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Monday, March 29, 2010

Mosaic Monday Around My Studio

Join in with Mosaic Monday at Mary's Little Red House and visit all the other mosaics.

Just a few things around my studio. Being lazy today. ;-)


  1. You lazy. Puhleeezzeee!!!!
    I have never seen anyone with more energy in my life...I just used your amazing tutorial to learn something I should have known months ago. Saw where you updated it this month.
    Oh, I guess you can have one little old kinda lazy day once in a while...
    hugs and many thanks,

  2. Lazy? Hard to believe, my friend. Your studio photos are gorgeous! I hope you have a great day.


  3. Gorgoeus mosaic.
    Been fun catching up on your last few posts.

  4. Hey Connie, Your mosaic is so pretty but for some weird reason I am not crazy about the mosaics going around blogland lately. I think it's because I just like single photos better, speaking of which I really appreciated your photo tutorial further down the page. Now, can you just tell me how to take a photo with a blurred background? I read my book and practiced but just can't get it. Love, Lynn P.S. That new baby will be here really soon looks like.

  5. I like how you used cluny lace to trim your shelf - very pretty!


  6. Hey Connie,,,,,I don't think you really know how to be lazy..... wish I was a moving and a grooving like great photos,,, have a great week.


  7. yummmmmm! Pleeeease let me come over and dive in to that fluff. ...makes me so happy that I stopped by (again!). I hope to see you at my place one day this week when you get a moment. The comment you left the other day about my little Basket Full of Sunshine was just slap-yo-mama funny! I am afraid that we are kindred spirits, my dear! until later...

  8. I love the glimpses that blog land offers me! It is nice because we are given teeny visits with bloggers and are sharing so much!!

    Glad you upgraded the craft room to the studio as it is a perfect match for you!!

    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Connie amor, I am loving the lil things in your studio :) You know, I have you on my blog roll, but for some reason, I am not seeing when you have updates :( I try to visit when I see that you do, so sorry for my lack of visits but I need to figure out how to fix that asap :) I am so happy that you love the new look of my lil blog, every time I see it and REALIZE that it is indeed my blog, I SMILE :)Hope you have a beautiful week amor :) Besos Rose

  10. Connie amor, I just figured out what happened...I was visiting your blog before I even knew how to follow blogs, so when I entered all the blogs that I was following into my blog roll, yours and a bunch of others were on my Favorites List on Internet Explorer not and I wasn't "following" them yet lol So sorry...I have fixed that and I am officially a follower now and can you see you in my blog roll :) Yay lol expect to see more of my LONG comments..cause for some reason...I believe my opinion matters lol Besos, Rose

  11. Hi, Connie,
    I love the sweet shoes you made for little baby great grandaughter on the way. She will certainly be a fashionable little one. Have a blessed Easter week, my friend! Vicki

  12. Looks fab and you can be even lazier and use this for PS if you like:D


  13. You??? Lazy??? Puleeze. Never! You are a creative dynamo and one wonderful lady!
    Adore these pretty!
    Love and many hugs to you Miss Connie!
    Wishing you a most happy Easter dear heart!

  14. This is an awesome mosaic...just love all your things, Connie.

    Yes, I know you have a ton of pink..I have to really dig deep to find ANYthing pink to post on Pink Saturday!! :))


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