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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Garage Sale Weekend

Tell me, how pathetic does one's life have to be to blog about our garage sale weekend? Hmmmmm? Well, that's what you're going to hear so you can leave now if you want or hear the story.

It started with finding things I'd forgotten I had and this was one of MANY of them. I snatched this little candle ring away and brought it in the house with an idea already forming in my mind what I would do with it.

Candlesticks, pots, little decorative bowls, a lemon juicer—I now have two of them. We'd wondered where it was for so many years and finally bought one about a year ago. The barbell is hubby's weight lifting equipment that he uses 3 times a week so disregard that. Little sea shells I've had for a very long time. I may be able to use them for decorative purposes.

Rolls of wallpaper border I bought just because they were on sale and I might find a use for them some day. Have we all not done that?!

And the wallpaper I just couldn't live without when I saw it on a display at Home Depot many, many years ago. I've used one roll of it in a house and have 3 left. I doubt I'll ever use it but it's one of the most gorgeous papers I've ever seen—a beautiful shade of green with grape leaves on it vertically. It's the one in the middle kind of leaning over a bit. Gorgeous!!!!

Canning jar lids went for 50¢ a box because I knew I'd never can again. Not worth the time and effort for 2 people anymore. Pretty little bowls I just couldn't live without.

The chandelier original to the dining area went for $7.00. I didn't care for it and I have the crystal one now anyway. That pizza stone—upside down—will probably go to the thrift store unless we have another garage sale in September. We're thinking we might now since it was such greeeeeeat fun this time!!! You KNOW I'm kidding right?

See those little pink and aqua plastic plates? I kept 4 each of them. Forgot I even had them. The little red topped pedestal bowls are from a friend in California who gave them to me. Those sold for 50¢ each. Hubby sold 3 tile cutters he had. I don't know WHY he had 3 tile cutters! Those little books with roses on top are an arrangement I made many years ago. I think I'll save the flowers for something else now. Pie tins went fast.

That lump of fabric here is actually a duvet cover I made. It is heavy and gorgeous but it didn't sell. I may try to sell it on eBay. It's beautiful and was a lot of work to do, but Love Bunny would sell it for $1.00 I know! He sold my pillows for 50¢ and the woman was in shock. Sigh...

He put out several new hats he was given at different times and surprisingly, about half of them sold. He asked 50¢ and they grabbed them up—men and women. Those plates with little blue flowers under the wicker basket are still with us. We used them for many years. I sold some roses glass bowls but the plates didn't sell with them. Surprised me. The craft stuff is still with us. I may put it all together and list it on craigslist for a few dollars for the whole lot.

A little girl came by and wondered how much the little bunny things on that orange (Gag, I hate orange!) plate were. I said 25¢ and she went to get a quarter from her mom. I almost gave her the whole bunny town for that, but she was gone in a flash. The crêpe pan didn't sell. Doesn't anyone make crêpes anymore? I used to a lot but not so much since we've gotten older.

Seat cushions for 50¢ each? A woman grabbed them. She said someone else was selling theirs for $5.00 and they were in terrible shape. Mine were in perfect shape—clean, not torn, ties still on. She was amazed. But then I take great care of all my stuff. Beautiful soft sided carrying bags I got in California are not the rage anymore I guess.

Those magenta oblong pillows under there are from a sofa I gave a needy family years ago but the cushions were forgotten. I keep thinking I could make them over in another fabric but then I remember what I'm doing here. Haven't we all said we're "going to do something" and never do it? Right. See what I mean. Let them GOOOOOO!!!

Another little stool I had covered and forgotten about. I saved it and put it in the house until I can figure out what to do with it. Little wine decanters sold rather quickly. Decorated little expanding file folders are still with us. Vintage cookie cutters in that paper bag sold. The woman seemed clueless about what she was going to use them for, but she bought them. Made me wonder. The vintage sifter went quickly also. I still have the Voltrompia bread tube and am wondering whether to sell it or keep it. It's really a neat thing to have for decorative bread.

Those tiny metal houses I gave to a friend's little daughter. Her room is starting to look like my house! :-)

We had 4 of these back massagers and one sold. Two are for home and two are for car use. Those shabby chic boxes got sold before I could pull them off. I could have used them for storage in the studio. Sigh...

These 2 Pachinko games went first thing. I man had 2 of them that didn't work and bought these 2 because they DID work. If you know what they are and have some, you love them. Real collectors items.

The black garbage bags are bed pillows and feather seat and back cushions for our chairs that I've kept since the last recovering about 6 years ago. I may put them back in the chairs again. I'm so fickle about this kind of stuff! Now I can't even remember why I used the foam and fill ones the upholsterer made for them.

And that's it for today. More later.


  1. Mornin Chica,

    I love yard sales, and the fact that you shared it with us....fabulous...luv it!

    I hope everything is going great in your neck of the woods, and tell that darling hubby of yours that the folks down here in western NC said HI!

    Love & Prayers,

  2. Connie, that really is decluttering taken to its finest! I wish I could have been there.

  3. man you had a nice garage sale..oh and we make crepes all the time.;)

  4. Connie ~ My post I wrote of you & your Love Bunny is up ... I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you for sharing your pictures, they are wonderful.

    Oh, have I ever decluttered so many times ... your display was far neater than mine. Feels so good to get rid of things, but then later I always say, 'Dang I wish I had that now'. Sigh!

    Have a beautiful summer's eve.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  5. Wow, that's a lot of stuff, Connie. But you're right we all say we are going to do SOMETHING with an item and then forget about it! We are all so blessed to have an over abundance.

    Fun post!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  6. I can't figure out why the crepe pan didn't sell!!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. Hello Connie, Wow looks like a fun garage sale, lots of neat things there. Wish I could have yard sales here but were too far out.
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  8. Looks like alot of work, but lots of fun too!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Sigh, I wish I would have been there. I saw a lot of things that I could have redone and I especially love the 2 white boxes on one of the tables. I am going to have one as soon as it cools off. 110 heat index is just too hot to have one and I don't feel like hauling all my things to country.Besides I do better in the city with my things. I even have furniture this time to get rid of. Will post mine also, before my garage sale and maybe someone will see something they can use. Thanks for showing (sigh) your great garage sale tables.WE must have he same taste, because I have the same green bar stool cushions to sell. Love and hugs, Pat

  10. I love love love a yard sale! I can't wait for the weather to get cool here so I can start junkin' again on the weekends. Me no likey hot weather so no junkin' during the summer here. Today it's 102....I'm hibernating!


    p.s. I am giving away one of my large Marie Antoinette cakes so come peek when you have time!


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