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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Girl Talk 2/17/10

Several weeks ago I picked up this magazine at my chiropractor's office and read it while waiting and asked if I could take it home. He said of course and while reading it I was a bit astounded by the vulgarity in the publication but I was intrigued by this article on makeup and fragrances. So several days ago I thought I'd go shopping for some of the products mentioned that everyday women tested and liked or found fantastic.

I'm not a woman who wears nail polish at all because I can't keep a nail on these working hands if someone offered me a million dollars to try. I do my best but they'll never be model material! Trust me on this one. I don't wear red lipstick either and very few colors in pink attract me. If there's even a hint of yellow, which would make it turn orange on me, I don't buy it. It has to be a blueish pink for these lips. I do, however, LOVE fragrances. So I went to the Macy's fragrance counter and tested them on me and I liked the Michael Kors Very Hollywood but it was $85 I think. No way would I pay that when I can order the oils online for $7.99! And I did order MK's Hollywood and Marc Jacobs Lola, which I tried at the fragrance counter and liked but it was $65. I'm thrilled with MK's Hollywood. It smells citrus-y with a hint of white delicate flowers. I love it. I think most women would also. So here I go again being brazen or clueless—not sure which—with a scientific study for you gals. *Sigh*...

This is a photo of me taken today with only mascara on. I plan on showing the difference in about a month after using the products I did purchase so read on. I'll call this photo "Connie Uncovered"! I cannot believe I'm doing this.

First page of the article. The "X" means I'm not even considering it because it's either way too costly or I have no interest in it.

Second page of the article.
Third page of the article.
Fourth and last page of the article.

Now, I'm an easy maintenance chick and don't fuss a lot with much in the way of makeup and usually won't spend a lot on foundation so this is what I usually wear, but the Neutral is a bit dark for me so I'm switching to the Buff, which is a bit lighter. I'm very light. My granddaughter is even lighter but we're pretty close. My daughter has her dad's coloring and it's a tad darker than mine but she has beautiful skin. So I'm going to try this color and I do like Almay because it's so sheer. If anyone has a favorite makeup they like and would recommend, please let me know. I wouldn't mind trying something about which you're excited.

I'd never heard of this but if England went crazy over it and the women testing it raved so much about it I thought I'd try it for 4 weeks and see what happens to this old face.

I love this moisturizer a lot. I buy it at WM for about $20.

We'll see how this works. It was rated very high among the women.

I absolutely love the way this feels going on the skin. Very smooth and makes your face feel nice. It also helps with the foundation not seeping into the wrinkles as much. You younger women had better take notice because you'll be wondering about this pretty soon, ya know. ;-)


  1. Connie dear, I really love your post today.. and I love using Olay.. my fave moisturizer.. and I also use Clinique face powder for my makeup.. and I love using L'oreal blusher ~ Blush delice in rosy cheeks colour and for light face powder I use Dandelion benefit.. my all time fave face power.. as for lipstick, like you, I don't wear red ones.. I love pink colour.. not so bright but just light.. my fave would be MAC & Stilla and currently I love wearing stilla lipglaze.. very light and not sticky for a lipglaze.. hehehehe..

  2. Connie, No 7 is the 'house' make from Boots, a big chain of pharmacies in UK. I can tell you that any and all of no 7 is very good value. I have given up Clarins because it is so expensive, sadly, but when back in UK I stock up on No 7.

  3. Good Morning Connie,
    If I looked as good as you do without makeup, then I wouldn't worry about all those beauty products.

    Of course, we all can't wait to see your transformation.


  4. Oh Connie Sweetie...
    Thank you for testing these products out, and girl I can't wait to see what you think at the end of 4 weeks. You are one brave girl. I am always afraid to change from things that I wear for fear my skin will break out. I have such sensitive skin, so I am anxious to see what you think of these products you are trying.

    Your picture by the way is just gorgeous. I love it. You always have so much fun with your posts. That is what keeps me coming back. Thank you for sharing sweetie.

    Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

  5. Well Connie I can't really help you out too much, I use the old Oil of Olay (Pink) as a moisturizer in the winter - nothing in the summer. I only use cold water to clean my face because I don't wear any foundation. Just a dab of pale eye shadow and some grey eye liner and mascara on the top and I'm good to go. But I'll be back for the findings.


  6. OK...I think maybe this ole chick should try some of them too. I don't wear very much makeup...I just can't get that stuff to not rub off on my shirt collars! Thanks for posting this Connie...Love your hair style by the way!!!


  7. My new favorite moisturizer was recommended by my dermatologist: it's made by Johnson and Johnson and it's called Purpose Redness Reducer... there is also a plain Purpose moisturizer. It's about $9 a bottle and I love it! For foundation I love mary Kay's creme to powder foundation. Other than that, I jump around and use different things. I'm not big on perfumes, but I love the scented body lotions from Bath and Body. My favorite right now is Twilight Moon.... yummy!!

  8. I did get Michael Kors Very Hollywood for Valentine's along with some cute shoes. I love this fragrance.

    I am definitely ready for some new makeup so I am using my hoarded gift certificates from Sephora today online since I am still snowed in. I can tell you that I do use No7 "Quick Thinking" which takes off any kind of makeup (even waterproof mascara) and I love it.

    I wish I looked as good as you do without makeup!


  9. Connie I just loved your post, so much so that I linked to it after revealing some old beauty treatments from1925. You will get a kick out of them. Have a great day! Love ya, Meg

  10. NOt me. No way I'm being uncovered!

    I want a good sun block and something to give me eybrows.

  11. I need to start using some wrinkle cream. I'm getting old!

    I am a big fan of Clinique, actually.

