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Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm Taking A Break

I need a break. While I love blogging and will continue to do it—and you've read my sentiments on this issue several times—I need to work on getting healthy for a bit of time. Why is it that pain always seems to find a new place to set up shop?!

Then the other day hubby's doctor's office called to confirm an appointment. Hubs hadn't told me about it and when we got home a few hours later I asked him about it. He told me his right arm started hurting on sunday when we were in Washington visiting our granddaughter, couldn't lift it to comb his hair, shampoo, towel dry his back or reach the car radio, just felt like he was loosing control of that arm. (He's left-handed.) He was thinking some "old age" disease was taking over his arm and/or body. That will be 2 weeks today. He said he didn't want to worry me because of my leg. I chastised him sufficiently, and he went to the doctor last friday. Doctor said it's muscular (what's going on with this family lately and our muscles?!) Anyway, he gave hubs some gel to rub onto his arm 3x a day. Needless to say, we're much relieved!

So with a full schedule of physical therapy on my horizon and putting my hubby before anything else, I thought a break would be in order. The physical therapist said I injured my ham string and the abductors and adductors in the groin area and will be doing PT in his office 3x a week for the next 8 weeks in addition to doing it twice daily at home. I cannot tell you how difficult it is to get comfortable—standing, sitting or lying down. He told me I could not be on the computer for more than 10 minutes at a time. It may be a month, just not sure at this point. But I need to concentrate fully on getting my back and leg back into shape after the fall, or actually the flip, I took in late August. Be back when I can. In the meantime I'll suggest to you to go back and read my first posts to see how pathetic they were. Just goes to show you we can all improve with practice. ;-)

Oooooh, I'll definitely continue to do Pink Saturday because I love it so much. And please forgive me for not commenting very much these last few weeks. It's been a pain to sit here much, and I cannot even sit in my craft room chairs at all,l so I'll only be doing things that allow me to stand while crafting. And prayers are much appreciated. I'm only injured, not dead, chicks!

But I'll leave you with a few pieces of eye candy.

I found these bright pink and white polka dot plates at the Dollar store and couldn't resist buying them, although I was there looking for things for someone else.

With that being said, just enjoy these photos taken the last day of September with my garden's last hooray. This hydrangea bush is under my office window seat.

I cannot believe these are still blooming. I am truly blessed by God for such a long blooming period for these magnificent roses.

And as you can see if you look closely, this rose bush is covered with aphids. Love Bunny will be spraying it on friday, the 1st of October.

And these little rose bushes in the back yard have produced beyond my imagination. I plan on getting more of them for back there next year. I love looking out our patio door and seeing such loveliness.

This one near our front porch is still producing blooms also. I just cannot believe how blessed I am with all these plants.

I love beautiful things. I mean I truly appreciate and love them. I buy them because I love looking at them and having beauty in my life, in more ways than one. While my style may not be your style, I think you'd be hard pressed to find much that isn't lovely in my home. I truly hope your home is your place of loveliness and serenity.


  1. Take all the time you need, you will be missed by me! I can tell you that for sure but I totally understand and with the holidays coming up you need to be feeling good to enjoy them, I know you will be back and meanwhile I can still enjoy some of your older post I missed! They say and I have heard it from others that sitting at the computer or anywhere for too long of time when you get a little older in body "not in young at heart" like we are that your muscles and tendons can tighten up from the knee bent position so I have trouble with that at times and have to force myself away just to stay stretched and stand and move around. Take care of yourself Connie and Hugs to you Chickie gal! XOXO marilou

  2. YOU take care of yourself and of hubby. We'll be here, awaiting your return.

    Hugs from the Netherlands

  3. I hope you both are on the mend and feeling better soon.;) love your pretty flowers.;)

  4. Connie,
    So sorry to hear of your medical problems and wish you both well soon .
    I hope they ran some studies on your hubby like a Ct or MRI of the head ??? Maybe , an EMG of the affected extremity to be sure it is not nerve involvement???
    If not, I would seek a second opinion.


  5. just take as much time as you need and do what you need to do to get your hubby and you healthy. We'll all be here anytime for you.

    We'll be praying for you, sweet chick!!

    Jan & Tom

  6. Connie, take some time to recuperate. Though you will be missed, your health is far more important. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  7. You and your husband will be in my prayers-and I hope you get to feeling better soon. Rest is always good-for body and mind.

