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Friday, November 18, 2011

Pink Saturday Apron Giveaway #9

The winner of last week's apron is:

Laura Ingalls Gunn

Congratulations, Sugar!!

Thanks to all who visit here. Now go to Beverly's blog and see more pink things today. And thank you, Beverly, for helping me get rid of these aprons to pink lovin' chicks who will appreciate them. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post right here. Your name is entered and I'll pick a winner during the week and announce it on next week's giveaway.


This is the apron for this week's giveaway.


Okay, I've bitten the bullet and subscribed for one free month of Netflix. This, of course, will mean watching it from my laptop computer but I want to see what I've been missing. From the latest fare I've been watching it doesn't seem to be much. I subscribed to the "instant streaming" end of it. While I was hoping to watch some of the oldies like Casablanca, it seems that those are available only by DVD. My friend, Stacy, who knows all the latest about Netfix, has assured me Netflix is negotiating with studios to have just about any- and everything available streaming in the near future. At least that is their goal. So I'll be curious as to how that turns out but I haven't seen much I'm interested in except for thrillers and spy/espionage movies, which as you all know are my favorite genres in books. We'll see.

But in the watching of some videos (instant streaming and disks loaned to me by friends) I've read credits. Did you know you can learn an awful lot from credits? Oooh, my yessss! (Ooooooh, as an aside to that, when I'm on Netflix I have 2 other tabs open. One is for IMDB so I can find out the plot, the goofs in the movies and do a wikipedia search for the actors. The other tab is Wikipedia.) ;-) You can learn an awful lot about the old actors and actresses on there. I never knew so many movie stars have been married numerous times. Some as many as 5 to 7 times is not unusual. Sheeeeesh. It makes one wonder why they wouldn't stay married for their entire life. Oh, a very few were, but it was a rarity.

Which brings up why Love Bunny and I have been married for over 50 years. I think he's a hunk and always have. Trust me, he didn't marry me for my body or money. Neither did I marry him for his body or his money. I truly feel sad for those Hollywood types of men who have a hot young wife—sometimes young enough to be his granddaughter but certainly young enough to be his daughter—and have people laughing behind his back. What does it gain him to have a beautiful woman on his arm? His buddies have to be laughing at him. She's there for the money and fame only and everyone knows it. It truly gives me peace of mind to know hubs and I are the same age and are growing old together. Our children have attested to this fact also. We're a Forever Family in this world and the next.

Two things I found interesting in the credits are this:

On the opening "warning" it states this: "Private home use only. The definition of home use excludes the use of this disk at locations such as clubs, coaches, hospitals, hotels, oil rigs, prisons and schools." Oil rigs???? Why not churchs? My church won't let us show a video in any kind of group setting in the church because of the warnings but I don't see "churches" in the warnings. But OIL RIGS???

The other thing I thought was funny was the catering. I'm guessing they cater the food for the actors when working. (Nice, if you can get it!) Most of the time the caterers are "Hollywood Caterers, Tony's Catering, International Caterers, Alesandro's Catering, etc., but one such movie caught my attention when the caterer was TV Dinners. I suppose that was a budget movie. :-)

The other thing I saw was how much smoking they do in movies. I'm talking about recent movies. Everyone smokes! I thought Hollywood was against smoking! You can't tell it by their movies. Most of the actors I've read commenting about it are smokers! How hypocritical can you get?

When we moved in this house our new ward helped us unload the truck. They got done in one day what took us weeks to pack, and move over to a storage facility. It was an awesomely stressful task made short by their help. But it was just pieces of furniture and boxes. The other day I thought about what it looks like now because some of those people from that ward (we're in a different ward now because of a realignment) hadn't seen it like it is now. They seemed awestruck by how it is now. Just gave me a bit of pride to show it off a bit because when we were off-loading the trucks it looked sad. I guess you could say my "life" was in the boxes. ;-)

I've been eating a lot of fruit lately, mostly strawberries, watermelon and pineapple, my favorite fruits. But the other day I kept smelling something like perfume but wasn't really perfume. Then I realized I had dripped some pineapple on my shirt. So now I'm sporting Eau de Pineapple!

That's it for this week unless I get creative and get out and photograph something to show y'all.


  1. Ooooh what a perfect apron! Please enter me Connie.
    I so agree with you about age relationships. I hate to see the 'trophy wife' hanging onto an 80 year old . I'm very happy with our ages as we grow older together.

