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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pink Saturday 2/20/10

It's another Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of HowSweetTheSound. So go and visit with all the wonderful participants.

Getting a box together to send off to my granddaughter the other day while cleaning out my craft room closet, I came across some little outfits I picked up at garage sales to make into little girly things to sell. Well, they've been sitting in that closet for years now and I've done nothing with them. I only pick the ones that are in great condition and this little shirt was one of them. It's a size large so it'll fit our great granddaughter near the end of her first year, but of course I had to embellish the plain little t-shirt. I added the ruffle, embroidered the bow and added a little pink rose to the neck and into the box it went. Total cost: maybe 50¢!

This is a darling necklace I received from Sherry of Country Wings in Phoenix. I was shocked when I opened the package today. How sweet is this to receive something so precious in the mail! Thank you, sweet little chick!

And this is what I'm going to make my new little granddaughter for her arrival into this world. Aren't they precious? Squeeeeeeeeal....



  1. Oh Connie Sweetie...
    I am so thrilled that you love it. I was hoping that you would. I loved the cupcake when I saw it on the craft paper and knew it was for you. Then ofcourse I had to add the cherry on top for depth.

    I figured if nothing else (I wasn't sure if you wore jewelry) I figured you could make it a magnet for your fridge, or let it embellish something that you have.

    I love the little dress that you made out of the shirt for the grand daughter, that is so cute, and those little shoes, is it a pattern? They are so cute. We are having a grandson in June. I don't think we could adapt the pattern to a pair of little boy shoes, but they sure are cute.

    Have a beautiful Saturday sweetie, and know that you are so loved. Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  2. SO cute, and those little shoes are the cutest!! (Do you have a link or do you do them from the top of your head??) I just finished a pink quilt for my friend A's granddaughter. She will be baptized tomorrow and I am invited too yay. Will post a picture of the finished quilt today :)

    Hugs from Marian and I still "owe" you a letter I know...sorry :(

  3. That little shirt is just precious! Great job! Those little shoes are adorable. What a lucky girl to have received that cute necklace! Happy PS. Have a lovely weekend!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  4. Love everything - that little girl is going to have the cutest clothes and shoes! How sweet of Sherry to send you that necklace! Happy PS, my friend.


  5. Hi Connie,
    I'm lovin your post this morning.
    Such sweet little baby things.
    I want to know where you found those sweet baby shoes, or did you make them? I have a new great niece and I would love to get her a pair.


  6. OMG!! Those are just too cute! Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. G'morn, sweet Connie ~ Oh, to die for! darling baby creations. I feel that this little Violet/Mollye will be the best dressed 'chickie' in town! You are sooooo creative. And, dancing shoes to boot!

    Love the charm necklace Sherry/Cherry Jelly made for you ... it was created for one wonderful woman, you deserve it.

    Have a beautiful day, Connie.
    Hugs, Marydon

  8. Gorgeous job on adding ruffles and sweetness, and what a lovely necklace! That Sherry is the sweetest.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Happy Chinese New Year giveaway

  9. Beautiful necklace! lucky you! And those shoes are just tooo... cute!!

  10. Adorable post...

  11. Love how you embellished that little shirt and love the necklaces too. Have a great weekend!

  12. I love the little shoes. Is there a pattern for the shoes? Congratulations on winning the lovely necklace.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  13. Everything is so cute! Love the necklaces.

  14. Um, do those SWEET shoes come in my size?

    Love that Sherry. Just want to squeeze her.

  15. Well, isn't this just a pinkly precious post!
    PS...I read your comment to Beverly about your kidney stones.I have dealt with that issue several times and I am sorry for the pain you must be in.God bless.

  16. Hi Connie,

    Oh, what lovely pink things! :)

    It's my first Pink Saturday, but, somehow, your blog seems familiar. I think I have come across it earlier, but I am not completely sure. Anyway, lovely blog! :)

    Greetings from Munich,

  17. What a sweet shirt/dress and booties. They're adorable-Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Connie!!!!! I love those sweet little baby shoes,,, so so adorable..... and the pretty Pink Tee shirt redo,,, is so pretty,, you sure to do great work,,, friend... the neckless is to die for,, Sherry did a beautiful job on it...just love it.... Happy Pink Saturday


  19. Those little shoes are the cutest darn things EVER.... I would have loved them for my little daughter....she might be too big for them now....Is nearly 39 too big? :-)

    Darling job on the little "gown"... :-)

    We love frills!


  20. Gosh, Connie....Aren't you lucky to have won that Necklace from Sherry! She's such a Pink Jewel! Granddaughters are such fun to sew for. Those shoes are too cute! Some of my favorite memories are sewing with my granddaughter...yes, she sews and together we have made her Prom Dresses. So from one ApronAholic to another...forget the cure...Enjoy the ApronHigh!

  21. Oh your pinks are adorable! Happy PS!

  22. Happy Pink Saturday. I love the ruffle on the little shirt, and the little shoes are sooooooo cute!

  23. Very cute, Connie! I love the cupcake! The little shirt is darling and so are the little shoes! Happy Pink Saturday.


  24. How cute is that dress made out of a T shirt. The shoes are darling. How do you make them? What a great necklace from a special friend.

  25. I do really love the little shoes!! How fun!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  26. I love your little shoes. I will be having a grandaughter soon and I can't wait. First grandchild and it's a girl. I have two sons so this is all new to me. pretty clothes to buy. Yay! You couldn't have had a better post for me to read today. We have to wait until July to meet her.

  27. What adorable little baby shoes and tee shirt!!

    Love the domino necklace too!


  28. Oh my goodness those shoes are just the thing! Lezlee

  29. Connie, aren't those little shoes just the cutest ever! I can see you doing a Connie and churning out dozens of them! Rachaelxo

  30. Cay-ute t-dress, Connie. You are quite a seamstress :) Pretty domino necklace with pink "diamonds" you were gifted, too. Happy PS~

  31. Hi Connie, my daughter now has two teens in the house. Her oldest is 15. How did I get so old. She was just born yesterday. HA! I adore the t shirt makeover. You are one clever grandma. I love the price too. The baby shoes are sooooo darling. My youngest grand is now 11. Sigh. They do grow fast. Or do we get old fast. I think it is the latter.

    Love the necklace. How sweet of Sherry.

    I scrolled down to your camera post and My dh is wanting one of those cameras sooo bad. We have a Cannon Rebel now and I think it is a great camera. He made me hand over my computer so he could see it. what is the model number? His question.
    I probably feel like your dh. Do we need it???
    The photo of your living room with out the flash is amazing. Have fun with your new camera my friend.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  32. My Goodness that is going to be one spoiled baby. I am so happy for you, .Those shoes are so adorable.


  33. What a blessed little grand daughter to receive such pretty pinkness. Hope you have a happy week!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  34. Hi Connie,
    Those baby booties are the most adorable thing. Where did you get those, or did you make them? I have a new granddaughter and another on the way and I would love these.

  35. Connie....I just LURRRRRRRVE those darling little shoes...she's gonna be the best dressed and MOST spoiled g-gbaby ever! But lucky to have you in her life!

    Funny about those chews..cause I bought Viativ at Costco and LOVE my carmels too!



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