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Friday, November 11, 2011

Pink Saturday Apron Giveaway #8

This post should be titled: "How My Life Depended on the UPS/FedEx Man This Week" but read on, chicks!

The winner of last week's apron is:

Sherry of Country Wings in Phoenix


And the winner of the tote is:

Robin of RobinfromCA

I seem to always be thanking Beverly for her Pink Saturdays but I truly do love this meme the best of all. Very easy for me to think of something pink to share with all you bloggers.


This is the apron for this week's giveaway. You should know the drill by now: Leave a comment on this post right here. I'll draw the name sometime during the week and post the winner in next week's apron giveaway.


Now, you can read about how my life depended on the UPS/FedEx man this week!

It's been a harrowing week for me.

About a week ago I started getting an ache in my jaw/tooth(?) but couldn't figure out which it was. Monday was a regular dental appointment to get my new crowns on the lower part of my jaw. I went in for my appointment and told them about the ache. They numbed me up with about 6-7 shots of novocaine to pull off my "halloween" teeth as I described them and to put on my permanent crowns. They couldn't find my crowns. They come from Los Angeles by UPS/FedEx and the truck normally would have delivered them the preceding Friday. They panicked, to say NOTHING about ME panicking! Yikes.

They got in contact with the lab in LA and they traced it to the truck that should have been there Friday but didn't and were on the truck to be delivered by noon that day—Monday. (I left the house at 10 am for an 11 am appointment.) As luck or fortune would have it, the crowns didn't get there until about 2 pm.

Well, it gets better. When she pulled off the temporary crowns, I heard an Uh-oh. This didn't exactly set well with me since I was in pain, but I trusted her and my dentist beyond measure to fix the problem. She said, "I see a root there." Okaaaaay, let's fix it quickly. So they did. The temps weren't on well enough and that allowed some seepage into that tooth area and the root was inflamed. Can we say "root canal" along with the new crowns? Well, at least I was deadened because as the morning and early afternoon wore on they had to keep deadening me with novocaine until the UPS/FedEx man arrived. So I truly was good and dead by 3 pm. I asked if I was exceeding the legal limit for a controlled substance and they said probably. Now, understand that with those bottom exposed (little ground down stubs!) I couldn't eat OR drink anything as roots and nerves were exposed. As I said, I left the house at 10 am; I got home at 4 pm. So I was without water or food for all that time. I stopped at Jack-in-the-Box for a milk shake on the way home and dribbled a lot of it down my shirt. I am so sore still today that hubs says I'm still talking funny. Now, don't get me wrong; I absolutely love my dentist and his staff. It was just one of those things, but hubs isn't letting me forget this is costing us about $9,000 trying to save teeth because of gum loss.

Sooooo, shameless as I am, I am going to show you what $9,000 worth of dental work can look like. They still have to whiten the molars in back to bring them up to the whiteness of the crowns, but after spending that much I sure want someone to get the benefit of those glams!!! Also, I had to do a very close up of the teeth so you couldn't see the chapped/flaky lips or cuts on my lip from all this. And I have a very small mouth. I think I can also see some spit bubbles in there, but no extra charge for those, chicks. (Oh, for esthetics sake, I can't show you the root canal. Ratz!!) ;)


  1. Now those are some pretty pearly white!

    My dentist recommended I replace an old filling last year even though I wasn't having any problems. Let's just say I ended up with a root canal and crown (that also couldn't be found).

    Now I know to leave well enough alone.

    Hugs and kisses to your Vet!

  2. What a horrible experience you've gone through. I do believe the cost would have come down considerably had it been me. :)

  3. Have Mercy!! Connie, this story made me cringe a lot. However, your teeth look gorgeous. Only 9,000. dollars huh??? Again...Have Mercy!!! I am so sorry you had to go through so much but look at it this way. All's well that ends well.

    Congrat's to Sherry. She is a sweetie and I bet she is so happy to win one of your pretty aprons. Next...Maybe me. BIG smile.

    Have a great weekend and I pray that your tooth problems are over.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  4. Oh my gsoh--what a story!! And congratulations to dear Sherry--she must be sooo excited!!!

  5. Congratualtions to Sherry for winning that apron - I know she'll be totally thrilled!

    RE your teeth - never was $9000 better spent. And you can see where every cent of it went! They look wonderful. It's a shame you had so much discomfort, but at least all was well in the end (thank goodness).
    Happy Pink Saturday from the UK!

  6. Oh My Gosh Connie Sweetie...
    I am SO thrilled, can you hear me screaming clear out here in Phoenix? I love, LOVE this apron, and it is going straight on my dress form in the dining area. Yippeee Skipppeee, all the way.

