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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pink Saturday 10/9/2010

Happy Pink Saturday. Please be sure and click on the link below to take you to Beverly's How Sweet The Sound and the other participants.

As I've said, I'm taking a break from all blog surfing and commenting until this ham string and groin get better—as per the physical therapist's instructions—except for Pink Saturday posts. I love Pink Saturday. So here is my contribution this week. I think I'll just put the random thoughts between each picture. I also have to tell you it's been weird to not view or comment on posts, but I'm determined. Please forgive me for not visiting. Plus it's taken me several "sit-downs" at the computer to get this posted as I'm only allowed 10 minutes at a time to look at the computer. You'd have to know me to know how hard it is to keep myself off the computer as I Skype with my granddaughter and great granddaughter every day to see her sweet face.

I photographed these from my garden yesterday. I know I've posted roses from the garden before saying it's the last of the summer roses but they just keep coming. It's hard to fathom this but they are still in bloom going into the middle of October. I wanted to do some closeups practice and these did come out very nice. See the little bug on it. 

 Yep, it's that time of year again—school fund raising with the chocolate bars. I've bought so many when my kids were in grade school (theirs!) that I've personally funded an entire elementary school in the San Francisco bay area. Isn't this forced labor?

I got a call the other day and they asked for Jamie. I said you must have the wrong number because no one by that name lives here. He then asked what my name was or who I was, can't remember which. I said, "None of your business." If they had a wrong number then it was a wrong number. I hung up so fast I think his head is still spinning. I have changed the message on my machine. I now tell them we do not accept solicitor calls and to hang up if they are. Duh, did the fool really think I'd give him my name?

Just curious. Why do our heads go up and down for a yes and side to side when it's a no? Anyone know? I don't.

Sometimes a measure of paranoia isn't a sign of mental illness but instead a necessity for survival. Personal experience!

Our youth are sowing so many wild oats that they need a government subsidy. What's the matter with them? Sheeesh...

Do you ever feel like you're running out of enough fingers and toes to plug the dike? I do frequently. That's when I simply hibernate with a good book.

When we first moved to Idaho we lived in a town so small it didn't even have a Taco Bell, McDonalds or Burger King. I stood it for 12 years and then told hubs to get me to a town with a WalMart and a restaurant that was owned by a conglomerate and not a local person. He did and I'm loving our town of about 100,000 instead of 4,000. *Sigh*...

A paper rose.

Sometimes it feels like the only ones with constitutional rights are the criminals among us.
 Until next saturday, my sweet chick friends.


  1. I'm glad you are sticking to your break Connie, you will have that much more fun when yyou are back in full swing! Hugs and take care, Marilou

  2. How sensible you are being, Connie. Keep it up, and get better quickly.
    Your roses are just so lovely.

  3. I just happened by... So sorry about your health issues. Yes, please do exactly as you are told. Your health professionals know best!

    Best wishes to you and to your husband. These *things* do seem to be hitting us, don't they? -sigh- Aches and pains and this and that and... Courage to all of us [in our Golden Years], I guess. :-)

    Gentle hugs...

  4. Hi Connie,
    Lovely post and random thoughts. I so hope you are feeling better soon. Listen to the doctor and be good. I know it is a challenge to be away from your computer and havea limited time. But, it will certainly help and that is good.
    Best wishes always!
    Have a restful weekend.
    Hugs and Blessings, Celestina Marie

  5. Connie, I hope you get to feeling better soon. I love all the flowers and yes we too are having late bloomers, but then we have some warm winters sometimes and the plants just get confused about what time of year it is.
    I am getting my new kitchen, but it took a fire for it to happen, but it could have been worse. I hope you continue to gain strenght and your ham string pull gets better soon. I have to sdmit, I hated therapy---I always came home feeling and hurting worse. Love and hugs, Pat

  6. G'morn sweet Connie ~ I hope this heals quickly for you, so you take ALL the time you need ... we are here praying for you & don't want you to push yourself.

    Your roses are breathtaking as always but I so love the first one ...

    Have a beautiful PS ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs in love, Marydon

  7. Connie, I love your post and don't know if I should cry or laugh. People today call and are so rude. I can't believe that when they call and ask for money, if you say no, they hang up on you. Do they really think you would give to them in the future when they act like that??!!
    As far as where you live, you can't keep a secret for long before someone wants a piece of it too. I guess they call that growth!!! HA!
    Enjoy your blooms while they last. They are beautiful. I hope you feel better very soon, keeping you in my thoughts. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  8. Happy Pink Saturday Connie Sweetie...
    I am so sorry to hear about your groin muscle. You must do what they say and take care of that one. It could get really ugly if you don't. I am so sorry for the pain you are having to endure. Take it one day at a time, and remember your exercises sweetie. I miss you blogging sweet friend, but I am so thrilled that you can still participate in at least Pink Saturday.

    Your roses are just beautiful. I love the little flecks of color on the white one. How pretty that is, and I have never seen one like that. I could smell the fragrance for sure. I adored the little bugs, that is so cute. You closed the camera lens right on them. Great shots sweetie.

    Well go ice your leg down, and try a few of those stretches. Take it easy and don't try to be doing anything to fast.

    Many hugs sweetie, and SO much love, Sherry

  9. Hi Connie,
    Very nice photos of your roses/flowers. Sure hope your legs gets better,soon..
    The paper rose still smells wonderful in the bedroom!
    deb :)

  10. love the pictures! I hope you are feeling a bit better! I am glad you are able to sit for a little bit, just keep up the good work and you will be back to normal!

  11. What lovely flowers!! I'm hoping to make room in my garden next year to plant a cutting garden. I love to have fresh flowers in the house.


  12. Hi sweetie!
    Hope you are feeling better soon! Adored your flower photos and loved the itty bitty bug on one of the sweet!

    Deanna :D

  13. Hi sweetie! Your flowers are just too pretty! I hope and pray your physical therapy is going good and you are getting some much needed rest!
    Tight squishy hugs,

  14. Hope you are better soon, lovely pink flowers, I miss flowers a bit already. But yea fall otherwise.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Halloween fun giveaway

  15. dear Connie hun, I pray and hope that you are going to recover soon.. and I like your Random thoughts today and also the photos of roses are just awesome! very sharp!. thanks for sharing and huggieesss..

  16. Connie, the roses are so beautiful. I have a hard time growing roses. I bet your grand Daughter is Darling. Happy to see you are up and

  17. beautiful photos and great comments Connie..hoping and praying that you are doing better....

  18. Hi Connie,
    I hope you are feeling better...
    Your garden really is doing very well, your flowers are so lovely.
    Keep getting the rest you need..and I'll keep checking in with you..
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  19. Dear Connie,
    Here's hoping that you are feeling better.
    Hope you get out and have a wonderful day.


  20. Hi Connie,

    Haven't been here in a while to visit. Glad you are taking care of your health issues, and glad to hear hubbies arm pain wasn't serious.

    Funny about the phone call you received. Our outgoing message on our phone, says you have reached Deb, and Bill, blah, blah, blah. Well, this Indian woman called, and left a whole message in Indian??? I hope she didn't think she reached a Drs office or something. Just makes you wonder. lol! Take care!



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