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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Heydon Hall Doll House

Heydon Hall has one of the oldest doll houses in England. Queen Anne gave it to her goddaughter in 1696, so it is over 400 years old. I thought you might like to see it, especially if you're an admirer of doll houses or if you have one and love to play with it or furnish it as so many bloggers are doing. It really is quite darling and unique with its nine rooms. Well, just take a look at it and I'll keep quiet for once. ;-)


I love seeing kids in school; it means they're not taking up road space or roaming around WalMart trying their best to be cute by shoving a 6' skinny male of 17 into a shopping cart and trying to be cool. Sigh...

Okay, I'll now explain the comment from an earlier post about Mormon girls and casseroles.

Mormons are known for having a lot of children. There's a sound reason for that and I shan't go into it here, but I agree with the reason. Anyway, to make their budgets stretch they make a lot of casseroles. Don't misunderstand me; I love casseroles and there is nothing wrong with them. But young, strong men want meat, unless they happen to be vegetarians, which few are, at least that I've known.

The daughter of a friend of ours who was mother to 7 children served a lot of casseroles so that is what this daughter learned to cook. They were from Idaho. The daughter married a young man from California, who grew up on a cattle ranch. As a newlywed she served a lot of casseroles. One day after several months of marriage he asked her if they could have just meat and potatoes sometimes. She was flabbergasted as she hadn't had much meat with so many boys in her family.

I'm a convert to the Church so we ate meat at just about every meal. I do have vegetarian meals though, but not much, as my hubby also thinks meat is a staple. But I've never done a lot of casseroles to stretch a meal. This is what I meant: mormon girls from large families know how to stretch meals to go further. There was never any disparagement meant here. I am a Mormon.

My granddaughter is a vegetarian and her hubby is not. I know how to plan and cook for her. She'll eat anything I cook except meat, and the utensils I use for meat cannot touch her veggie burger or vegetables. My hubby—her loving indulgent grandfather once flipped her veggie burger with the same utensil as he flipped the meat and she looked at him in horror, and he promptly threw away the burger and got her a new one, put it on the "clean" side of the grill and cooked for her. No problem, He and I love this kid. (We're going to feed meat to Caroline and let her make the choice when she's older, but my grandson-in-law is very much a meat eater and loves for me to visit and cook.) I suspect Caroline will also love meat because she hasn't refused anything put in front of her so far. Gorgeous Granddaughter, GGD, (as we call her and will refer to her as such from here) will feed her baby food with some meat in it though. GGD made this choice when she was 5 years old! I was amazed. But she and I would go out to lunch at Emporium/Capwells' lunch room and, since I love vegetables, would order the steam veggies with cheese sauce. GGD, at 5 years old, would order the steamed veggie, Perrier and cheesecake. Get my drift here? We always knew she was going for high expectations in her life and she has not failed us.


  1. I would love to shrink and go and play in the dolls house!

  2. Hi Connie,
    Oh my goodness such a lovely and well preserved doll house. funny how the doll house is still the same for a little girl just different clothing styles and decorations..
    I could never serve Gary a casserole, he's a meet and rice kinda guy...LOL no potatoes for him, well ok every now and then a baked potatoes or french frys, he loves his rice..
    Have a sweet day my friend and thank you for your help with my blog. I have been working on it and adding new things.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  3. Stunning..I love each room but love the baby cradle the most..I would love to play with this doll house. I miss mine.
    This is a great post.

  4. great post Connie
    i love the tiny kitchen utensils!
    i'm searching...i envy those who are born into their religion...i'm debating whether it would be difficult to convert...

  5. I love the doll house. What fun it would be to play with that one. I don't remember if I had a doll house or not but I do remember my barbie town house and I loved it. I have a friend who's daughter chose to become a vegetarian at 2 years old. My mom was a meat and potatoes kind of woman so she didn't make many cassorolls.


  6. Enjoyed the photos of the dollhouse, Connie. Thanks for sharing. Susan

  7. I would love to go and play with the doll house. It is so pretty. Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings My Friend,


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