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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Miss "A" and Some Random Thoughts

Hubs and I spent the weekend over on the coast visiting our granddaughter and new great-granddaughter. Of course, she's a doll, but you knew that, right? ;-) Okay, so it can be boring looking at other people's kids and/or grand/great grandkids so I thought I punctuate this with a few random thoughts to have you not be so bored.

Hugs keeps wondering what this new creature is that has invaded his domain. He sniffs her diaper (clean) but doesn't want to go near her face. He's very inquisitive about who this is. ;-)

Aren't their little lips so kissable and sweet with that baby's breath? She's so fresh from heaven she still has that "heavenly skin" on her little hands.

Baby's lips are meant to be kissed!

Look at those sweet hands. They are extremely long and slender like her mummy's but I couldn't capture them as they truly were.

Her little legs and feet are encased in froufrou Jazzy Toes socks.

Just fed and being held by her mummy.

Now she has on the little shoes I made for her.

Tiny bums are also the cutest thing on a baby. She still likes to lay like a frog.

She is very petite like her mummy.

Here she is sitting on her grandmother's lap. That would be MY daughter. You can still see that little peach fuzz newborns have.

But, Ma, ouch, you're crushing my tatas! Her grandmom took this after we left and they went shopping in the car.

And today is my and Love Bunny's 49th anniversary! I see a dinner out at a restaurant in my very near future. :-)

Random Thoughts:

If you litter in Oregon the fine is $6,250.00! I'd say that's a tad much and also wonder how they came up with that figure. They must prize their state highly. In Idaho it's only $350.00—a considerable difference. Nuuuuu, I do NOT litter. My hubby was a Boy Scout Leader for 40 years and taught me well.

Hope is always found to be the flower that blooms from every seed of hopelessness.

Back in the middle 1960s it was Mary Quant who came out with the mini-skirt and forever after brought America out of the Dark Ages of psychopathic modesty. Sad, but true.

Speed limits just seem to be a suggestion for most people as we witnessed in 3 states this past weekend.

Have you ever seen a face so unfortunate that it argued convincingly of the existence of a benign deity?

A target for today is to put on some new clothes. ;-)

To me the world is like an orange of infinite layers which we peel and savor with increasing delight. I love and savor each new day. Think about it. Unhappy? Change your attitude and outlook on this marvelous thing we call Life.


  1. What a beautiful little girl... and those shoes are so pretty...

    I definitely changed my outlook on life yesterday... no-body else is going to drag me out of the doldrums I had better get my climbing gear on and make for the end of the tunnel! lol

    big hugs Alex

  2. oh Connie that baby is sweet!! I love the photos you took and love those little precious shoes you made her..their kitty is the coloring.;)

  3. Connie, what a little darling she is. It must be so wonderful to have a g/gchild! so far I've only got the grandchildren, but who knows...!
    I'm sure there will be lots of visits to see her.

  4. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby Connie and congrats on your newest little family member. She is totally adorable. Babies are such precious little things and I sure miss the days when my nieces and nephew were still that tiny. I could sit and hold them for hours just looking at their sweet little faces. Have a great day!!

  5. she is beautiful!!! Love the shoes you made for her. I agree speed limits seem to be a thing of the past, scary! I don't think Michigan cares if people litter anymore. I can't remember the last time I saw the sign about the fine - but I do see trash everywhere. Sad but true!

  6. Well Connie,
    that is one pretty baby..what a sweet delight to wake up to this morning...I could just gather her up and love on her..adorable..the shoes you made her are perfect.
    I am really anxious now for our new gr-grand due in August...
    love ya, girlfriend...

  7. Just catching up on your posts.
    Don't worry about the random thoughts. I love seeing your sweet baby great-grand daughter Miss'A'.
    Nothing more special than 'family'

  8. Ohhhhh, Ahhhhh! Connie, Miss A is absolutely the breath of baby beauty from above! How blessed you are with such a darling ... I miss this part of life but we are all past that stage ... maybe one day a gr-grand-kid-ling, but no rush ... NO RUSH!

    Your shoes are absolutely CUTE! upon her wee feet. Do treasure her through each stage of life ... Congrats! May Miss A be blessed each moment & ste through her life.

    Your 'wisdoms' are right on, my special friend.

    Have a beau-TEA-ful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  9. Hi Connieness! Oh, little Miss A is a beautiful little girl! Oh, how darling! She has hair! I'm so jealous! Carter is as bald as a pumpkin! :) What precious little shoes you made for her. My mother had made some little felt ones for Carter but I like your fabric ones better! I wish I lived close enough to pop in on our little one, but they live ever so far away! But I'll have to be satisfied with the pictures I get!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. She really is beautiful!!! It's not just great grandma that thinks so. What will you have her call you?

    Her shoes/booties are beautiful too. And they are pink!! She's learning at an early age just how gorgeous pink can be.

    Finally, happy anniversary to you and hubs. Now, it's time to get planning the party for next year's golden wedding anniversary.

    Congratulations...anniversary and new great grandchild.

    Patti (Of Days and Dreams)

  11. Hi, Connie! Such sweet pics! Congrats on a long lasting marriage AND the resulting fruit! ♥

  12. Great photos of your little treasure, Connie! She is absolutely adorable. Babies are wondrous, aren't they? The slippers you made look perfect on her.


  13. Oh, I forgot - Happy Anniversary!


  14. Sweet, sweet, sweet and for once I am not talking about the cat! Thanks for showing us these pictures! They are treasures of a time that will no doubt pass too quickly by.

