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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beautiful Images For You #2

Today I thought I'd share some more images with you for a couple of reasons. First, I love to share things with other bloggers who may find them useful. Second, I seem to be in a bit of a funk. Oh, not a great one, just the time of year when we don't always get done what we'd like to. Running out to appointments. Today I start a physical therapy regimen for a tight muscle near the top of my left leg. I don't think it could possibly be that I sit at this computer more than an old lady should, do you? ;-) But with massage and PT it should be just fine soon. This also affects my back muscles which have never ever been strong. But, hey, I'm sounding depressing, am I not? Nuuuuuuu, I'm not depressed at all, just feeling at a standstill waiting to see what direction life, crafting or decorating will take me. I'm sure I'm the only one to have ever experienced this malady, right? :-) <---------- My perky smile! This is a card sent to my parents when I was born. Can we say antique or vintage? Yessssss, we definitely can. You may borrow it for anything your little heart desires.

I also have a plan for this lady. When it's done I just may try selling it on Etsy. I don't know why I don't do more of this type of thing. I end up giving most things away or taking them over to our granddaughter for the new baby. Love Bunny wants to have a garage sale in the spring and I think I'll gear and psyche myself up for it. It will take that long to get "geared and psyched."

The rest of these images are appropriate to spring and Easter. Feel free to use them or just enjoy the eye candy.

Since our granddaughter has painted the nursery walls lavender—one of her favorite colors also—I've been seeking things to make for the baby in those colors. This post highlights some of the things I've already boxed up to take over to her. You KNOW there will be more to come—or rather to go over to her, right?!



  1. How wonderful that you have a baby card sent to your parents celebrating your birth!! Vintage, perhaps, but antique? NOOOO!

    I love all the graphics with the little yellow chicks. 'Course I always think of you when I see chicks!!

    BTW, the pkg. arrived ~ thanks so much, sweetie!

    Angelic Accents

  2. Lovely images, Connie. I love the card sent to your parents when you were born. So sweet! Good luck with your therapy, my friend. We need some Spring, I think. It will help pull us out of our doldrums.


  3. Morning Connie!!
    I just love the beautiful graphics!! Hope you are feeling better soon. A sore stiff back can cause havoc for anything you do...
    Take Care!

  4. I am enjoying a cold Winter morning with a cup of coffee and revisiting some blog friends. I have a baby congratulations card just like the one you pictured in a box of things my Mom kept!


  5. good morning Connie...
    I knew you were in a funk, I just knew not see or hear from you regularly is very unusual.
    I am kinda in one too. We are expecting more snow, so unusual for us to have this much.
    global warming....don't ya love it?

    take a break...
    take a walk...
    cuzin glenda

  6. The Chickadees are perfect for you!!

  7. Connie, I love all these pictures. How sweet to have the card announcing your birth. Things like that are priceless.
    So sorry about your blogging/computer injury. I know I need to get up and stretch more than I do.
    Also, can you help me with something? How do you do the blog badges for people to copy and paste? I see them, but don't know how to make one of my own. Let me know if it's not too difficult. Thanks, dear.

  8. OH, I hear ya bout the funk thing...sometimes my creative well runs dry..then boom! Someone like YOU inspires me with her blog, her projects or even pretty images to share! Thanks for the images..the birth announcement one will go towards something to make for my sweet grand-daughter..and I love the Easter images, the baby chicks remind me of you alway call us gals "chickee"!!
    Praying for inspiration to hit you again soon!!

  9. G'morn, Connie ~ What a lovely treasure of your birth announcement. We both have ours, also.

    Vintage? Antique? Nah! Just a spring chick, you are!

    Hope you get your pain under control quickly.

    Hugs of love, Marydon

  10. Glad to see you are safe and sound in Seattle! Have a grand time with everyone!

  11. Connie,love the baby card and that is something to cherish. I have the newspaper article about my birth and a few things my mom made for me--one that needs to be mounted and framed in an acid free shadow box. Thanks for the use of your images. They are all so cute and like every one, when I see a tiny chick, I think of you. I will pray that your slump goes away---but to tell you the truth, you sound very cheerful. Love, Hugs, and Prayers, Pat

  12. Hi Connie. These are beautiful sweet images. I love those baby cards. I believe we have a couple too since I was born in 1960. And it's already time to start getting excited about Easter isn't it. I've got to get some energy. Hope you feeling better and therapy doesn't wipe you out but energizes you! And your most definitely right I think all of us go through the wierd period. I'm here for you and can emphasize with you too!


    P.S. Did you pick up the award I have for you here:

  13. Hi, Connie,
    That baby card is the sweetest! How wonderful that you have it all these years (not that you are old or anything!!). All the other images are very pretty, too. I am not really a "crafty" lady, but I love vintage images. Thank you for sharing! Vicki

  14. Oh I have no doubt that you will be taking A LOT of stuff over to that new baby in the future. Won't it be a blast to have this little one to spoil?! I hope you had a wonderful time while you were away.

  15. Where in the world do you find these lovely images to put on your post, better every time.



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