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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Puttering With the Camera for Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday. Please go visit with Beverly at howsweetthesound to view all the participants and get your fill of PINK. Ooops, almost forgot to put in the names of the new bloggers I visited last week. Actually, there are 4 of them and darling blogs: Postedfromhome, Rahrah, Comicallyflawed, and Lookinthenook. Go check them out and have some fun, sweet chicks.

First of all, these are the first pair of shoes I made for Miss A, our great granddaughter due in May. Squeeeeeeal, she's going to be a very fashionable and pink little sweet chick. "Baby's got a new pair of shoes!" ;-)

Flash off:

Flash on:


Hopping around the blogs as I do and being an amateur photographer, and I do mean amateur, I notice photographs more than anything. They're the first thing that grabs my attention. I've seen them so dark I could barely make them out, and I've seen them so small when I'd like nothing better than to see them magnificently large in all their glory. That's one of the reasons I changed my template recently to the stretch one. I wanted larger photos. That's also one of the reasons I purchased a Canon Rebel XS. I wanted the best photos I could take with a camera that wasn't going to start a war with Love Bunny. But I've told you the story about that. ;-)

Anyway, since I'm by myself tonight I've been puttering around the craft room even though it's in such disarray I can barely get a space to craft. I wanted to make some more ribbon roses. And since I made it, I thought I'd share some more tips on the cameras. After all, don't we all want beautiful photos?

These are in sequence from the first one I took to the last one I took and just about all of them were different setting for light on the camera.

This one was taken with flash off, incandescent lights on in the room. See how yellow it is. I've cropped every single one and we'll go into that later.

This one was with the flash off also but the little arm lamp over the table was off. So no lighting in the room. I had this setting on auto and let it adjust itself. Not too bad.

The flash was on with this one. But the setting was on auto so it also adjusted itself.

With this one the flash was on also, but the light was turned off and the setting was auto so it turned out rather blue.

Flash off but the swinging arm light was on casting it into a very orange-ish color.

Flash on and setting was auto also on this one. No lighting was on in the room. BTW, I took these about about 7:30 pm so it was dark.

Flash off and lights on in room.

I think this one is probably the best. Flash on, backed away a bit from the table and snapped it. You don't want to get too close or too far when taking closeups. Let the camera work for you.

Okay, with that being said and explained very basically, the one other thing to get closeups is this: set the "Quality" of the photo to the absolute highest you can get. That will allow you the biggest pixels in width and height. My Rebel is set at 3888 x 2592, its highest setting for quality. So when I crop my photo to just show the rose it comes up really close. Every single camera has that on it. You just have to look at your "menu" and figure it out. There are a lot of settings on the new digital cameras and it is NOT as hard as it looks. When you get the camera just play around with it for a day or so. Then read the instruction book! READ IT. Then play around with the settings. As you play you'll want to reference the instructions and they'll make more sense to you after that. I can't say that enough: READ THE INSTRUCTION BOOK. It will help you get beautiful photos. Plus youtube has videos for just about any camera and they have been very informative for me in getting to know this new one. After all, you want the best you can get if your family is in the photo, right?


  1. Hi there Connie!

    these little shoes are just darling! Congrats on your new grand child that is due to arrive in May. My daughter was born May
    5th. thank you so much for the information on picture taking. I have to look for that feature on my camera. You can click on any of my pics to make them larger. I will try to figure out how to make them come out bigger. Happy PS!



  3. Another camera fanatic! I love taking pictures! Thanks for the tips. You are so right about reading the instructions. That is one of my pet peeves with people. My job at work is document control and it drives me insane that people will not read the procedures. If they only would, their job would be so much easier! Thanks for letting me vent! Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Oh excellent notes on photography! I too have seen some dark shots and didn't know what to say. This is just perfect!! CUTE roses too haha! Thse shoes are DARLING!! If you're selling some I'd love a pair!! My co-ballet teacher just went into early labor and these would be the perfect gift! Let me know!