    I bought these same plates this summer! Happy PS

  8. dear Connie, I hope you both get well soon.. and do take care! no worries about us as we shall be here always.. and I'll have you in my prayers always!

  9. Connie this is such a lovely post. I enjoy it all and those pink dishes, ohlala. The most important thing is your HEALTH, so take it easy, do a short post. Happy Sunday

  10. You take care of yourself and your family. We'll be here when you get back.

  11. Dear Connie, I was pretty sure you would be telling us something that would keep you from blogging. I am so sad to know it is because of you and your hubby's health. On the other hand, I am so glad you are not stopping altogether. By all means take a needed break and get through the therapy and whatever it takes to get your hubby back to himself with his arm. I will miss you very much and will check in from time to time. Please do not feel like you must visit back. I understand.
    Prayers will be constant for you both.
    Love, Jeanne

  12. Awww, I just discovered you and your blog of awesomeness!! I am sure the mental stress of wondering what was wrong with your husband had your thoughts going in many scary places. That alone is enough to bring even the strongest person running for a mental Vaca. No worries about his arm he is fine as you will be too. Be positive and take advantage of the beautiful Fall! Blogging is a side line in life ..Make more of your beautiful crafts to keep you busy I love them lots! Take care of yourself and no worrying!

    Best health and wishes


  13. Oh my Sweet Friend, I'm soo sorry to hear all that you and DH have been dealing with. I wish you well and will be glad when you feel up to blogging again.

    Gentle prayers and hugs!

  14. G'day sweet Connie ~
    I don't care WHAT you do as long as y'all stay healthy ... & in touch occasionally to let us know y'all are ok, please. Gosh! I am so sorry you both are having issues at the same time, but you can keep each other chirpy together.

    I was surprised to learn that people don't consider Mormons Christians ... I had never heard this before. Well, SHAME ON THEM! I have never met one single Mormon that isn't a beautiful sweet person & so full of faith ... if only we all could be as devout. I am sorry you & your fellow Mormons have endured such a naughty opinion ...

    Hurry back, sweet friend.
    Hugs & love, Marydon

  15. I hope you soon feel well again. Take good care of yourself and hubby.

  16. DO rest up, Sweet Connie! I am praying all is better soon. We will miss your fun chickie comments for sure!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  17. Dear Connie,
    My goodness you poor dear...please do get some much needed rest and PT. Hubs needs some rest too for his arm. I will miss you, but I know you will be back..I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth XO

  18. Connie, I know what you are going through and I hope you use this time to get healthy and return to us soon. Prayers for you and your BunnyLove. I should take a break, but with things the way they are, the computer is my refuge. I will miss coming to visit you, but your health is more important. Those dishes are so cute and I can see why you bought them. I too am a visual person and I like seeing pretty things around me, even though some would consider it being a pack rat with a cluttered dining room and kitchen, but it's mine and it makes me happy, so I do what pleases me and not others. Even my daughter says I have too much and I have already down sized some of it, but no more. Hope you get to sit and do a little crafting. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the little birdhouse. Love and hugs, and many prayers for a speedy recovery. Pat

  19. Oh Connie, please take care! My best wishes for you and your hubby.

    Pronta recuperación!


  20. Thinking of you and hope you feel better soon.

  21. Dear Connie,
    So sorry you are having trouble with your leg. Take your time and have a good rest. I will really miss you and will look forward to your return!



  22. Look after you and your hubby Connie:) Take care lovely lady - Rachaelxo

  23. Oh sweet lady....get that back and leg of your back in working order. Health should always be the first priority.

    Will miss you tho.
    See you when you reurn.


  24. Dear Connie you and Honey will go on my prayer list by my computer. Will see you when you return. Blessings

  25. Connie

    You will be missed, but you have to get better , quick I might add.

    We all will be thinking about you and your husband. I will check on you time to time.


  26. Those are such cute plates!

    My PT is twice a week and then I have to do my exercises on all the other days and ice my knee two times a day - such a pain to have to take time to do this since I'm so busy right now. But what can you do.

    My husband is the same way - doesn't want to tell me when something is physically wrong with him. He just doesn't like going to the doctor! Hope you both are on the mend soon!


  27. I wondered why I had not heard from you and now I know....You will both be in my thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery....
    I will miss your uplifting fun posts and look forward to your return.
    With prayers, smiles and a hig!
    PS..Unfortunately, I have a stoic hubby, too!


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