  12. oops... correction on my bath and body fragrance... it is twilight WOODS... i just put some one! :P

  13. I don't wear makeup, but I do use Olay Regenerist moisturizer, too, and I LOVE it. Sometimes I will wear lipstick but only if we are going somewhere nice. I have to say, your skin is just gorgeous, my friend! Have you tried wearing any lipstick in brown shades? Maybe a light mocha or sand color? I think it would go great with your coloring!

    Hugs ~ Angie

    Now ya got me curious about the MK perfume..may have to sample it next time I am at the store!

  14. Well, Connie - you're asking the right person here.

    I've used the Estee Lauder and I currently use the No 7. The Estee Lauder serum, at more than double the price, did absolutely nothing for me. And I bought a large bottle, and used it religiously for 3 solid months without it making any difference whatsoever.

    The No 7 serum is brilliant: worth every penny, and it actually WORKS. As someone who still has some acne scars on her cheek from her teens (I'm now 57) no-one was more surprised and delighted than me to see that after 4 weeks' use of a miniscule amount, night and morning - that not only had my scars lessened, so had the wrinkles round my mouth and my laughter lines.

    I've been using this product pretty much constantly for around 2 years, never had a reaction to it. I also use soap & water (Dove: I used to use Clinique but found it too drying) to wash with.

    I don't bother with foundation etc any more (due to the dry eye and constant medication, which means it melts down my face taking eye makeup, foundation and powder with it) and I use Simple toner. I used to use Clinique, then had a reaction to it. (My skin is combination AND sensitive. Anything too greasy and it breaks out, anything too drying and it flakes. Aargh.)

    Since using the No 7 serum my skin has never looked better. Firm, virtually wrinkle free in fact. I do have the matching moisturisers, and often don't bother to use them.

    Lipstick: I use Revlon's No 750, Kiss Me Coral, as it's a blue based coral which makes teeth look very white, gives me a bit of colour, and isn't too harsh with my foundation-free face. Blusher? I rub a bit of the lipstick in!

    I'm hoping when they finish sorting my eye out that I can start wearing "proper" makeup again - I really miss eyeliner!

  15. Hi Connie,
    The mascara sounds like it might be one I would like to try. I will wait to see what you think.
    I use Estee Lauder (Individualist Natural finish makeup). I have used this product for years. I have tried others and either it drys out my skin or I break out. So I stick with what works for me.
    You look so pretty without makeup, so what ever makeup you do wear you will look wonderful!.

  16. Connie, I am dry as a prune.
    My skin is so sentive. I have tried Olay and
    I get a rash from it.I finally figured out how to get cream on my back.I tried a spray it made a mess. I use a back scratcher w/ a fuzz mitten on it. Why doesn't someone invent something to apply lotion to your back..After Radiation and chemo I am lucky I have hair.

  17. Our Mum swears by Oil of Olay and you can tell that she is one relatively wrinkle-free lady. She has great skin!! Must be in the DNA!!! Your skin looks terrific, too. Me, I have a tendency to too rosey cheeks. I just switched foundations and really like what I'm using now. I'll go check my makeup bag for you.....

    Angelic Accents

  18. I have the boots under eye stuff and didn't think much of all my olay products...although none of course are a miracle worker...I dont use liquid foundation at all..only bare it!

  19. Thanks for the great tips Connie. I'll be trying these.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  20. I just can't spend a lot on cosmetics. I am sure I need to. There are probably people who have to look at me that would even chip in!

  21. Oh I am so excited for your cosmetic testing. I hate wasting money on stuff that doesn't work. My $30 tube of Roc. Nope. No change. Grrrr.
    Still I am forcing myself to use it up because I hate waste.

    My two favorites are Cetaphil for cleansing and Nivea creme for my hands. Both are under $7.

  22. Hi Connie,
    I usually only wear mascara. Once in awhile I will use cover-up. I use Clinique superbalance, and love it. Sometimes I'll use a little blush. I'm at home all the time so I don't usually make up a lot. Only when I go out with the girls.

  23. G'morn, sweet Connie ~

    TY for your popping over this morning ... I get teary when I hear that song, also, but always wind up 'helping' them sing it ... chuckle! not! Please pray for our soldier/Marine that we lost he was only 23 & so proud of his service. It was terrible but he donated his body parts to help others, bless him.

    I cannot wear 99% of the cosmetics on the market, particularly Olay. I only wear Opium perfume (30 years), mascara by Maybelline since I saw the Hollywood makeup artists recommend the pink & green of that line, no foundation, no eye shadow, na-da ... a dash of lipstick. I use Ahava hand lotion that is like putting silk on your skin.

    I ain't pretty, but I'm purdy ok just plain.

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Hugs, Marydon

  24. Hi Connie, I love your post today. I am very excited about how all these products you are using turn out. Of course at my age, 70, I wonder if anything could help. This is fun!!! I'll be watching you.

    Hugs, Jeanne
    PS: I think your skin is lovely Connie. I mean it.

  25. Great post, Connie. I've tried CoverGirl with Olay foundation and liked how my skin looked the next day. Sounds crazy, huh? I have to make sure I've got a rich moisturizer on underneath, though, or it looks dry.
    So, you use the Olay Total Effects moisturizer on top of the Olay Serum? I'll give that moisturizer a try. I prolly won't bother with the 2nd step though...I just know me.
    Sounds like the Boots N° 7 moisturizer is worth trying, too.
    I've got to put in a word for Burt's Bees lip shimmer. My sis got me one in "watermelon" shade. It's not too pink...or bright. Just natural-looking and feels so good on. I bought myself a 2nd one to keep in my purse. Now, she's sent me a "Cocoa" shade that I love, too. It's a blue-based brown, also very nice.

  26. great post Connie, looking forward to seeing an update! Rachaelxo


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