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Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Easter Bunny Eye Candy for Pink Saturday

Just a reminder for all you chicks out there looking at this post to be sure and check out my giveaway of a darling birdhouse on Jan. 16, 2009 blog post. If you've missed reading me regularly and are just reading my Pink Saturday post you might wanna check it out, ladies!!!!!!!

I also considered this wreath but it was the same problem and the fairies weren't included. What's a wreath without the fairies, I ask you?

Are these cute or what?! I may get some of these to hang in my office.

Or then again these would look great in my house also. Whadda ya think, chicks?! Hmmm..........

Hubs spent the day with me on saturday chauffeuring me around to Costco, the grocery store, Bed Bath and Beyond (where we bought a sheet to act as a cover for our new mattress and not slip off the ultra thick mattress. Cost: $30.00!! Sheeesh), and to JCPenney for a whirlwind shopping spree in there.

As I passed by the lamps–spotting one for 1/2 price of the $120.00–he dragged me away. I have to return something on monday...........guess what else I'll be looking at??? Yep, I plan on looking at those lamps seriously this time. I need new lamps to decorate, cherubs........ But I'm passing on these little beauties below even as cute as they are.

This was also given serious consideration. I love this one. Maybe I could just hang this one inside and not worry about it getting squished in the door. Yeaaaaahhhh, that sounds good to me. *Wink*

Beautiful as a grouping on a dining table.

More luscious faux pastries and green bunny dinnerware. Notice that the napkins are simply tied with a pink ribbon. Easy and quite lovely.

Have you ever seen such darling bunnies than on these plates.......chicks, too?!

I can just see the kids coming into this house with these on a table. They are already stymied by all my faux pastries. I think they wonder why I have all this stuff around and they can't eat it.

I really wanted this one. No dice. Won't fit.

So this is what I'm settling for. I can hang this on the front door after I paint it candy apple red and it'll look lovely I think and I don't have to worry about it covering up the peep hole or being squished or possibly even getting stolen. The door is a red now but not the Pratt and Lambert Cardinal Red, which is the truest red I've ever seen. So with a true red door and this flag it should be lovely and make a statement. Purple and red....yep, I like that. Plus I absolute adore Thomas Kinkade paintings. My daughter got one for me and I love staring at it from time to time. He's one of my favorites.

That's it for today. More in a few days.


  1. Connie I have there catologe to and just love it.Everything is beautiful.I really like the tall choc bunnies.I love Thomas Kincaid also,did you see HIS CHristmas Cottage Movie that came out around Thanksgiving ?It was wonderful!Happy pink sat.Hugs,Jen

  2. Hi Connie
    Lucky me to be the first one to visit you on pink Saturday. You sure found a lot of wondeful things not to buy! What amazing willpower!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  3. I'm gonna faint! You presented so much pink-a-licious stuff my eyes are stunned! Just love it!

  4. Hi Connie,
    Happy Pink Saturday. I love your bunny wreath and all the other bunny items. You'll see that I am still thinking snowmen. lol You are way ahead of me my friend.

  5. Hello Connie, What great pink Easter stuff! I love it all.. Can't wait for Easter & warmer weather!!
    Have a fun "Pink Saturday" ~Mary~

  6. What beautiful inpiration for Easter, can't wait for warm weather as it's below 0 here! Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Love the chocolate bunny & eggs collection...SWEET!!

  8. Hi Connie, Love all the Pink easter photos. The chocolate bunnies are my favorite.

    Happy PS


  9. Hi Connie! I always see you on my mom's blog and thought I'd pop over to check you out:) (Lori@pinkfadedroses)

    I loooove those easter decorations; too cute! I do love easter- pretty eggs and pastel colors!


  10. Oh Dear Connie! There's just so much YUMMY eye Candy I would have a hard time picking something to keep. I LOVE it all!!!

    Happy PINK!

  11. What pretty things...I have decorated for Valentines but want to decorate for Easter now! This was my first time here and had fun! Cherry

  12. Hi Sweet Pea,

    What's happening today? How cold is it in your neck of the woods.

    I love all the bunny stuff, but I would appreciate it if you would stop posting it. You're killing me ~ I WANT IT ALL. I ADORE BUNNIES.

    xo Cath

  13. ahhh, Connie...your pink today left me feeling all fuzzy inside. I loved it all...
    and you have the most 'made out of steel' willpower i've ever seen!!
    xo bj

  14. Hi Connie
    All your PINK makes me think....spring has sprung!!

  15. Thanks for sharing all your pink stuff. I love those bunnies of course I love chocolate! Happy PinK Saturday. Esther

  16. Hi Connie
    ALL your PINK makes me think...
    spring has sprung.

  17. Oh, everything looks so wonderful, Connie. You have the creative touch.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. Oh, how I would LOVE to have those green bunny dishes!! Actually, every thing you shared would be welcomed at my home!! Even the Fairy Bunnies!!!!

    Happy Pink Sat!! Dana

    PS I entered your drawing last night on your previous post--I hope I win (HINT) :)

  19. Happy Pink Saturday! I Love Love Love all your Easter photos! It's hard to say goodbye to Christmas,but there are a lot of other fun holidays to look forward to.

