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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fashionista Shoes

Okay, now don't gag or retch, chicks, but this old pair of shoes is my favorite flat pair of shoes. These are size 8 1/2 M so why am I now wearing 9 1/2 -10 W? They still fit but they are absolutely falling apart. Sole, insides, toes. Hubs said they've given up the ghost and to just bury them. They've always been bright candy apple red but I had to paint them with shoe color about 10 years ago because polishing wouldn't do it anymore. They're about 25 years old. Macy's, of course! I wish I could find another pair like them but I can't. None that fit the toes as well as these. I think I'm going to cry........ Excuse me while I go grieve a bit.

Back........I wonder if I saved the heel could I put it on another shoe? Hmmmmm, I've been having "separation" issues here I know. I would put clip on bows on them and ............okay, okay, time to let go.

Okay, I took the new pair of high heels I ordered and that finally fit and jazzed them up a bit with some vintage millinery roses. While they don't even come close in comparison to the shoes below I'm happy with them. It's been sooooooo long since I've worn a pair of heels so let's hope I don't kill myself on sunday when I wear them to church. I shall also make some ribbon clip ons for these shoes. I may do a black ribbon but I'm going to have several different colors to go on this shoe so it'll change the look without buying any more shoes. What?!!?!? Did I actually say that?!?!?! I must be getting sick or something.........


I was looking for some clips for shoes recently and came across these handmade shoes. Are they not incredible?!?!?! Squeeeeeeeeal. If I wore heels a lot—and I don't— I'd buy these in a heartbeat. They're designed and made by a woman in England who obviously has a lot of talent. Although I can't "make" shoes like she does, I can at least take a hint and froufrou them up with some bows, vintage millinery roses and such. So that's what I did with the above shoes. See what we can do to save money. Fix up an old pair of comfy shoes.

Are these simply adorable or what?! I love these shoes. The right one looks different than the left one. Clever, huh?

Bows and flowers.

Heel glamour with cutout toe!!

Even her insides have pizzazz.

Not your granny's old shoes, are they?!

I don't think any two are alike. I haven't seen any yet. Buttons on your toesies.

Looks like a silk kimono.

These are one of my favorites. Look at how red they are. And those bows??? Whooooaaaa, just adorable!

These are my favorite I think. Just kinda flirty and sassy. Too high for me though. *Sigh*...................

Talk about your s*xy shoe!! I'll bet even the hollywood elite doesn't have anything this cute.

I love these bows but dragging them on the ground would get them awfully dirty in a short time, so I think I'd make them a bit shorter for the shoes I may do something with. We'll see.

Fun for valentines day or a first date. Would he just faint all over ya with these on, chicks?!?! Yesssssssssssss...........

I truly don't know how women walk in these mules but these are cute. I'm be sitting on my backside if I tried this one though. ;-)

I think she used a lot of different fabrics on this one, but she has talent, I tell ya.

Another pair that are my favorites. You'd be the only gal at the party with a pair like this.

And these???? Look at that stitching. These look almost like a tropical shoe—something you'd wear to a formal luau. ;-)

I've never seen such fabrics as she uses. Gorgeous! Now just eat your heart out. These are the cutest shoes I've ever seen made by hand and a woman.

This woman knows what a woman wants! I adore these shoes.

Now if you want some "no limit on the price shoes" then you might want a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. His shoes usually run from a few hundred dollars to $2,000.00 and let me tell you there aren't many at the lower end! I'd say most of them are in the higher price range of several hundred dollars. But these little beauties are $6,300.00 and he's only making 3 dozen of them. Better hurry while you can get them. Oooooh, you recognize them because his soles are always red. Of course, they come in a designer box also. I'm not seeing a run on these from my neighborhood.


  1. High heels, and color, and bows, oh my! I love em! I might be just a little short on the cash, but a girl can dream, can't she?


  2. Oh My Goodness! Oh My gosh, lol.
    I absolutely LOVE shoes, worked in a shoe store for 14 years and maybe I was one of my best customers during ale time, lol.

    HHMM these are too cute and gave me some thinking. I might try my hand on adding a rose or maybe even a bow or...or...