  2. Hi, Connie...First, congratulations to Laura for her big win! I like this weeks apron very much. I love how you mix and match the fabrics, and I like the cheerfulness of the pastel colors. Do count me.

    Oh, I've been eating more fruit, too! Isn't it all so delicious. Hmmm...interesting way to do a quick spruce-me-up...drizzle a little fruit juice and good to go!

    Enjoy a very pink Saturday,

  3. Don has been on many a movie and television set and they call it 'Craft Services' Different companies supply the catering.

    Let me tell you, every actor and crew member loves craft services. The food is great, it's always there because the crew and actors tend to work very long hours. There's a big variety because so many people are on special diets.

    Happy PS!


  4. I am so enjoying my cute apron and I do have a post in draft, bragging about it. :)) I'll let you know when it posts.

    Yep, it seems strange to see an older man with a young women hate it but, I am thinking the guys like it a little bit. haahhhahaaaa
    hugs, bj

  5. I have wondered about netflix but I haven't jumped in yet. I love old movies. I use to watch them with my mom. Every week we would be lucky enough to have a musical on the TV. (no cable in those days!) She would them get the album from the library and I would learn all the songs by heart and the woman used to wonder where I got my love of musicals from!!! From her!!! It was our special time together. Up until she died, we still watched a lot of musicals together. When she became afraid of some of the TV, musicals was something she could handle a lot longer than say NCIS or Law and Order. When ever I see a musical or have a student sing a Broadway song, it reminds me of Mom.


  6. Hi Connie Sweetie...
    Oh how wonderful, congratulations to Laura, it is so exhilirating to be "sugared" by you sweet friend.

    You must stop over and see that you are in the news @ Country Wings in Phoenix. I simply adore my apron of love. A treasure to behold.

    I hope you have a gorgeous weekend sweetie. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  7. I haven't tried NetFlex...but I did get two movies from Amazon to watch this weekend...Marie Antoinette and The Secret of Moonacre...can't wait!

    We just had pineapple last evening! sniff, sniff...mmmmm, guess I didn't drip any, though it was quite juicy!

    That's a cute apron you're so generously giving away...I hope I win it!

    Deborah in NC

  8. Such a fabulous pink! Congratulations to Laura.

    My PINK, have a great weekend!

  9. Very pretty! I really love Saturday because my Mom let me blog a little for Pink Saturday.

    Here's my pink share, have a nice weekend!

  10. Well, I can hardly believe it is Thanksgiving already. Seems like we just planted our flowers...I am so very thankful for many ways God has blessed me...I give HIM all the Glory!I ask for many blessings to come your way through this holiday season!

  11. Just stopping by to say HI for PS!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  12. We need more people like you and hubby. You are a rare two and I think it is wonderful. It is just sickening how people marry one week and divorce the next. No morals left in our country anymore. I am sure the winner of this lovely apron was more than pleased. Best wishes to all your family for a nice holiday.

  13. With a new computer I am back on and hope you will enter me for this pretty apron!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Loved this interesting post. Especially the part about Netflix supposedly adding more shows! I do hope you are right. I am constantly hunting on it for some of the older educational and wholesome shows from yesteryear to share with my grandchildren but they are few and far between - tho we do appreciate The Electric Company and Liberty Kids! Maybe soon... :) Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. Dropped by from County Wings in Phoenix...your aprons are so adorbable!

  16. Hi Connie
    My daughter has Netflix,I really enjoy it at her house,so glad I don't have it...I be watching to much:)
    Its wonderful to here of your strong healthy marriage, you and other lady in blog land are the right standard to live by...With Gods help my second time around, will endure what my first did not.
    Love the displayed apron, as all of them are truly lovely.

  17. Connie....that apron is beautiful! You have it hanging in just the perfect way to get the whole view. I love it. You used a lot of thought into the making of it. I would love to win it so please enter my name and good luck to us all. Lovely.

    Your hubby and you have been together a long time...that doesn't happen as often these days. I'm happy for the history you both have made together.

    Loved your post...had me thinking about the moving process, baring the rooms and travelling in boxes. What a way to look at it.

    have a great day.

    P.S. and should I win I have a U.S. cottage address....

  18. Connie you are a generous lady! I am very grateful that I met you here. It is interesting meeting so many different people and finding out little family details about each other. Your family is beautiful and your heart is huge! Thanks Connie for your kindnesses here.


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