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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little Lamp for Pink Saturday 7/17/2010

Happy pink saturday again. Please visit with Beverly of How Sweet The Sound for a list of all the participants today. I also apologize because we were out in the woods camping last weekend and therefore I didn't get the chance to visit 2 bloggers new to Pink Saturday. Sorry!

When out shopping a couple of weeks ago I spotted this darling little outdoor lamp that I could NOT pass up. I decided to buy it and froufrou it up

My favorite little pink chicks, a "nest", pink paper roses, pink garland, pink ribbon, white netting around the bottom with faux pearl trim. Everything a froufrou girl could want!

You have to look very closely to see the ruffled netting around its bottom but it is there. It's going in our bedroom.

It was always destined for this spot. Here are photos of it with different lighting on when I did the photoshoot. It's hanging on the same hook as the pompom; I just tucked it in between so it would hang below it.

I need some more things on this wall but I just haven't found what I want on there yet. I'll have to go shopping through the house and see what I can find. I'm on an austerity program (self-imposed!) to not spend money. We'll see how long that will last. I am determined however. *Sigh*...

It is on Love Bunny's side of the bed.

And I found these the other day while shopping—little pink ice cream spoons. Aren't they adorable? I just couldn't pass them up.

I do believe this clematis is going to make it finally. It's been struggling for about 4 years now but I really think it's going to be a great addition to the back very soon.

And would you look at those gorgeous blooms in purple?!

The miniature gardenias are fragrance-ing the air back there.

Finally the carpet roses are taking off. We wanted to give them a hyper-chance before we do anything around them. I think we'll lay weed fabric along that fence.

And hubs brought me in a bouquet of some roses. They're just about finished for this year.


Random Thoughts:

We have filtered water on our sink and I bought a bottle of water the other day because I wanted a sturdy bottle. I was reading it today and on the side is this: is it just us or do clouds get a bad rap? while we admit they're not as great to have around on a beach day, as say the sun, clouds are unsung heroes because they contain nature's purest source of water. meanwhile, spring water comes from the ground and contains random stuff and whatever else the animals that swim in it leave behind. that's why we copied our white puffy friends by creating smartwater. it's vapor distilled so it is in its purest original state. it's a difference you can taste...unless, of course, you have no taste buds (than you're on your own), but we don't stop there. we one-up the clouds by adding electrolytes just in case you do decide to hit the beach. unfortunately, we can't fix the whole men in thongs thing. [Lack of capitalization is on the bottle also. I didn't do it!]

Eventual foreclosure awaits us all. I'll probably receive mine before you do, but yours is in the mail. Nevertheless, until the postman comes, be happy. There is no other rational response but happiness. Despair is a foolish squandering of precious time.

Politicians promise us peace, perpetual prosperity and justice. If their promises are ever fulfilled, perhaps then I'll have more respect for their threats.

One of the greatest mysteries is what wiped out the dinosaurs, right up there with why do tornadoes always zero in on trailer parks.

Does your larder look like it has been stocked by a child with a checkbook and no adult supervision?

I don't trust those people with a plan, those who believe they know how to make a better world, which seems to always involve telling other people what they should do and how they should think. Think Hitler.

It is well known that for every television set in the house each member of the family suffers a loss of 5 IQ points. Turn it off!!

Soliloquy. One has to wonder about the people of this earth who put man/woman below all the other species. There are some who advocate ridding the earth of man/woman. This is preposterous. There is no other species above man. Animals were put here for our enjoyment, not the other way around. (Contrary to what cats might think!) But to believe this I guess you would have to read the Scriptures and understand them. Man can't possibly destroy the earth. Read sentence before the last one again. My family loves animals-cats, dogs, etc. but they wouldn't want to leave this earth to them. In the next life you will definitely have your animals. Read that other sentence again.


  1. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Your blog is just a fun place
    to visit and made me smile!

    Flora Doora

  2. what a great post. I love your random thoughts. And that outside lamp you decorated was adorable. Hugs Sara

  3. Happy Pink Saturday!
    Looks like you had a lovely time froo-froo ing up your outdoor lamp! I love all the pretty photos.

  4. Very cute pink chickie lamp! So creative! The roses are looking good too! Happy Pink Saturday to you!

  5. What a pretty lamp, the chick is just adorable. Your flowers and carpet roses are gorgeous, great photos. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Your latest frou-frou project turned out beautifully. Does your husband like it on his side of the room? I bet he does. Your garden flowers are so pretty. I have a clematis that gets tons of leaves every year - grows like crazy - but gives me one bloom, if I'm lucky. Can't figure that plant out! Have a wonderful weekend, Connie.


  7. Happy Pink Saturday Miss C! Hope you are well.

    Well you PINK are over the top. I tip my hat to your SWEET PINKNESS!

    Love to you~


  8. Hi Connie! I love what you did with that lamp! Very cute. Your clematis is really coming along and the purple flowers are beautiful. What I love best about this post though are your words of wisdom. Very good advice indeed!!

    Susan and Bentley

  9. Oh, your garden looks so much better than mine. Here in Massachusetts everything is so dry and burnt. Our grass looks like hay, and we are restricted so we can't water our lawns either.

    I love your thoughts always. You really make me think when I visit you. I love your new purchase and the hanging you created.

    Happy Pink Saturday,


  10. Happy PS and congrats on being featured!

    Your new girly creation is adorable. I LOVE that pink birdie inside :)

    You give me hope since your clementis finally took after 4 years. I planted one this year and it's not doing well.