    THANKS Connie!!

  3. LOL Connie I won't tell anyone about your shoe's our secret.


  4. Connie you are crazy LOL I'm laughing so hard. Glad you grieved and are better...NO YOU Cannot put the heal on another pair!!! GF you are nuts!!!


  5. Never did like Louboutin Connie!
    But love the English ones, what amazing ideas she has. Hope you will be buying some?

  6. Good Morning Connie!
    You gave me an idea how to make my old shoes like a new one.
    I'll be try to make my shoes little bit sexy.

    Have a good day!

  7. I just love the way you post about things, you are so funny.
    sorry about your shoes giving up the ghost.
    Lve & Prayers,

  8. I only have one thing to say Chick... When are we going shoe shopping?


    P.S. I expect to see those black heels in the very near future! lol

  9. CONNIE!!!!
    You are just too funnnnnnny!!!
    I love all those bright and fun colored shoes...but of course you knew I would..I could see myself wearing a few of them.

    I also loved what you did your you new shoes...are ya gonna do anything with bling?

    PS...try looking for vintage shoes on ebay!

    Love ya...Lorena

  10. If I wore any of these shoes other than the beloved old red ones I would have to have an ambulance follow behind for when I fell off my shoes as I surely would! Great colors and fun post.
    Roberta Anne

  11. Well Connie I am a shoe freak but I liked the ones you already bought the most... I would have your favorite bronzed... LOL LOL I need a pair of balck casuals so bad... I can't resist sandels so I have a ton of them...


  12. Hee hee. Well, you know how I feel about paying that kind of money for a pair of shoes, but hey, then again I'm not rich!

    Now for your red pair what the heck do you mean bury them? NO WAY! Turn them into planters. Little cute planters for small teeny leafed plants like some of the herbs, or what have you. Put them outside by your garden, fill with potting soil and plant! Silly girl!

  13. I can't imagine having $6300 to spend on Ya know, though, even if I did, I doubt I would spend it on one pair of shoes. I liked the shoes with the little heart toe cleavage for something different. I am so waiting on Spring...I miss my sandals..boohooo.....

  14. I would love to go out there and stimulate the economy! I haven't been able to because of Mommy time taking care of Le Bebe. Those shoes are fabulous! I'm in need of some new ones because for some reason, my left foot does't fit my shoe size as well as it used to! Aaaacckkk!

    Thanks for sharing the photos...and sorry about your red flats...

  15. What a fun post Connie! I love the shoes...even if I don;t wear heels at all! Or, much of a to look at them anyhoo! And old Grace LOVES 'em.
    I love your new shoes and I do think my resident fashionista (Grace!) would approve!! *smile*


  16. Hi Connie, I love those old red flats and they do look so comfortable,and I love red shoes too! My next favorite are your new black ones with the big millinery. THose other shoes are sooooo wild!
    Love you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  17. Hi Connie, Now you know how I love shoes and viewing these was like being a kid in a candy store. WOW are they wonderful. I am going to dream about these tonight. LOL
    The creativity behind the designs are awesome.

    I love the shoes that you added the clips too. Gorgeous. You did not throw out the old red pair I hope? You have to keep them and paint roses on them or something for memory reasons. Retire them to a nice shelf. They look like they were so comfy.
    hugs, Celestina Marie

  18. I think Christian's shoes are the BOMB!!!! I have a pair ( a PIC, that is) that I'm posting for PS this week! But I do love those with the sassy bows on the know, gotta give em sumpin good to look at walking away!!

    Hey, Ethel ~ if you trip in those pretty fou-foued up heels on Sunday, just hiccup & ask the nearest person if your breath smells like alcohol!! ;0)

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  19. These were fun to see! I haven't seen shoes like these ever. I love them wish I could wear them. Thanks for the eye candy.

  20. Oh my. Wouldn't I love to be able to wear these, I had a shoe thing for most of my life and probably have 75 pair that I can't wear now, since having foot problems the last few years and then surgery my styles are very limited now. Guess I should give them away but just don't have the heart.
    A girl can still Dream.


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