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Friday, January 16, 2009

My 500th Post Giveaway!

I've been busy, chicks. My craft room looks like a hurricane hit it after some rock star had a party in it! When I'm creating everything flies out the window but what I'm doing at that time. Trust me, it ain't purdy.

But I had to go to Boise today to buy some sheets for our new mattress. We've had it for about 2 months now and the bottom fitted sheet keeps coming off. Nuuuuuu, not what you're thinkin'! This is an NOT an R rated blog. But we've determined it's the new thicker mattress and the old sheets are not compatible. So I spent the morning looking for new sheets. Let me say here that trying to find just a single sheet is almost impossible any more. So I had to buy a "set" of queen size sheets. Actually, our top sheets are becoming frayed so it wasn't a big deal but just the thought of not having a choice riles me up. I'm now saddled with extra top sheets. And heaven forbid that anything as simple as WHITE should be available! I love just plain white sheets with a few colors thrown in. I also like good thread count and soft 100% pure cotton. But I found 5 sets that are really nice but only 2 sets are white. One is egyptian cotton which is the best I believe.

Anyway, while shopping for the sheets I found a chair. Now, I really don't need another chair but the metal folding chair I use in my sewing and craft room wasn't high enough for my vintage school desk for me to craft on. We're talking my "chest" hits the desktop and I feel like a kid sitting there. Lo and behold, I found this french blue wood and cane folding chair marked down from $100.00 to $22.00!! Never one to pass up a good bargain, into the cart it went. I also found 2 little plates that are adorable but I can't find them at the moment to photograph so they'll have to wait.

Now for the best part of what I was doing this afternoon and evening since Love Bunny had to go to a business meeting.

Voilà latest creation. Roses, fabric, shimmery tinsel garland that looks like icicles draping over the edge of the little birdhouse and feather yarn around the bottom. My little chick is sitting on her little perch - all pink and wide eyed. This is the giveaway to celebrate my 500th post. All you have to do is leave a comment and a way to get in contact with you and this can be yours. I was going to keep it for a valentine swap but I've come up with another creation for that. I'll show you when she receives my swap. I think you'll like that item also. I'll draw a name on sunday and post it back here.


  1. Hi Connie... I really like your new chair... and such a terrific deal you got on it... YAY! You'll be so comfy working on your crafts that you'll never want to get up! I haven't been sheet shopping in awhile, but the last time I looked I did find single sheets online at Target, JC Penney, and Overstock... but I know what you mean - they are very hard to find...

    CONGRATULATIONS on your 500th post... Yikes! That's alot!! But so glad you blog 'cause I've really enjoyed my visits... you've got quite the exciting life!! I ♥ your adorable birdhouse and would love a chance to win! Do take care, and God bless...

    ~hugs 'n prayers~


  2. Good Morning Connie! Congratulations on your 500th post! Keep on your beautiful artwork!

  3. Hello Connie
    Congrats on your 500th thats a lot, I sure have a long way to go.

    Voila is just have such a great all your goodies.

    Have a great week

  4. Good Morning Connie... I am finally back on and what a great day to get here... The chair you got was such a great deal and also another fabulous give away... You never fail to amaze me with how creative you are. Thanks for being so generous... Have a great day...


  5. Connie~ I love your birdhouse and that little chick is just too sweet... I must have him don't you think? A chick for farmchick??? Sounds good to me!!! lol 500 that's a lot of posts! Have a great day!

  6. Congratulations on your 500th.WOW!!! That's a lot of posting. And I am so glad you do.Time to break out the Sparkling Cider!!
    The chair is lovely! What a great deal too! Gotta love that.
    The little Birdhouse with the sweet little chick is just precious! It would look so good in my craft room with all my PINKS!!! OH I hope I win and I will be praying to be a good sport if not. I will go cross everything I can and be safe. This is such a pretty giveaway. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  7. Congrats on 500 posts!!!

    And...thanks for hosting a Give-Away!! I would LOVE to win this cute little bird-house, crafted by your own hands.


  8. I just love the feel of pure cotton sheets, white preferably with maybe just a hint of embroidery!
    Sweet giveaway.

  9. I would just hate for my chest to rest on the desk!! The chair is a wonderful addition and what a bargain!!

    500 posts!!!! Lordy, lordy!!! Very impressive! And the birdhouse is delightful and will look just lovely in my bedroom and then I can think of sweet Connie whenever I gaze upon its beauty. So please do pick me!!!

  10. congrats Connie on your 500th post...well done...
    R rated blog-----I thought it was *G*----I think you keep things pretty proper, albeit, funny----which is what is so needed these days....again Happy 500th----so when do you think you will hit 1000 ?

  11. Oh.....My Ella Bella would just LOVE this sweet creation Connie!

    I'm with you on the not-being-able to buy just one sheet. Oye.