    Love love love every photograph and the wonderful comments. Those little shoes you made are delicious.
    Love everything about this post including all the random thoughts.
    How are you doing Connie?

  16. Connie,what a beautiful baby. I think she looks so sweet with her great grandma shoes. Oh I want another grandbaby so much, but will have to wait and see what happens. Blessings on that adorable, snuggleable, sweet precious gift from God.Love and hugs, Pat
    ps. thanks for the use of the picture.

  17. Oh my absolutely precious!! What a beautiful baby girl! Yes, so kissable!
    Love the kitty too...pretty, pretty color!

    Kipper has a post already to go tomorrow...he just had his birthday at Ritter's!! :)

    Love to you sweet Connie,

  18. Oh little princess is so darling in her new shoes. What a beautiful baby, Connie. What pretty pictures you captured of her too!
    I laughed at the speed limit as a suggestion, I am sooo guilty!
    Congrats on 49 years!!! Dale and I have 11 more to go.

  19. Happy Anniversary to you both! Photos of the baby are just adorable love the shoes!
    My letter is in the post hopefully you will get it soon!

  20. Oh Connie, she is just PRECIOUS! Definitely a gift right from heaven. God is good! Love the little socks and shoes. Thanks for sharing her with us!

    Bella Rosa Antiques


  21. She is absolutely precious and you captured such lovely photos of her!!

  22. I love popping over to visit you Connie. You are a wealth of information and so entertaining.

    The new great grandbaby is so delicate and sweet.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  23. Oh Connie My Sweet Sweet Friend

    Happy Anniversary to you both. Wishing you many more!

    And oh that sweet baby girl is just too precious. I love that wonderful baby smell- pure heaven.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  24. Very lovley photos of your new Great-Grand daughter!!!
    Happy 49th Anniversary ~
    Much celebrating around your home.
    Deb :)

  25. Hi Connie, I'm in love with your precious great granddaughter. Your photos are wonderful. You captured her darling baby loveliness. The shoes you made her are priceless. Lucky you!!!

    Congratulations on your 49th wedding anniversary. One more year until the big 50. We have three years before we reach 50. Have a wonderful celebration.

    I love your quotes as well. A very sweet post.
    Love ya, Jeanne

  26. oh Dear Connie, what a beautiful lil girl she is! and to wear those adorable lil shoes by her great granny just lovely!.. don't you just love babies.. they sweet smelling, the delicate skin, lil fingers and toes.. ahhh.. heaven! pure heaven!

  27. Ohhhhhh my gosh Miss Connie or should I say Great Gramma Connie,
    You are soooooooo BLESSED!
    Miss A is a precious lil princess! I do really wanna kiss those sweet lil lips and snuggle my nose into her!
    Awwwww she is soooooo BEAUTIFUL!

    Hugz, Dolly

    I can't wait to show Miss Emma these pictures, she loooooooves babies!

  28. Happy Anniversary to you and Love Bunny!

    Hope you have a beautiful day together!


  29. She is so precious. I hope you gave her a kiss and a pinch for all of us too.


  30. What a beautiful baby! Thanks for sharing.


    Happy June,

  32. Connie, these photos are beautiful!
    She is adorable, the the little shoes so cute! Also love your pics of the peonies, I think you have the new camera figured out. All these pics are stunning.

  33. Oh Connie, She is just pure perfection with the prettiest little head. And I love the booties her gg made for her! :) Ava Lynn is coming in a few weeks for a visit and I am beside myself with excitement. I have so many grandmawy things planned for her and her big sister. I think I may have gone overboard....nahhh....grandmothers can't possibly go overboard. :)

  34. P.s. Happy Happy anniversary. You two are planning a huge party for the 50th right and inviting all your bloggy friends and all his railroad enthusiast friends....right? :) We celebrate our 41st in August.

  35. Oh, Connie! What a doll! She's adorable, and yes, you just want to eat her up with a spoon she's so sweet.

    And I hope you and your hubs have a wonderful anniversary.



  36. God does make splendid doesn't HE? I always have fun visiting hope you'll visit sometime too! Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  37. I could NEVER be bored looking at sweet baby pics! Little Miss NoName is picture perfect! Her hair almost looks like it has blonde streaks in it. Beautiful lips, sweet cheeks, a true little porcelain doll!

    Angelic Accents

  38. Congratulations Great-Grandma! You little one is precious! Kitty will get to know her soon! It takes awhile for cats to get used to the new sounds and smells of a sweet baby. But everything falls into place. Have fun with with this "most welcomed" new member to your family.


    Darlene M

  39. Beautiful, beautiful Baby Luv Bunny. Love the lips,fingernails,peach fuzz, you name it ;)
    And, Happiest of Anniversaries to you, Connie and your Luv Bunny. 49 years - now that's somethin'!

  40. I have never wanted to squeeze a baby more than today after looking at these gorgeous photos! You are certainly blessed Connie. Long time no see, stop in soon! Hugs!

  41. Oh so precious and beautiful! Congratulations Connie! I can't believe you made those fabulous shoes! Too adorable. I love baby hands and feet, everything in miniature:>)

  42. Oh she is so beautiful!! Only God could have created her, there is no argument on that one. She is precious and those slippers are so sweet. Kathi

  43. 'happpy Anniversary, a little late! She is a doll and the pictures are so precious.


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