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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby's Got A New Pair(s) of Shoes!!

I've been doing my best to "stimulate" the economy, chicks, truly I have. But my tale of woe goes way back to a year ago.

I lamented on having these lovely tootsies operated on by a podiatrist just over a year ago. Well, these feet have never been the same since. (Don't ever get them operated on if you don't absolutely have to!! Trust me on this. I'd never do it again - never.)

Anyway, I kept these lovely new feet shod in Crocs and Teva sandals because they were the most comfortable. I had some of the sexiest high heels you've ever seen and I had to give them away or sell them on ebay. I could never ever wear them again. Women used to ask me where in the world I'd get my shoes. I told them that for the most part I'd buy them at Macys. I did buy some Cole Haan at Nordstroms though and those are the most comfortable pair of Italian leather loafers I've ever had. I love those shoes and can still wear them because I've stretched them out so badly that they'll still fit. But anyway.............

The podiatrist told me I've got to get back into a regular shoe. So this past week I went shoe shopping. I shopped on line at Zappos because they have cute shoes and free delivery to my home and back to them if the shoes are returned. How in the world can you beat service like that?! Well, the first pair were too narrow so I got another pair in a different style and they're too wide. How can shoes be so different?! I used to wear an 8 - 81/2 medium; I know wear 9 1/2 - 10 wide or medium depending on the cut of the upper part at the toes. I also wanted a low pair of heels for church so I looked and looked for a black pair that I can wear. I've give them a try but they are only about 2" heel. If I only wear them on sunday I think I might be okay. We'll see. Here are some I've bought.

These are really cute and I like the wedge heel and they look adorable on. I didn't like the white stitching so I took black magic marker and colored the stitching black. I might put shoe polish on the whole shoe to make it look better. There are different shades of black, ya know!

These are open on the top and also very flattering to my feet. My toes "peek" out and I like that. Comfy also.

These had to go back but I loved the ribbon on the front. Part leather and part patent leather. Really cute but they didn't have the size I needed when I realized these didn't fit. Too tight in the toe area.

I loved these the minute I saw them!! You only get one guess as to why. Okay okay, give up?? Pink and a rose on them. How cute are they! My kinda shoe - roses and pink! Squeeeeeeeeal.......... Very cute and very low cut on top.

Okay, these are my "just so cute I can't do without them" shoes. Hubs won't know about these just yet. I think he's in shock from the 4 other pairs I've bought. These will be a "surprise!!!!!" pair down the road. *Wink*

These were on my porch when I got home from shopping. I love them but they're too big. I'll exchange them for a smaller pair.


  1. awww Connie huneybun.. I love your shoes.. especially the red & the green pumps!.. and both looks so comfy & chic too!.. even the last black shoe looks good too! and that reminds me to get one for myself too.. hehehehehe have a great day huneybun! xoxo

  2. Aaahhhh Connie, have you heard that saying? A girl can never have too many shoes or friends!!

    Love all your shoes.

  3. Lovely shoes!! And I bet youknow which pair caught my eyed: The PINK with roses ofcourse!! WOW They are the cutest pair if I ever saw one! I got a pair of hot pink shoes, with a high heel and I love them too, they are SO comfy and SO cute and everybody is looking at my feet when i wear those, lol.

    Enjoy your new shoes!!

  4. We have the same taste in shoes Connie! I love the pink ones.

  5. I love shoes, too! Those pink ones are sweet! I tend to gravitate towards my tennis shoes most days, but I do love to wear heels for church and when I just want to feel Right now though I am all about slippers...ahhh cozy.

  6. Totally lov'n the green/cream pair! Very, very trendy! And how you've tweaked that black pair with the white-stitching... brilliant! They look so much better now that they've been beautified!

    Ah, shoes! A gal just can't have enough.


  7. I love those red rose shoes. Every girl loves shoe shopping!
    Roberta Anne

  8. I love the green ones...You've gotta tell me where to find them! I really need some new shoes...I really have a hard time finding ones I like and that fit well. Tell, tell?!?!

  9. Dear Connie .... your post today could probably have been written by literally hundreds and hundreds of women! I had bunions removed in complicated surgery (pins, etc.) in the late 80's .. had to give away all of my beautiful heels AND though my bunions are gone and I am relatively pain free, my feet look grotesque and my toes are kind of crossing each other (my surgeon told me this would happen) and I can hardly find any shoe that fits without hitting some lump, bump or bone! No heels feel right and since I have had both hips replaced, it's impossible to walk in heels without fearing I will fall and ruin the hips I have grown to love. I love the shoes you found .. I should do a little Zappos shopping soon.

  10. That green and white Ana pair are sooo darling!!

    We had a family shoe shopping day yesterday. Selecting shoes for kids isn't nearly as much fun as getting them for myself ;)

    Blessings... Polly

  11. Cute shoes!! I love the green pair that your hubby wont see for a while.
    Take care,

  12. Hi Connie,

    Happy for "Baby" and her new shoes.
    I don't think I've ever bought more than 1 pair at a's so hard to find shoes, kind a like jeans!!! Clothes shopping isn't fun for me...glad you had much success.

  13. Hey Connie. OH be still my Heart... I am in love with the Pink shoes with the rose, oh and the pink and gray ones too,, oh heck I love them all,, ok...... I have a love affair with shoes.... They are my


  14. Okay I love the green pair the best..those are flippin cute..yeah my mom wanted surgery for the bone that sticks out on the insides of her feet where the big toe is..and they told her NOOOOOOOOOOOO..because she is diabetic and you know they heal very slow..but the skin is so thin there..any way..she is not getting it done...have a great rest of the week...
    Gina :)

  15. What cute shoes! I HATE shoe shopping becasue I need (are you ready?) size 11(!) and they ar so hard to find. I will have to check out Zappos becasue that sounds like my way to shop for shoes!


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