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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Forgetting Time

Two problems have cropped up recently. One is I've been forgetting to take my pills at night and the other problem is my finger tips are splitting and raw—probably from so much crafting and dry winter conditions here in the desert. So I bought a box of these latex free gloves and just love them. I can do just about anything with them on except hand sewing. Just can't quite get the hang of the needle with them, but all other tasks are done with almost as much precision with them as without.

So when Love Bunny came in last night to get me for bed at 10:15 pm I couldn't believe the time. He mentioned that I have an alarm on my iMac but I don't use it anymore. Don't know why, just don't. So, I asked him if I could use the old clock on his office desk to use as an alarm. It's electric and still works great. Since I'm usually in the studio or my office, which are at different ends of the hall and I wouldn't hear my computer alert in the studio I thought we could put the clock midway—the entrance to this side of the house.

Now, this is a truly vintage clock, at least 50 years old. Plain and dull. So I decided to froufrou it up today while LB is out at a model RR train meet today. Here's what I've come up with.

Mod Podge fabric on top and side and leave the back alone since there are 3 knobs back there.

Then paint the plastic around the front Pop Pink! Love the new look. Hmmmm, maybe a few roses on top also. :-)

And you KNOW it's old because it's made in the USA!


  1. Very pretty! You turn your talents everywhere Connie.

  2. oh I love it. It has gotten so I Modge Podge everything that is old or dull looking. Have done some of my flower pots. My glasses case and of course my gourds. It is so easy and makes a brand new item. Get looking clock. It is truly your clock now. Queen of Pink. Easter blessings.

  3. really cute clock!! On my blog, I have a label "beauty/skincare". Try my recipe for foot elixir on your hands....or just melt some coconut oil and mix with honey. It will be sticky, but put socks over your hands for a few minutes and let it rub in. The oil will penetrate and heal, and the honey is a humectant and will keep the moisture in. It's all natural and should help. Let me know!

  4. Good Morning Sweetie...
    OMG I have a clock like that and I never thought about frou-frouing it. I love it. It looks so CHIC. So YOU. Oh my goodness gracious love the color, and it really shows off the shape with color. You did a fabulous job. You know if someone took away your Mod Podge or they stopped making it, you wouldn't be in deep doo-doo.

    I tell you, you are my crafting Queen. Have a beautiful day sweet one. Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

  5. Forgot to mention, if you try the cracked fool elixir for your hands, leave out the peppermint oil (it may "burn" if your hands have any open cuts)

  6. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Oh do I ever love this beautiful clock all colored. It gives it a whole new look. Doesn't even look the same. It is so beautiful. I can't wait to see what flowers you add to it. So CHIC. So YOU. And PINK ofcourse, what else?

    I have an old clock too, made in the USA, and it is all vanilla, and I may just have to change it. You have inspired me.

    I'll tell you, you are the Mod Podge Queen. Lord help us if the company decided to quit making it or you could no longer buy it, I would hear you squealing clear out here in my desert for sure.

    You got snow and yesterday here it was 88 degrees. A beautiful day, just let me grab a little out of my pocket and email it to you. Today they are calling for 60 degrees and rain. We shall see.

    Have a beautiful day sweet one. Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

  7. What a great idea! Love the pink!

  8. Connie - you are the best! You even frou-frou up your clock! Thanks for the inspiration, my friend.

  9. Well Connie, it is downright charming and I say go for the roses too! Have you ever used Burt's Bees products? My hubby Mike or aka Punkin swears by it and he does the MANUAL type labor and his hands suffer terribly, but boy does it help. Try it under your gloves too. XXMollye

  10. What a wonderful idea and the clock turned out beautiful! You have inspired me to take a walk through my house and see what I can frou-frou up.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  11. I love it and it's PINK!! My favorite color!

    I hope your fingers get better my dear friend!


  12. gloves girl, gloves ...take (wear) them everyday and call me in the morning

  13. Only you would fabric the clock!

  14. Hi Connieness! You can just do anything! You made your olden clock look like a doll!
    I'll be waiting to hear about your ggrandbaby's arrival!
    I'm in baby hog heaven!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. So cute!!! Yes, time does go by doesn't it? What a fabulous idea with the clock.

  16. now that is a great idea! I look like an is getting dryer by the day here in I totally understand...anyways...Happy Easter.

  17. LOVE Modge Podge! Just the name alone is so fun!! This is DARLING! Won't Love Bunny be so surprised when he gets home to this! I hope you made him a set of rose bunny ears too haha!

  18. How cute is that! So very pretty!


  19. I see Blogland flooded with 'ConnieClocks'. Yep, I bet you have really started a TimeTicker Trend! Fantastic Fun!!!

  20. Connie, love the frufru clock. It just is the cutest idea you clever chick. We did our phones in the late 60s to match our rooms. Wasn't it you who said things come around every 30 or 40 years? Well I wish they would bring back the princess phone. Looking forward to seeing your next clever project. Hugs, Pat

  21. Well, how cute is that! Your creative mind must never stop! Energizer Bunny!! LOL!

    I scrolled down and saw a lot of your neat goodies you've made.

    Thanks for the comment on my bunny egg cups, did you see last week's chickie egg cups?


  22. Hi Connie, I should be in bed as it is late, but I hate not responding to my visitors. So here I am home at last and trying to catch up. I just scrolled down to see your pink Sat. post and it is so cute. Love the slippers and roses. You are getting good girl. Now today that clock makeover is darling too. I am glad you have gloves to protect your hands. Mine suffer in this cold weather too.

    Short and sweet but my pillow is calling my name. I love my pillow and have missed it so much for the past 10 days.

    Keep crafting Connie, I love what you do.

    Hugs, Jeanne
    PS: your comment on Holland made me laugh today. I think I saw some bridges in those photos, but I too love to walk. Good point!!!

  23. Hi Sweetie!
    Connie, my friend Susie deals with those crack fingers and uses a special dermatology you have that...and during the colder weather NEVER leaves w/o gloves. Those 2 things help her a lot.

    Doncha just LOVE modpodge? Mmmmmm I sure do. Love your idea! Its amazing what creativing and little glue can do to transform our home products huh?

    Yes, sometimes GOD doesn't give us all the answers we want...but HE does give us what we need!

    Love ya! Lorena

  24. Sweet, pretty in pink.
    How clever!

  25. Love it Connie...never would have though to do that!

    My hands get like that when I craft alot too. The company I work for sells surgeons gloves, so I use those from time to time...they're just so annoying when you're trying to hot glue and it gets on the gloves! Sticky mess!


  26. Oh you clever,clever gal! LOVE what you did to the clock! Better tell Love Bunny to keep moving, cuz if he stood still long enough you might Mod-Podge HIM!! ;-)
    Have a wonderful Easter!!

  27. Ha "made in the USA" that's cute ;) It looks so adorable now!

  28. Gotta love that Modge Podge! Super lookin timepiece!

  29. Connie amor, you are adorable! I love this idea, now when I come across old clocks at the thrift, I will look twice and maybe bring them home to redo like this beauty you made! Besos, Rose

  30. Now that's a cute clock!!! Love the idea...Thank You~ Happy Easter

  31. Now that's a cute clock!!! Love the idea...Thank You~ Happy Easter

  32. you are something! made in the USA makes it worth lots of money (archaic)... and you made it priceless! ha

    hey.. my hands are all split, too. (and those cute little latex gloves give me hives)

  33. You are always up to something amazing. The slippers are divine. I also like your new glasses and your hubby looks plenty spiffy in his new pair.


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