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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pink Saturday Apron Giveaway #7

Happy Pink Saturday once again and thanks to Beverly for hosting PS. Visit her at her blog and see all the other participants. And a very public thank you again to her for helping me to give-away these 12 aprons. Only 5 more to go after this one.

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Hubs and I are itching to get back over to see Miss Caroline, and we talk about her every single day. She's our pet subject these days.

But the other night we were talking about our trip over and he mentioned Dairy Queen. I perked right up of course because WE didn't go to DQ while over there.

I said, "DQ?"

He said, "Yes, I had to go into DQ to use the restroom."

I perked right up again thinking of Caroline in the car.

I said, "You didn't leave her in the car alone, did you?"

He said, "No, I took her in with me."

I perked up for the 3rd time quickly going over the scenario in my head of which restroom—mens or womens.
My mind was boggling at that moment.

I said, "You didn't take her into the men's room, did you?"

He said, "Yes. What else was I going to do with her?"

I perked up for the 4th time!

I said, "What?"

At this point, I was imagining her with those little hands and lips that loved to touch and sample everything new and the things in a men's room that were head high to a 17 month old munchkin.

He said, "I didn't use the urinals. I picked her up, took her into a stall and held her in my arms while using my other hand to use the toilet." He also held her closely as she wanted to touch the walls, hanger and everything she could see.

I was at once both relieved and startled at what Caroline got to see at that moment. He assured me he directed her little head towards his back. Whew!!!

We are both doing Weight Watchers because we've put on so much weight lately. The other night I just was looking around seeing what I could eat that wouldn't give me extra points. I eat a lot of fruit: canned natural applesauce, pineapple, strawberries, but all sugar free. But that night fruit just wasn't cutting it. I dipped into the Wheat Thins, which is a problem food for me, along with Cheez-its and a few of things. Okay, okay, let's be real. More than a few. I've been known to look at sneakers and thought with a bit of Sweet Ray's BBQ sauce they could be rather tasty. I think I'll need a trip of my own to DQ tonight. Sigh...

A couple of days ago hubs came into the house and said our No Soliciting sign hanging on the porch had deteriorated so badly he brought it in so I could make a new one. The sign says this...well, let me show you the sign:
Of course, this was just at the exact moment that a local college student showed up to sell us oranges and grapefruits for the holiday season. I politely (a first for me with a solicitor, but he was from a private religious institution, where one of our previous neighbors is a professor and the guy was a cutie also...the student, not the professor) told him we can't eat grapefruit. He toddled on his way, which got me to thinking of a new sign I think I'll post out there in lieu of the above one. AND to which I've frequently had to add the question: What part of NO SOLICITING OF ANY KIND did you NOT understand? Hmmmm????
Showing Love Bunny the sign, I asked him on a scale of 1 to 10 how offensive was that sign. He said it was probably a 6. I told him I must be off my game; I can be much more offensive than that. ;-)

Until next time, bloggers.


  1. I so love visiting you Connie, because there is always a laugh!
    We rarely have people coming to sell at the door, though the children from the school ask us to buy raffle tickets occasionally, which I dont mind.

  2. Good Morning Connie Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful share today. Congrats to Sara on her win. Now you know I love cherries, and this apron is SO near and dear to my heart. I am truly crossing my fingers on this one. I love, Love, LOVE this one. And did I mention it has cherries?

    Oh sweetie, I was so laughing at your write about DH and little Miss Caroline. How sweet that was. He took her in, and did the right thing, held her close and didn't allow her to touch a thing. Yeah Mr. Living Beautifully.

    Oh no did you say DQ? Oh my gosh, Dilly Bars. Love their Dilly bars. Chocolate to die for. Love it. I can't go into DQ without buying a Dilly Bar.

    Have a beautiful weekend sweet friend. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win this gorgeous cherry apron. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. Such a funny sign! You made me laugh out loud. Happy Friday and YES I would love to win one of your beautiful aprons ♥ Still looking for my PS submission... it's still early.

    Have a happy creative day ~Alicia

  4. So funny! Your sign made me laugh out loud :) I would love to win one of your beautiful aprons! Still pondering on what my submission for PS will be, but I'll see you over there. Have a happy Creative day~Alicia

  5. Hello Connie! I was right there with you thinking about how he was going to take a little "wee" one (no pun intended) into the mens room!

    Good thing he was careful. :0)

    The apron is adorable.

  6. Feels good to wake up today and got to visit your blog and chuckle a lot:). Wow so cute apron.

  7. I love the new sign! It is so awesome! I think I need one just like it!

    I can only imagine how that sweet, lovely, adorable Caroline is the best topic for you and your hubby! My niece and nephew were main topics for my Mom and I except we didn't get to see them very much.