    Bless you sweet, funny, inspiring Connie!!!

    Always a smilefest when I visit your blog!


  11. G'morn, sweet Connie ~

    Your RANDOM THOUGHTS are right on & wonderful! So much truth to them all ...

    What a fabulous lantern creation w/pink chick ... you are so creative & can imagine things up so beautifully.

    Floral carpet I've not seen before but it is a lovely pink.

    Happy PS, Connie.
    Have a lovely summer day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  12. Hi Connie,

    thanks for coming by my blog, and for the sweet comments. It's always a pleasure when you visit.
    Love your little lamp! Aren't we lucky to have our sweet hubbies, that don't mind all of our pinks?
    Your clematis looks great! Have a great weekend!


  13. Connie, I like your little lantern! Love your pink roses and enjoyed your random thoughts; especially the last one! I like using randoms in my tea posts. Have a wonderfully frou-frou Pink Saturday weekend.


  14. Happy Pink Saturday and what better way is to show off the adorable lantern you made and your flowers are beautiful. Love your thoughts for today. Makes one think very hard about politics especially since we have an election coming up in November. Time to put some of the trash out. I hear Mitt Romney is in the running again for President. Now that would make my life so great. Love and hugs, Pat

  15. You did a remarkable job on that lamp. However, I did not see a thing in your post today that was not beautiful. What a lovely blog.

  16. Hello sweets! Of course I love your beautiful pink frou frou lamp! Toooo cute! Perfect for love bunnys side. LOL. Happy Pink Saturday! Congrats on being featured!

  17. Hello sweets! Of course I love your beautiful pink frou frou lamp! Toooo cute! Perfect for love bunnys side. LOL. Happy Pink Saturday! Congrats on being featured!

  18. ! always enjoy all your quotes you post! Thank you for that, and for sharing all your pinks. Great job on the lantern, so cute! HPS! Marcia

  19. Happy Pink Saturday! Love your flowers and your thoughts!!!

  20. Love visiting with you on the Saturday morning. Your blog is a happy place to visit.

  21. Wow connie!
    Was ALL that stuff on your water bottle... or just the cloud/man thong part??! lol
    Hope you finally recovered from your camping excursion enuf to enjoy Pink Saturday!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  22. Happy Pink Saturday!
    The Lantern turned out so pretty, LOVE all the frou frou! Blessings, Nan

  23. Connie!
    As usual my sweet friend I enjoyed my PINK visit!

    Happy PINK!

  24. Hello Connie, Happy Pink Saturday. Love your post this week, you vintage lamp is adorable and it looks so cute in your bedroom. Love that little pouf ball it hanging from too!
    Have a great week.
    Love ya, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  25. It is so fun. The lamp is very cute LauraQ

  26. Hi Connie :) Oh I love what you did with that outdoor lamp! So chic, so pretty in pink, and oh-so-fru-fru'd up!! Great job!!

    Congrats being featured this week!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  27. Hello Connie; OH what a wonderful lamp you found,,, and I love how you put your Pink fluffy touches to it,,,looks so pretty..... Happy Pink Saturday,, Happy Camping!!


  28. I always enjoy reading your random thoughts Connie. They're so much fun!
    You frou-froued that lamp up real good. It's a beauty!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  29. Very pretty....but that...could that be....DID YOU CUT THE PAPER GARLAND??????

    Oh my. I'm having a panic attack over it. LOL.

    Great thought on the cloud, Connie! You're such a smart chick.

    By the way, I like how you were featured! I wanna be featured too. :0)

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  30. Happy PiNk, Connie...

    I love your sweet lantern and those roses are to die for!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  31. Hey Ms. FrouFrou, Congrats. on being featured this week. And I love your random thoughts segments...always fun to read and think about...xo Lynn

  32. My larder (had to look the word up and my larder is my artroom that I am speaking of...) does look like it was stocked by a child with a check book - yes, and no adult supervision!
    agree with the "think Hitler" scary!

  33. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Connie. I hope you enjoyed being one of the featured bloggers.

    Girl, you are always creating such pretty things. And, I love every one.

    Your clematis is looking good. I have never been able to find a place one would grow well at our house, but my neighbor has three I can see from my window.

    I especially liked the five point IQ deficit for each television. I think I'm safe because I am not a lover of television.

  34. Happy PS! this is so much fun post! a glass cage with pink bird and froufrou nest! beautiful!

  35. lovely! happy pink saturday!

  36. Hi Connie!
    Your lantern looks lovely, froofroo and so you...sweet, sweet, sweet :)
    Happy Pink Saturday on Sunday!
    I always love your random thoughts!
    Thanks for sharing!
    XO, Mary

  37. I love that lantern Connie!!! I also think that your clematis is beautiful. I love that color and I can't seen to get enough clematis in the garden. I just love how they bring height to the space.

    You went camping???? I haven't been able to go yet...but I really hope soon. Landon needs to get out of this house and so do I.

  38. Wow they are deligfhul Connie.
    Happy PS belated.

    Enjoy a great week ahead.
    " Regina "

  39. Connie, you frou froued up that little lantern as only you could do!! Love every thing about it!! Your blooms are so pretty, especially that gorgeous clematis! May your week be full of sunshine and laughter, sweet friend! Sending lots of hugs and love to you~ Vicki


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