    Congrats on your 500th post! Wowzer...I will never get to that number in this lifetime!

  12. Congratulations on your 500th post.
    I love your new chair and the birdhouse. You are very creative.
    Thanks for sharing.


  13. Connie, I love the chair! very Chic.
    Your craft rom looks like mine right now LOL. That just shows you have been very busy Gal...
    What an adorable birdie house! Please count me in on your give-a- way.
    Stay warm & have a great week end..
    Hugs ~Mary~:-}

  14. Wow! Congrats on your 500th post! That project is adorable, you are right, I love it!!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  15. Congrats on your 500th post! Please enter me in your contest! It is such a lovely little bird house! I love your new chair, what a bargain! I think it is the prettiest folding chair I've ever seen!

    Hugs, Sharon

    P.S.If I am the lucky winner, you may contact me on my blog or at my email

  16. Connie huney! congrats on your 500th post and keep writing! love to read your stories.. and do count me in your giveaway! take care & have a great weekend huneybun! xoxo


  17. Hi Connie,
    Happy 500th how long have you been blogging?? The bird house is very sweet and it would be fun to win...course I am your Valentine swap partner, so that could mean 2 gifts:) Hey, your craft room looks like mine, which still isn't finished..
    Have a great weekend.
    Still Freezinf in MN....

  18. Hey Connie!
    Congratulations on your 500th post. This little creation is precious...please enter me in your giveaway..I'd love to win it! Girl, I've missed you, so sorry I haven't been by lately, but if you only knew what I've been up to... with starting an etsy Shop in the vintage category and starting several new'll forgive me, I promise....LOL! I have had hardly time to visit anyone....I hope that will change now...that I'm off to a running start on everything...I'll tell you...I've been busy, but It's been so fun ...the shop doesn't really even feel like work...since it's what I love to do... By the that french blue chair...have a beautiful day and stop by all of my new places when you get the chance...

  19. Hey! So glad I stopped by. This is so cute! And congratulations on 500 posts. What an accomplishment.

    Stop on over at my blog. I'm having a V-day giveaway!

    Jenni B

  20. 500 posts! Wow! Congrats to you! I think if a craft room is too neat, it means you aren't crafting enough!! (at least that is how I explain my I was reading your other posts and now I am craving deviled eggs.....:-) Your birdhouse is just adorable and she would have a nice little spot on my pink hutch over here...have a good weekend!

  21. How on earth did you get the sparkly-snow stuff on the top of the house? Is it frayed ribbon?

    You must be feeling better to create a mess like that!

    Happy 500th!


  22. 500!!! Woo-hoo! Way to go, Connie! What a pretty bird house! Throw my hat in, please.

    Thanks for coming by new blog. We actually met before on my devotional blog. :>

    ~ Hearts ~

  23. Hi Connieness! Oh, you even make a pretty mess! How'd you do that? lol Oh, congratulations on your 500th post and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze enter my small name in your pink hat.
    Now, Connienees, those are my feet in my fuzzy socks, but my feet aren't that fat, the socks are really fluffy. I just wanted to make that clear! lol
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  24. Congrats on your 500th post. This birdhouse is so cute. I have never seen anyone else make one similar.

    May you keep finding great deals and making such pretty crafts. Looking forward to seeing you make it to 600 posts too!!!

    Blessings to you!

  25. Hi Connie,
    Congratulations on you 500th post! Wow, that's alot of blogging. I bet my craft room looks just like yours, I was digging out anything red, pink, or white and started making cards. I can't even see my table or bed anymore : ) Adorable bird house and great giveaway.

  26. I don't know how I got here but I'm glad I did. I love your style..sweet and pretty. Love the birdhouse, too. Even if I don't win it, it was nice to just see it. Linda (but I hope I win it). :)

  27. Connie, congratulations on your post. We certainly are dedicated and I know a lot of bloggers, including me, REALLY appreciate your kindness. The birdhouse is fabulous. It is true Connie pink elegance. The whimsical roof is fun. That's how the snow looks on all our roofs around here. The little pink birdie needs to go inside and warm up!

  28. Oh Oh Oh......
    {jumping up and down with hands in the air}
    I want to be in this give away.
    Miss Connie that is one tweet birdhouse.

    warm hugz,

  29. Hi Connie ~ I love your new chair...and your birdhouse! I would love a chance to win it!


  30. Connie...CONGRATS sweets on your 500th post!!!!! Wow that's alot!
    I always enjoy your blog hon...& your soooo creative!!!!!
    Darling give a way....generous too:) Thanks so much!

