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Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm In Heaven

Monday nights are salad night at Wendy's in this house. I love their mandarin chicken salad as a cheap and quick eat-out. Usually before or after dinner we make a stop at our local WalMart. Now, Love Bunny didn't know this but I'd been researching new cameras. Yep, I've bought 2 this past year, but since I'm a techie chick instead of a jewelry chick, I'd say he got the better deal. I have lots of jewelry and it is going to my daughter and granddaughter but I care little for that. However, I lust after cameras, PhotoShop and computers. Don't know why but I absolutely love the high tech world we live in. My phone is just a simple one because "form follows function" in my world and phones are meant to talk on. If I want to "text/type" I do it on this iMac. Are ya listening, Claudia?

So we head out to WM and grab the things on my shopping list, and then I head to the camera department with him in tow. (I had called ahead to see if they had this particular camera and they had 1 left.) I asked to see it and LB is looking at me as if "whaaaaa"—total disbelief but then he knows me so he knows I'm going to buy this camera. He doesn't say much, just asks if I really needed it. I told him we can afford it and yes, I need it if I want to try some different things. Not professional, just superior photos. He loves me a lot and knows me well, chicks.

I looooove this new camera. It takes great shots as evidenced by the last 2 photos. Oh, these aren't the greatest, just a quick test but these are the best I have ever captured of my living room. I have never been able to get this good of a picture with no adjusting at all. It's a very dark room as it faces north with a very large covered front porch. I hope to get a solar tube some day to help with the light but that will happen later.

With flash on...

With no flash at all. I would never have been able to capture it even this good with any of the other cameras I've had. I just loooooove technology!!!

But funny story now. I couldn't get the image I wanted to photograph to show in my LCD monitor on the camera; I just had a bunch of settings showing. So I called Canon tech support. He walked me through what he called "live view" to show on the camera and after he was done I said, "It didn't work; all I'm seeing is black." He asks the ubiquitous question: Is your lens cover on or off the camera lens? DUH! Yep, it was on. When I took it off it was fine. I was very embarrassed.

And look how the detail in this little dress form I made stands out so much better than the original I posted here. But I am still learning. ;-)


  1. You lucky ducky! I've been wanting that camera too! You are going to have lots of fun!


  2. Very nice! Your livingroom looks lovely! Love the pink!

  3. Hi Sweet Chick, I have missed all of you so much and finally after many weeks and long hours on the phone, I am finally back on. And it was stupid, because the mistake was something that ATT did, they added an extra number to my password---yep, that's all it was and they used up 3,200 of my rollover minutes on my cell phone to get this done.

    I adore this little dress form and love the pictures of your living room. My son just bought a camera that looks like yours and I want and need a new one, but a new cell phone is first on the list. I only get a blank screen, so it's time.
    I love seeing your work so much and I have finally started crafting again. If you want to, check it out. I had a giveaway for Valentine but only got 4 entries. What am I doing wrong? Luv Ya, Pat

  4. Don't you just love the digital world? What did we ever do back when everything had to be developed? Love your new camera. Mumzie :)

  5. You are so clever, so technologically 'with it'! I'm not. I just point and press!

  6. Wow what great photos you have taken with your new camera
    Have fun with it

  7. I'm listening, Connie! We love our Macs, don't we? Oooh! I love your new camera - I have a Canon, too. What a great photo of your living room! You are going to have such fun with this new camera, Connie.

    I'm a bit of a techie, too. I love my Macs and my camera and my phone. Although my phone has the texting keyboard, I use it about twice a year.


  8. Awesome pictures...Glenn just got himself a new camera...maybe it's time for me now!!! All he's been doin in taking shots of Liam constantly!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. We are in the market for a new camera as well. I'll have to go have a gander at it. Thanks
    Enjoy your day.

  10. LUCKY... what fun you are going to have now!!

  11. Congrats on your new techie toy, I mean tool! I totally agree and say "amen!" to your comment on's wasted on me. Give me a keyboard anytime!

  12. love the photos...hey we were looking at houses in Nampa...Hubby wants to move out of our state as he hates the politics here etc..they are draining us to the poor we are looking around nothing in do you like Nampa, church, craft stores big is know all the good details.:)

  13. Hi Connie,

    Love the camera story. You silly! Love Yanni too. Remember how amazingly handsome he was 20 years ago when he had that long black hair and mustache? I saw him twice in concert. OMG!! He is amazing.

    Have a good weekend.

    xo Cathy

  14. Oh so much better Connie. Now we can see how beautiful your pink walls really are!

  15. oh my goodness, that is such a clear photo..... could almost be in your house looking into the room! Great lens cover story - haha - Rachaelxo

  16. Wooo!! Glad you having fun with your new toy. The pictures look great and I'm sure they're getting better the more you shoot. Just tell LB how happy you are so I'm not in so much trouble! lol

    Love the booties! Too cute...


  17. Yay Connie!
    I love love LOVE your new camera!!!
    Oh you are going to have SO much fun with it!!!
    Just whenever possible, try not to use the'll love your photos better without it.
    I'm soooo happy for you!!!!


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