  20. Oh my, I love them all!!! Easter is one of my other favorite holidays to decorate for. Okay I love to decorate for almost every holiday. Such wonderful eye candy!
    Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  21. Your Easter goodies make me long for Spring even more than I was before!!!!

    Happy PS!

  22. Just gorgeous! I want it all! Happy Pink Saturday :)

  23. Hi!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!
    I love those easter decorations.
    The chocolate bunnies are my favorite.

  24. I love the goodies you find. Those lamps are way too cute!

  25. This was delightful. The dishes hypnotized me! I'm looking forward to Spring.

  26. Connie, Happy Pink Saturday. I might have to join, because it really is soothing to see all the beautiful pink things. I love the chocolate egg topiary and the faux chocolate bunnies. I have 3 and still looking for more. I have all the pink things I started collecting packed away for now until my new bedroom is started---my retreat. Love and Hugs, Pat

  27. Connie,
    Ohhhh That's Beautiful! Love to sit at your home to enjoy it. Happy Pink Saturday.

  28. Oh Connie,
    Bunnies are one of my favorite things....I even have a post scheduled next week featuring my latest bunny find....I've been thinking spring all week too. These bunnies are so cute...looks like you had a fun day shopping with darling hubby. Don't you just love to be chaeffered around...I sure do! Happy Pink Saturday....

  29. ooo i love pink and chocolate bunnies!! happy pink saturday!

  30. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie.

    This was so much fun. I loved seeing all of the pretties. I've been using ribbon to tie my napkins for years, and I usually tie something pretty in with the ribbon.

  31. Oh, Connie....the chocolate bunnies are making me drool! I am loving the idea of a square wreath..that is really cool looking. I may have to try that and see if I like it. Happy Pink Saturday!!

    p.s. I could never have faux pastries around here...I know there would be bites taken out of!

  32. My,You have a lovely eye..of what to buy...and lol...not buy! Connie...I really love this post...and oh,next time I promise NOT to nibble on the faux pastry! I vote that you have an EGG-specially lovely post today! Pink Hugs!

  33. What a wonderful post. Love all the bunny stuff and pinks. I can't wait for spring. Happy Pink Saturday.

  34. I love the chocolate egg wreath, tree, and those brown and white bunny dishes. Spring is spring in Connie land! Congrats on your win! I was so excited to see your name. Everything Cathy makes looks like you!

  35. Hi Connie! All that lovely spring decor makes me pray for the snow to melt. Like, yesterday!! :o)

  36. I like every thing I see here... beautiful in pink! ;)

    Have a lovely afternoon, Connie



  38. Hello Chickadee! So many pretty things to look at...I love the chocolate of course, I'm on my way down to the kitchen to eat some, thanks a lot! LOL.

    The pink faux cake is so pretty, too. Your hubs is a great guy for taking you to all of those stores!


  39. Okay..where do I start. There are so many of your pictures I love. I did just buy that pretend chocolate bunny though.
    Happy PINK Saturday.

  40. I love those chocolate topiary trees!

    I'm glad my blog is loading better for you! That's great to hear!

  41. Hi Connie,
    Where are you finding all those Easter treasures?? They are so darling. I'll be on the "look out" for the Valentine swap and yours will go out late next week.

  42. What a pretty PINK post for today, Connie!! I don't see anything that I DON'T absolutely LOVE!!!

    Angelic Accents

  43. Connie:
    Could you tell me who makes the bunny and chickie dishware? They are so cute. The chocolate wreath would not even make it to Easter around here.
    Roberta Anne

  44. Where do I start???? Everything on your post is just beautiful, each lovlier than the last. I loved them all..Happy Pink Saturday and have a lovely week.

  45. You said to come over and visit you so here I am. Love the Easter decor ideas. You are loaded with wonderful inspiring things. Cute cute.

  46. So much to think about for Easter! What's a girl to do? Maybe a pink and brown theme this year with the chocolate topiary and the chocolate bunnies and pink napkins with . . . .


    I am sooooo loving all the pretty Easter bunnies and goodies. Love the black and white plates.. oooooo to have the dough to buy.....


  48. I love it. I do I think looking at all this chocolate is evil!

  49. hello whole lot of everything going on your blog today. Not a boring moment ever. Thanks for sharing all that do, I will always be entertained when visiting your lovely blog

  50. Connie,
    I love Easter, and these photos really make me want to put the bunnies out. Your pink saturday posts always make me want to paint. hmmmmmm, now I am thinking bunnies and baby chicks.
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  51. Oh my goodness Connie!! Where are all those pretty things from? I love the faux cake with the chick on top!
    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  52. Happy belated Pink Saturday Connie and thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a great day. Now I am heading to your give-away. Stop showing all the fabulous Easter stuff! It makes my mind wander away from what I am working on now. xo Lynn

  53. Thanks for Pink Saturday fun!

    I am not covered up with pink here, at our cottage, The Painted Nest, LOL so that SAT was a stretch for me!! :) LOL

    I am running behind on my comments as I have been traveling for work :)

    My goodness...Easter and bunnies...who doesn't love bunnies! LOL and the thanks for the EYE CANDY !

  54. Hi Connie,
    I am loving all the bunny things. Were they all at JC Penneys? Maybe I missed where they came from.

  55. Wow, what a gorgeous feast for the eyes. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie!

    All the best, Lana


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