    (I use a Canon too!) xo Molly

  5. Love the shoes but the roses are just too cute!!

  6. Right!!! I have decided I like the stretchy minima plate so I can have humongous pictures.
    I want to do a 5 picture collage across the top...but I am so tired of messing with it...aaagghh!!!
    have an excellent weekend...
    friend glenda

  7. What beautiful slippers you've made there! They'll be well loved! Happy Pink Saturday to you! Suzie

  8. I love those shoes! I've been wanting to make some for myself. I've actually gone as far as printing up patterns from the internet, but that's as far as I've gotten so far. Maybe one day. Happy PS!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  9. hi sweet chick!

    i love when the light is just right for photos and they come out nicely. sometimes i don't have the patience to wait when i have an idea though!

    your ribbon roses are so pretty. i really want to try making some. i'll put them on my ever-growing list of fun to-dos and wanna-tries.

    happy pink saturday!


  10. Just darling girl...Thanks for all the camera picture taking tips my friend...Hope you have a GREAT weekend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. Hi Connie, nice to meet you, ladybug. Love love love those baby shoes. I, too, will receive a darling baby granddaughter in August. Will you put these shoes in your shoppe for sale? I love your blog. So interesting & creative. Marsha

  12. The shoes are just Darling and you did great on photo;s.. yvonne

  13. You are a Pink Magician with Camera and Craft! Those shoes....Connie..they are absolutely darling. You know each picture has something different to offer in lighting and effect. Thanks for the tips....I need to experiment more with the camera settings....I rely on photoshop for most of my effects. Have a great Pink Saturday...Sue

  14. I don't like reading instructions book Connie, I hate it. I never can figure anything out. I just bought a Jitterbug cell phone 'cause I can't figure out how to use one more difficult than just calling and receiving phone calls. Plus I don't have anyone to call so I really don't need one, but I figured I'd buy the one Old People use for emergencies.

    I crack up when I see a 90 year old guy in the supermarket on his cell phone. He can barely walk, but he knows how to use a cell phone!!! Dang I really feel dumb when I see that!! His 90 year old wife is probably on the other end screeming "METAMUCIL".

    xo Happy Pink Saturday my friend.


  15. these are too precious!!! Happy Pink Saturday!!!

  16. Great photos Connie - and very interesting to see all the colour variations. Love those dinky little sliperettes - especially cute with the red spotty soles.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  17. absolutely delightful pretties! I love ribbon blooms and those little shoes are precious! I'm enjoying my first Pink Saturday hopping around to see all the pretties! I invite you over to my place to see my little Basket Full of Sunshine. until later...

  18. Those Pink shoes you made for your grandchild is soooooo "cute." I need to learn more about the camera I use. As Miss Scarlett said in GONE WITH THE WIND "tomorrow is another day." Sigh.
    Joyce M

  19. Those teeny shoes are adorable! My sister-in-law is due in June, and we don't know if it's a boy or a girl... a girl would be nice, as we've all been blessed over and over and over with boys (but we sure wouldn't mind another boy! ;) You will LOVE your Canon Rebel - my hubby bought one for me for Christmas and I love it. Happy Pink Saturday! =)

  20. Love the shoes! Read the story about the camera purchase, I see what a great job it does so now it is on my wish list. Thank you. Happy Pink Saturday.

  21. I love the fabrics and froo-froo you chose for your little (soon-to-be-here) granddaughter's shoes. Happy PS Connie~

  22. You mean those instruction manual are intended to be read!?????

    Looks like you are having fun with the new camera! I am looking (not with real intent) for a new one- you know a Canon Rebel at a Garage sale for $50!

    I love playing with the picture via Picnik as I don't have a photo shop program on my computer but you can do alot to adjust and make a photo interesting there too!

    bee blessed

  23. I love your little shoes!

    Happy Pinks!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  24. Puttering on a Saturday... ah, I think I'm in need of one of those. D.J. had another wrestling match and Love Monkey picked up four tables grape starts and Greenhurst. Chick, we've gotta go!!! They have the cutest hats and rain boots.

