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Monday, February 9, 2009

Shopping in San Francisco

My favorite place in the whole world to shop: San Francisco Union Square! It just doesn't get much better than this for regular normal people. Hah. I borrowed these from Mo with her permission because when we moved here from the Bay Area digital cameras were not on the market then and I was one of the worst photographers ever. My skills have improved greatly since then! So thank you to Mo and a gift is making its way to her door as we speak!

This is standing on one corner looking at the
Westin St. Francis Hotel. I love to dine here. They have a few dining rooms at which to eat and we've eaten at each one I think. But the one I love most is right inside the entrance. They have sofas at some of the tables in the middle of the room, not those banquettes along the walls. Very elegant. And the staff is exceptional.

We took a friend's teenager back with us one year for the holidays because she was struggling in the small Idaho town we were in at that time. She was mesmerized! She couldn't believe such a place existed. She then looked at me as we were reading the menu in the front of the restaurant and said, "Connie, you're going to have to translate the menu for me because I don't understand a word of it." I did because it was all in french.

Neiman-Marcus. Wheat else can I say. The last time I was in here several years ago I was in the linen department and looking at some pure linen sheets. One sheet - not a set, but just one sheet - was $400.00. I've never slept on pure Irish linen sheets and at that price I'm probably not going to if Love Bunny has his say about it. I'm sure the sheets must last a lifetime though as linen is a very sturdy fabric. (He isn't buying that one, chicks! Hah) One of the most elegant stores I've been in outside of Hollywood's Rodeo Drive.

My favorite store in the whole world - Macy*s! I've been in many of them but this one on Union Square has 4 floors I believe and a basement. Dining is a real treat as the food is superb. But if you can't find it here then it probably doesn't exist in the world. And when they have a sale, it's a sale! I once bought an $80 blouse (this was 25 years ago) for $10.00. This place wants to move their merchandise, ladies! Wonderful place to shop, just fantastic!!!!

The Westin St. Francis up close. I cannot tell you how gracious the staff is in this hote. They see to your every need with the utmost care.

Nordstroms. I love their shoes. They originally started out as a shoe store in Seattle and then expanded. The S.F. store was put in about mid 1980s I believe and when we went in there you gasped it was so lovely. Glass escalators - which actually was a bit frightening to me because of the heights. I cannot begin to describe the beauty of this store. It kind of feels like you're in a gold mine with all the gold and glitter. And the employees are very attentive to your every whim. You do NOT need to ask for help; they're right there helping you. Their staff is also as exceptional as the St. Francis.


  1. How exciting that looks Connie. I've read the names of these gorgeous shops, never been there, but nice to read about them.

  2. Oh what fun y'all must have had.
    I can't even begin to imagine getting to spend a day shopping there. I would just be mezmerized.
    Love & Prayers,

  3. how cool! i would love to visit san francisco someday. thanks for the tour!


  4. The closest that I've ever been to either one of those places is the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe my mother gave me! lol

    Of course I've been in Macy's and Nordstroms before, but not like that. I got the Happy Meal versions in downtown Seattle.

    I'd be like your friend you took along. Completely lost and muddling my way through the menu.


  5. What fun. I have not been in San Francisco for about two years. Last time at Christmas and it was just magical.
    Roberta Anne

  6. Hi Connie! San Francisco is one of my all time favorite cities and the photos on your post remind me just why! Thanks bunches!

  7. Lovely sights!! I'm sure linen sheets would be wonderful!

    ;-) Jan

  8. I visited San Francisco about 12 years ago on business but I didn't get to do much shopping. We only had one day to hit the warf and see some sites. To this day, I still have beautiful memories of the trolleys and the shops. Thanks for sharing your favorite spots. Blessings... polly

  9. One to add to my bucket list!!! I am closer than ever to California so maybe soon.....
    Have a wonderful week!!

  10. Wow!
    Thanks for sharing such a magnificient place to shop with us all!
    Fingers crossed, and one day, I might just win the lotery, and be able to shop in such a wonderful town!
    Thanks for your lovely coment, as usual!
    You always manage to put a BIG SMILE in my face.
    Much Love,
    Debbie & Alan

  11. I just found a long lost best friend from back in grade school days and he lives in SF! I enjoyed my tour w/ you pretty lady w/ the mad camera skills!

  12. Thank you so much for this post Connie my Sweet Sweet Lady, we in Aus need cheering up at the moment the sadness in this country is unspeakable & to see your post today on the ONE City in your beautiful country that I have always wanted to visit has really lifted my spirits. What an amazing place huh?? My brother & sister inlaw visited there last year & have decided to one day move over they loved it that much. Pure linen sheets, WAY out of my price range but can you just imagine the luxury of sleeping on them, pure bliss.

    Lyn xxx

  13. Hi Connie, San Francisco was one of my favorite cities to visit. Of course, Johnny's favorite thing was the visit to Alcatraz. His career was in corrections and he had a facination with it. I loved the shopping and the ethnic neighborhoods.

  14. That was such fun, Connie!!! I have never been to San Francisco, but would truly love to go one day. We have a Nordstrom's closeby, but most things are out of my price range, but lots of fun to browse. I've bought a few pieces of jewelry there. They do have really unique things. I just loved that little tour! Thanks!!

  15. Hello Connie. Wow what a wonderful time you had. I have always wanted to visit San Fransisco, love the photos. I am glad you had a fun time shopping, oh and I say just do it, go and buy those sheets..... but don't tell love bunny I told you that... lol


  16. Oh my! I am seriously in envy now...i LOVED this area. Bill wa stationed at Alameda at one tije and I know this area of SF s well...*sigh*
    What fun youhad!!



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