    I hope you are having a great day!


  8. Oh my gosh Connie, You have me laughing so hard I choked on my water. I think your sign is a serious hello to anyone who might want to sell you something...including religion. We live so far up in the mountains no one ever comes to our door anymore.

    Your story about Caroline also cracked me up. What else could he do??? HA! My hubs would have never taken our grands anywhere when they were that little. He was afraid of them and their small little size. Your hubs deserves some credit for taking such a little one anywhere.

    Speaking about DQ, we love their Mocha Coffee called a Moolatta. I think that's right. We are hooked on those things.

    Congrats on your apron winner. I hope I am lucky before you give them all away.

    XO, Jeanne

  9. You ae amazing!! I received my apron I think I borrowed the wrong picture. I have to go check. But I have to tell you when I got it at work I opened the envelope and everyone was so jealous! It is gorgeous. Happy Pink Saturday. Grace xoox

  10. You and your pretty aprons! You have made many wonderful ladies smile!
    Your Caroline story was so sweet!
    You are a generous blog friend Connie and you tell marvelous tales here as well!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Always, Anne

  11. Ha! Cracks me usual. Just finished reading your post to my husband. He's looking a little overwhelmed with mental pictures...

    Thanks so so so much for my apron! I just got it today! I LOVE it and am feeling so blessed that I WON! Woot! :) My daughter, Lynzie, thinks she's going to snag it from me...she's always been a dreamer--Ha! I'll tell her I'll will it to her.

    Hope you have a super great weekend! :)


  12. Cute post, sis! And uh....NO, you are not offensive at all. I find your quirky humor refreshing (we are SOOO alike!).

    Angelic Accents

  13. You're cracking me up, Connie. The sign is hilarious as is the story about your husband and great-granddaughter in the bathroom!

    I bet all your apron winners are thrilled with their new aprons.


  14. BelĂ­ssimo!Para Pink Saturday,amei!
    beijos do Brazil.

  15. Hah -- thanks for that funny post! :)

    Thanks also for the chance to win this lovely cherry apron -- it's so cute. :)

    Greetings from Germany,

  16. Aww Connie I've missed you and your blog. I am happy to say I'm back blogging myself. I will be sure to add you to my blog roll again. As usual your aprons always perk me up.

  17. Good Morning Connie, it has been ages since I have took part in PS and I'm so glad I did this week or I would have missed your wonderful post. I love your sign and intend to make one of my own. We get so many knocks on the door it is mind boggling. My hubby says I am always too nice because I stand there and listen to them and then politely say no. Even though our subdivision clearly states "no solicitors" with a HUGE sign on the entrance they still come in droves. Have a wonderful PS and may you lose the weight you want on Weight Watchers; I too recently joined.
    Hugs, LisaKay

  18. I am late getting to my Pink Saturday...adventures..there's just something about topping your week-end off with lovely PINK eye candy...and getting to know you through your blogs...God Bless and have a great week!

  19. Well...this one put me flat on the floor tonight! Patient Husband called in to see what was so darned funny!
    I mean, how could I explain all of this. I started to..but he kept saying "What?? What???" so I gave up! are hysterically funny.

    I was reading some of my old emails and came across one from you and gads..I haven't visited her in ages..
    You know how it is with blogs. Hard to keep up..

    In this email you said you were sick and tired of a dozen photo's of a one little old vignette!!
    So here I am..tail between my legs for not coming by more often!
    Mona :)

  20. OK that last sign is hysterical! I need one of those!

    Whats offensive to most people is funny to me (thus hubby's costume) - people got so ruffled about that.

    Can't anything just be FUNNY anymore???

    The Parisienne Farmgirl

  21. Hi Connie, just dropped in to say hello. A reread of you post still gives me a chuckle.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  22. Great sign!! Let me know when you are running to DQ, I would like to come along


  23. I am a little late getting around to the PINK SATURDAY and when I read yours I was laughing out loud so much my doggies thought MAMA had gone crazy!! Mental image of hubbs and Caroline in Men's room at DQ....OMG...he is quite the trooper and he did the right thing! Just so funny!!!
    I like this week's apron...I am still HOPING to win one, they are all so pretty!!
    Love your signs....we don't get many people stopping by way out here in the country, but if we did I would definetly made one like yours to put on the door. I wonder if that would work on the answering machine!!! So many tele-marketing calls.....that ought to fix them!
    Thanks for a good laugh,,,,have a fun week...Francy


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