  31. Wow, Connie, you are one busy girl!! What wonderful finds and how I wish I could sit in your craft room and go through your things - looks likes some fun stuff to dive into!! :o) I saw your giveaway in the Vintage Heart Swap Flickr group so decided to pop by and congratulate you!! 500 posts is fantastic!!! Your little house is adorable and I'd love to see it in person!! :o) Have a lovely weekend!!!

  32. Hi Connie, I see we visit lots of the same blogs and since I saw you commented on the last one I visited I decided to stop by. Imagine my luck seing your lovely little birdhouse. I love your home. I am not sure how so many of you ladies get away with the whites and pastels. My husband lets me decorate however I want to but I know he would bawk if I tried going all cottagey. Your home is full of lovelies.
    The description of your chest being at the desk top heighth made me laugh. I could just picture you like Lily Tomlin in that great big chair! lol
    I am off to peak at some more of your posts. Your blog is fun.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  33. Wow!!!!500th post! Cogratulation.

    Virginia :)

  34. Congrats, Connie, on this amazing Blogging Milestone. I can only dream of reaching post #500---it was such a struggle to "crank out" 100!! :)
    Please know, that if I am the lucky winner of your giveaway, I will ALWAYS keep your wonderful creation in a Place of Honor!!! I really will!! :)
    I so enjoy your blog and I look forward to helping you celebrate #1000!! Dana

  35. Oh it's so CUTE and ADORABLE..please enter me in the give-away. I must win it.

  36. Connie:
    What a great bargain on that chair. i would have bought it even if I didn't need it. Your little shimmer bird house is so cute!
    Roberta Anne

  37. wow your room looks like a cyclone hit it...but isn't fun to organize..I am wanting to do sometime this week or next..and getting rid of stuff or just putting it some where else! wow 500! you go girlfriend..I love your little please add me to your long list...have a swimmingly great weekend...;)

  38. 500 WooHoo! Congrats
    Please enter me in your giveaway. I can already picture it sitting on my dresser in my bedroom. :)
    Judy S

  39. Congratulations on 500 posts. That is quite an accomplishment!

  40. Oh, this little darling is just pink-a-licious and made just for me! I'm moving over some stuff in my house right now so it will have a new home, hehehe.

  41. Very cute! Please enter me:)


  42. Congrats on the 500th are so good at it!!

  43. Superbly lovely!!! And I have a chair "problem" myself. I'm busy decorating a new art studio. And congrats on the big 500th. Be sweet you wild and wonderful YOU!

  44. Hi! I just found your site thru Rue's PB&J. Just think of all that cotton fabric you have in those top sheets - it would be wonderful in quilts and crafting projects! Ok, back to exploring your blog!

  45. 500th post! Woah!!!!

    I'm in. Definitely got to have these beautiful treasures. Love them and all of the wonderful bunny stuff listed above this post.

    Bunny, Bunny, Bunny, Bunny, Bunnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Oh, BTW, that's me singing.

    xo Cath

  46. Oh Connie
    My home would have a lovely spot for your beautiful bird house & little chick.
    Many congrat's on your 500 post. That's 2 this week that I see. WOW you are terrific.
    Love from Claudie who is freezing her buns off in this -30 stuff. brrrrrr

  47. Connie...WOWZA...500 posts! LOL...And the craft room to prove it...since blogging has begun my craft room looks alot worse than your.....Somewhere out there is a quote about CREATIVE minds...and a mess...if I could get to my Quotes book (under spring fabric somewhere here) I will look it up for us!

  48. Congrats on your 500th post Connie! That is some kind of milestone!

  49. Congrats on your 500th post! So many great ideas, tips and beautiful things to look at from you. Keep them coming!

    I adore your little bird house and would love love love to win it. I have the perfect spot for it.

    I'm going to post your giveaway on my blog for you.

    Thanks for all the great posts and for all the great ones to come.


  50. Happy 500th!! Love the chair it's a great find.
    Theresa N.

  51. 500!! OK exactly how does ONE get to 500. I can tell you have a dynamite personallity. Quiet outgoing. You offered blog help to me as a newbie. Congrats. Keep touching hearts.

  52. I missed my 500th post. I wasn't paying attention! I'm almost at my 600th so I better start thinking of a giveaway too!

  53. Hi Sister!! How TWEET!! Pick me pick me!! it seems to be saying!!

    Love your new chair ~ what store did it come from?

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  54. Ooooo, such a lovely sweet little birdhouse. Any tiny bird would be happy living in such a home..but then, so would I if only I would fit. :). Congratulations on your 500th post..

  55. Hi Connie...such a lovely blog. Congrats on the 500th post.. wow.. makes me feel like a real newbie! Thanx for the lovely giveaway.. count me in.. your work is beautiful. Marilyn

  56. Connie... congrats on 500 posts! WOW! thats alot of posts girlie.

    What you made is so pretty! Here is to 500 more..

    xo Heather


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