I also want to plant a row of rosemary....
    I am so happy you changed your lifestyle....I am working on changing mine a little more...learning to train my mind to think more positively
    about.....EVERYTHING! Thanks for your thoughts!

  10. It's ALWAYS a delight to visit your blog. Your photo on Pink Saturday just beckoned me here. I love ALL the photo/vignettes you've put on your post. I do think we like many of the same things. Nann

  11. How darling!!!! I love that little cottage kitchen~ xo

  12. So much eye candy here it's hard to pick a favorite, but I think it's the front porch.


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