    You have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen, and talk about gorgeous teeth, oh dear are those ever beautiful. I love that smile. Pearly whites indeed.

    What an experience you had. I hope the dentist gave you a nice big discount for all the problems that you suffered during the experience. WOW...

    I hope you are feeling better sweet friend and again, thank you, thank you for a very treasured gift. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  7. I'd say money well spent. They look beautiful. I know they say beauty hurts, but I think you took it to a new level. I'm sorry you had to go throught that.



  8. oh my my MY !!! Bless you darlin' ... okay you do have beautiful teeth so I guess it was worth it.

  9. Beautiful white, white teeth!!! How I envy you!! Even for the $9000.00 to get it all done....but what an experience!!! I would have been flying
    high with all the novacaine shots to get you through it Wheeeee!!! LOL
    Glad it is all over for you. I hate dentist appointments worst than anything!
    Have a happy weekend! Francy

  10. Your stories are amazing! You can write like a dream! I am sorry you had such a time but I am glad things are looking up! Your pearly whites are pretty terrific! Your apron giveaway is pretty and perfectly cherry! That lucky lady Sherry is one terrific chick! She won Riet's giveaway too! Sometime you just roll with it! She might think of getting a lotto ticket too! Hee Hee! Have a terrific week! Hugs Anne

  11. Simply beautiful!

    My Pink, have a nice weekend!

  12. Hi Connie, so nice to meet you, your teeth and smile are beautiful! So are your aprons. I found you on the Pink Saturday blog, what fun! ~Diane

  13. what an adorable apron! congrats to the winners! so jealous! hope i could win one next time! :)

    I always hate dentist and i know i have loads of prob with my teeth but since i haven't got 9k lying around,i guess i'll have to wait for when i got the money, i loveeeee your teeth! so envious here but i hate to have to go through the numbing and after effects.

    have a great weekend!


  14. Oh yes, those are pretty nice gnashers! Hubby paid for a bridge and a crown for me. When he asks me if I want jewellery for Christmas I tell him I have a few thousand dollars worth of personally made, hand-crafted one-of-a-kind pieces already and I wear them every day and I love them! If you can get them done they're worth every penny and all the pain. (Takes years off your face too, *winks and nods*)
    I'm sorry about the added root canal and, the UPS story might have been worse. At least they found them!

  15. Oyyyyy- I am so tooth-challenged, you have my utmost empathy! I definitely "feel your pain."

    On a happier note, what a lovely apron - perfect for this chilly season as it warms you just to look at it.

    MEGA congrats to SHERRY and ROBIN. And y'all have a lovely week and a sweet Pink Saturday! :)

  16. Those are some nice toothies, shame it had to be so painful to get there (physically and financially). Ouch! for both. Congrats to Sherry and Robyn, hey, I was just over at Beverly's and Robyn's and I guess I'll go to Sherry's. I didn't do pink this weekend, was just stopping by a few place. (Cool aprons by the way!) Thanks, good to see ya! Love, Jenn

  17. What beautiful choppers you have...spit bubbles and all:)
    Wow what an ordeal! Root canal,been there done that!

    A Happy Pink Saturday to you...
    Boy if I could sew like you,I would be one happy gal! Very nice apron!
    It would lovely on me in a pic. on my foodie blog:)

  18. Oh Connie, this adorable little apron would go to "waste" on me. but..I love looking at it. Some younger Mom or homemaker will be delighted to have for now I will just visit it. Ok..the truth is I am probably too fat to fit into this little delight!!

  19. Good morning Connie, I am taking a moment to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving. We will be in Florida for Thanksgiving week starting this Saturday.

    Blessings to you and yours,

  20. What a glamorous smile you have & what an experience to live thru. No thank you! So glad all is done & you are doing well.

    Hope my name is in that apron hat. They are all so beautiful.

    Slowly get back on track here, have so missed you.

    Thank you for picking Sherry's name, she is going to be doing happy feet when it arrives.

    Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving,
    & a lovely weekend.
    TTFN ~

  21. Connie, those are some pretty pearly whites!
    That apron would just fit me fine in my little 50s diner in my yard!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hug, Ann

  22. Connie, those are some pretty pearly whites!
    That apron would just fit me fine in my little 50s diner in my yard!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hug, Ann

  23. Connie, Happy Pink Saturday! I cannot believe you are still giving away your awesome aprons. I love mine, I have several friends and family members who love it too. Your teeth are beautiful, money well spent! Have a wonderful thanksgiving. Linda


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