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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Dreary Day in the Desert

It's a very cold day here in the Idaho desert. I took hubby in early to leave his truck for a lube and oil at our mechanic's shop, then went back to pick it up and the streets are slick with ice from the rain yesterday. I was going to have lunch with a friend today at a new French cafe downtown but it wasn't opened for lunch in the winter except on Fridays. We had to go to another restaurant and it was delightful to spend a couple of hours with a friend who is just a few years older than my granddaughter, who is 32. We just seem to connect and that's what I'm telling you chicks: Old women can be fun, charming, humorous, silly and a whole lot of giggling went on!

But for now just feast your eyes on these little gems of photos. I have plucked many off the internet to show you so they'll be smaller than my usual. I really like large photos to show you. I hate the tiny ones some bloggers post. I want to see them large! But nothing to be done about these. They're lovely and I'm in a hurry so I won't leave much commenting, just let you look at the eye candy and swoon.

I will be doing something similar to my patio in a few months though. I love this type of decor on a patio.


  1. I love the pink bed frame and the bedspread. It is so pretty!!!!!! The weather is very strange here in Michigan. It snowed friday night/saturday morning then monday it poured rain so the snow is gone but at night the roads are rather icy. However, I will admit to liking the about 40 degrees weather for winter. I freeze so easy that this is a nice change!


  2. I love it when you 'take us away' ... that cottage is just darling & that bed looks mighty comfy.

    Glad you had such a lovely time with your friend. Yes, we oldies are goodies.

    Have a great eve ~
    TTFN ~

  3. Hi Connie! Glad you had a good time with your friend. Thanks for these lovely photos. So nice to see in the midst of winter.


  4. Very cheering photos Connie, especailly the patio set, it made me long for a new home where I can arrange my garden furniture....

  5. Hi Connie, Love your photos and I pinned one on an earlier post of yours. Glad to see all is well with you. I love getting together with my "old" friends, I always feel so comfortable with them. Glad you had a good time with yours.

  6. Oh my gosh. That chicken coop. So cute and made me miss my girls so much,
    Thank you for correcting my silly word mistake on my "boys post" -- so glad you knew what I meant. I just get to writing so fast I have brain cramps you know!
    Have a gorgeous weekend!
    Parisienne Farmgirl


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