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Monday, July 19, 2010

It Started with an Idea and a Photo

I saw a picture of some curtains recently that I thought were cute. I decided to try and make something similar in my own particular style, which is to say romantic and shabby chic. I've tried to find the picture but I emptied my trash so that's it.

Anyway, they were sheers with a tier of 3 ruffles of brown fabric on the top with grommets for the rod. They weren't gathered but hung taut on the rod. I did mine a tad differently but it involved a trip to Joanns Fabrics with Love Bunny. :-) He didn't say a word and just followed me around because he KNEW how I felt about the camping trip we had a couple of weekends ago.

It quickly segued into 2 trips to Joanns in different cities—my little one here and the big Joanns in Boise. Why? Because they didn't have the 14 yards of fabric I needed, so I bought 7 yards here and 7 yards in Boise. This was of course a guess. I just went with it and if I had any left over I'd make another curtain for somewhere else in the house. As it turned out I have just a bit left over.

This is half of the fabric already torn apart. I don't usually cut; I tear mostly.

Then I had to set up my cutting table in the living room as the studio is small and it's in a shambles as usual.

Then I featherstitched the sides of the 99" of fabric and the ruffles. It was very exacting...well, for ME it was. A practiced seamstress would have no problem but I'm not THAT good.

Okay, I'm NOT going to bore you with all the details but I just thought I'd throw in a few more photographs for good measure. ;-) This is one finished and one to go. I put some lace across the top of the first ruffle to hide the seam. (I'm lazy and try to take the easy way!) But I wanted them to be feminine and girly anyway.

Okay, chicks, here's Mr. Love Bunny agreeing under duress to holding them up for a closeup while somewhat gathered. Oooooh, I wish you could see the smile on that man's face...NOT.

He certainly could use my No!No! for his arms.

I first tried this little ribbon rose but didn't like it as much as the bigger paper roses.

Much better!

I hung this one to see how it would look and if I'd have to make any adjustments to the hem. As it turned out, it was just the perfect length. I also turned the ruffle at the top back and forth to create a unique look across the top. How do you like it? Actually, I'm just being nice here because I like it and that's what matters. ;-)
This is closeup and where it looks a different color are just shadows.

Ta da!!! Now, if I can just find/save the money for white slipcovers plus find someone who will do them, it'll be a whole different look.

And just so you know, I doubt I'll ever do this pattern again!


  1. Connie ~
    You did a beautiful job on them !! I love how you did the tops ~


  2. Connie, I love these curtains! The layers of ruffles are gorgeous!


  3. Your curtains look so pretty!! Tell your husband I think he is going to be made a Saint when he goes to Heaven!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  4. Beautiful job - on your new curtains.
    So Pretty and feminine. Love them.


  5. You did a fabulous job, Connie. They are gorgeous!!! And to think you did it all without a pattern, but just from a photo. Wow!! I'm very impressed.

    Your whole room looks lovely. The pillows are GORGEOUS.

    Happy day to you,

  6. Hi Connie,
    Well look at you! So darn creative and talented too....
    I love the curtains! so pretty and soft.
    Hubby was a good sport and love your comment about the NO NO...LOL
    Have a sweet day my friend,
    Big hug~Elizabeth

  7. Connie, I liked your other curtains, but this is really gorgeous,feminine, and very pleasing to the eye. You are a Wonder Woman and I am a Wander Woman, I wander what beautiful item you are going to do next. Love and hugs,Pat

  8. Those are beautiful Connie...I love the lace you put at the top to highlight the ruffles...very pretty...indeed. i like the roses you added too....

  9. Those are so fun and pretty, Connie! You are very, very talented.

  10. love the did a great job on little sister recently purchased some slip covers from surefit and loves them.;)

  11. Connie, these curtains are sooo pretty. I especially love the lace you used at the top. And I agree with you, I like the paper roses better. Very well done.
    I have also bought slipcovers from Sure-Fit and they work out well. BTW - my husband will also sometimes give in to going to Jo-Ann's with me with the same enthusiasm that yours has, I'm sure!

  12. Your curtains are fabulous - well worth the work. Love the white.

  13. Connie, these are beautiful! Love the layers, great job!

  14. G-rrrr-8 job Connie... I love a successful endeavor.

    Thanks for your dear words on my re-do too.


  15. oooh, they are purdy!!!! Love the ruffles...I cracked up at the nono comment....hilarious!

  16. Connie, they are beautiful!You did a great job!

  17. Lots of work, wow -- but gorgeous!
    I LOVE the tops. Beautiful.

    My husband loves Joanne Fabrics too (hahahahaha) -- IF I can get him there, he spends the whole time looking at his watch.

  18. Wow! What exquisite work you do. A very fine seamstress:)

  19. Connie;;; OH how gorgeous they are,,,, you did a wonderful job on them..... how chic they look in your living room.....


  20. I love the ruffles at the top...great idea!!

  21. Hi...thanks for your visit. This looks like it was a big project, turned out really nice! :D

  22. Hi Connie
    You did a fabulous job on those curtains. I really really like them. They are girly and in a really soft way.
    You threw the picture out and still managed to do such a great job. You must be very visual to remember.
    I DID have to chuckle about your husband...*g*...
    I will have to read if you posted about your camping trip...he must really owe you.
    have a wonderful day

  23. Connie,
    Love your curtains and wow white slipcovers would be to die for. Sorry I don't live closer I would make them for you. You did a great job, looks like a wedding dress for the windows.
    PS My hubby will even pick something up at JoAnns if I need it, probably knows that will save him money in the long run.LOL
    Blessings Meg

  24. Just blog hopping and came upon yours. I couldn't even make flannel cloth napkins when I tried! Please give me some of your talent!!! I just started blogging but you're welcome to come over my way for a little laugh;)

  25. very pretty... very feminine. I don't like to "repeat" my "madeup" patterns either... too much work. :o)

  26. You are hilarious... I just clicked on the NoNo! link.

  27. Oh these are darling! A lot of fabric, a lot of cutting and sewing, but oh so worth your efforts! I love them!

    and you know what? you probably will have an easier time of it the next time just might have to make them again! for me! hehee...

    ciao bella
    thanks for coming by to see me

    creative carmelina

  28. Sew awesome, Connie! You are just amazing at how you can just pull things together & make them look perfectly elegant! Tres chic, my friend.

    You up for hire? Chuckle!
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  29. I just found your beautiful blog. I could learn a lot from you! Especially possibly learning how to make the pretty lampshades among other things !

  30. lol! A vision of you attacking love bunny's arms and him saying "no no"! They are fabulous Connie, you are so clever! Rachaelxo


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