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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Papering the China Cabinet

I've been wanting to do something to the china cabinet we bought 3 years ago but just couldn't figure out what and didn't have time. I do now, chicks! I'm using some paper I got at Michael's for 7/$1.00 and gluing it to the back of the upper part. This is just to figure out how much I'll need. What think you, my sweet cherubs? Is this pretty pink gonna cut it? Don't panic; it's not glued in there yet and is dropping through the shelves. I'll remove the shelves and then do it. Probably finish it up tonight.


  1. The edging looks so sweet Connie.

  2. I think that pink really makes the dishes stand out. Lovely idea.

  3. That is looking pretty wonderful.
    Enjoy your project!

  4. G'mornin Connie,
    Redesigning, repurposing furniture is my favorite thing to do. The business I have been trying to get off the groud for the past 5 years is called Salvaged Sensations. I use Romance and Relics now I like the sound of it better then SS. Anyhow, the redo on your cabinet. Try...fabric. Same as the paper idea. You paste it on like wallpaper. You use wallpaper paste, thin it a little with water. I've done dressers with this technique. I love it.
    I hope you do a before and after picture.

  5. It is going to look fantastic when it is done. Love the edging too. I want a china cabinet. I have a thing for pretty dishes.
    Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  6. Mornin' Connie! I like it! but I probably wouldn't glue because then it would be too hard to change!

    ~ hearts~

  7. Great idea Connie. Can't wait to see the finished project. I did something similar years ago when I added some pretty pink rose/floral wallpaper to the back of my bookshelf. You can probably sneak a peak of it in some of my older blog photos. Take care... Kim

  8. Of course it's perfect ... it's pink!

  9. Looks Great!! I used a wall border for one of my vintage china cabinet redo's!!
    Love your Blog!!

  10. Connie that is going to be so pretty girl..don't you just love using paper to give things a differ look?? hugs and smiles Gloria

  11. Oh yes Connie....that may just be the little Chic she needed! Let us see the finished project please!

  12. Can't wait to see it finished.
    Be back to check on the progress.


  13. I love this idea. In fact, I've been meaning to do the same to my armoire for, oh, about 3 years :)

  14. I must've missed this post. Sorry! I love the paper on the back of your china cabinet but I could not bring myself to glue paper onto my beautiful china cabinet. Isn't there a temporary way you could do that for a change of pace? Actually, the back of my cabinet is mirrored, which I love. If you don't mind glueing it, go for it. It looks really pretty!!


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