    Good for you and all you're learning. It never stops, I'll tell ya, but keep at it. Besides, I might need a shooter one of these days! lol


  25. ENJOYED all the PINK!
    Don't forget to "Look in the Nook"

  26. Hi Connie
    I love those little shoes! Is there a pattern for making them, or are you one of those that don't need a pattern??
    I waste so many pictures because the light is not right. I guess I will get around to it one day of reading my camera's manual. LOl
    Happy Pink Saturday..
    Hugs, Ann

  27. Thanks for the photo advice...I have a tendency to just set it on AUTO..and let it fly...but I KNOW I need to get a bit more in control of my images. Thsnks for the reminder.
    So you are going be a GREATgrandmother....?? CONGRATULATIONS ... darling slippers for her little feet.

    I sure wish I was in your shoes....I want to be one so badly..none of my grandkids are cooperating in that department right now .
    BTW...thank you for stopping by..yes if we all would listen to Glenn Beck and the others on Fox News ..we could find a way and the foritude to VOTE correcly the next time.


  28. These shoes are beautiful!! Very special indeedy!! I need another baby just to make some!
    Massive Congratulations for the nearly here grand child, so precious!
    Much Love Stacy Naomi xxx

  29. Happy Belated Pink Saturday Connie! Those little shoes are soooooo cute! I goofed and lost my old blog, or most of it, so have started anew with a new name. ♥

  30. Connie, thanks for the phone call. It sure brightened my day. Love the little shoes. Oh I want a new grandbaby so much, but letting nature take care of it.
    Connie, I really like the ribbon roses. I make mine the easy peesy way, but would love to learn the way people make them. I have sooooo much ribbon and trying to find uses for it. The tassle you made would be a great idea. Again, thanks for calling, that was the sweetest day in a long while. I smiled all day. Love Ya, Pat

  31. Good Morning Sweet Connie...
    Oh honey do I ever love the little shoes. Those are just stinkin darn cute. Love them, love them.

    The fabric you chose and the little flowers on the toes. If those were in an Etsy shoppe you could make some money on them I am sure.

    Love your tips on the camera. I play with mine every day, but you have the camera to dream about. I would love to own one. You got the BEST. You will have it down pack by the time that grandbaby comes and you will be clicking away.

    Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  32. Connie you know I adore those shoes! Too cute!

    Yes isn't it amazing the difference in light and how it affects a picture.


  33. Hey Connie,
    Cute shoes!!!!!!!! I did a post awhile back where I altered some ballet slippers, so I love little shoes & those are way sweet. Great info on pictures. I have a cruddy little camera that I've had for ages, so not fancy but I'm no great photographer so it works for me. I never use the flash. Each picture you showed I thought 'oh that's the best one'. Then I'd look at the next & think the same thing. lol Now I need to play around with mine some more. Lisa

  34. Aww what sweet little shoes and pretty roses. Have a Happy Easter!

  35. Hey, Connie!

    I have to laugh at the message you left for me. LOL! You are a hoot, girl. And I will stop admitting I'm old. You convinced me.

    Love the pic tutorial. I never know what to do so I just play around with it. But my setting is always on auto because I am so non-technical. LOL!

    Love to you, sweet pea...


    Sheila :-)

  36. Hello Connie, thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. I'm still making my Pink Saturday visits. Adorable pink post! Love all those pretty pink roses!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  37. Hey Hon. Thanks for taking the time to share your camera tips. I keep waiting to get a new camera and then I plan on really spending some time learning a lot more. You explain everything so clear and make it sound so easy.

    I adore these precious baby shoes you've made. I'd love to have a little one to play dress up with. A new sweet baby. Awe I'm so jealous. I tell you Great Grandma's are sure a lot younger than they used to be.

    Thanks for coming by to see me this morning and all you loving kindness. You're the best.

    Big loving hugs...Tracy :)

  38. I've started reading the manual but it is so not easy to read.


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