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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Is Finally Here

Oooooh, what's a girl to do today? It's snowing like crazy out there. I took these photos of our street just a few minutes ago.

I'm just sitting here answering the phone for my mission and being the comic relief for these people calling in. I'm so glad they seem to like it when I chuckle along with them. This Mormon girl ain't dull for sure!

Anyway, I thought I'd do a blog since it seems to be a slow day for callers seeking help with FamilySearch. Just a few days ago I was complaining about the lack of "winter" around here. The first snow is natures assertiveness training and she's really dishing it out today, chicks. Love it!

So now I'm waiting to see these again in the spring.

Later on today I'll sit and do a little bit of this: reading.

I've already done some of this this morning.

And if the weather keeps up like this, then I'll be doing some more of these coffee filter roses to put in little pots around the house.

And I'm eating these at this very moment! Yum.

But if I go out today I'll definitely need one of these.



  1. It's always spring time in your house!

  2. The snow looks so pretty to this Southern California gal! It is cold for us...40 and sunny. I love your laundry room...who wouldn't want to do laundry there!!

  3. how pretty! Our snow melted so it is just dreary looking again, however, the sunshine we have today is simply beautiful! I need to make my laundry room as pretty as yours since I hate doing laundry, maybe it would inspire me to like doing laundry (although I do like clean clothes!). I have some really good books I will be reading today after lessons.


  4. How In This World do you keep your laundry room so pretty? I am SO jealous!! I Love it!! I wouldn't mind doing the laundry if mine looked like that... :)
    I enjoyed looking at your blog, beautiful pictures.

  5. A very belated Happy New Year Connie! It's been such a long time since I visited so have to back track your posts to catch up! Hope all is well with you! Take Care - Rachaelxo

  6. Well, my gosh, that is the most beautiful laundry room I've ever seen.

    That umbrella is stunning, too! Susan

  7. Oh my Connie, I hope our winter stays "Snow Free" like it has so far but I bet we will succomb to winter before it is over.

    Your little Miss Caroline is soooooo precious! No wonder your Dear Hunny Bunny is in love! What a gift. ENJOY!

  8. Love all of your pretty snow!
    Louisiana is not a snowy state, but
    I would kind of like it....maybe for one season, huh??
    Your laundry room looks darling!
    I am sure it helps make the chores there a bit more fun...I like your big WASH and IRON signs!!
    The coffee filter roses are so neat...I remember back in the 60's we were making huge crepe paper flowers to put in tall, narrow vases...they were quite pretty like the ones you are making are!!
    Also, that is a gorgeous umbrella!
    I have a "thing" for pretty and colorful umbrellas! I display them in a cute umbella stand in the foyer...did you make this one, or buy it from someone who does??
    Stay warm and cozy today Francy

  9. Hello Connie,
    Sorry I have not been by . Got something going on with right leg??
    5 month, now and it's worst. Just finish Phy Ther- no help. Now I have a cane. Love your house. This is a VERY cold winter in Maine. The snowplow woke me at 6 AM..
    Stay warm. Big hug yvonne

  10. Hello Connie! So lovely to see you joining me this week! Your snow pictures look wonderful! It is too warm here - we're supposed to get rain and I can tell the birds know - their chattering away out there - LOVE it! I adore making coffee filter roses - yours are gorgeous - I LOVE that parasol! I'd carry it around every day - probably dancing and twirling around! Thank you so much for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    God Bless,

  11. Love that umbrella,what a great idea! I am going to book mark that! Thanks for visiting I Guess most people don't read the blogger blog LOL!


  12. Hi Connie,
    Your day sounds wonderful and your neighbor hood is so pretty. Love your coffee filter flowers... I need to make some of those! :)


  13. Connie, I miss the snow. Living in South Carolina , snow is rare. I am originally a Kentucky person via Buffalo and am use to snow. Thank you for sharing.


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