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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vintage Millinery Rose

There's a blogger called "polkadotrose" and everytime I see the name it reminds me of this rose I made several years ago - probably 5 or 6 now. I love the rose and would wear it but it's glued onto a heart shaped box I made and don't have any more of that ribbon. But isn't it pretty? Well, I think so. ;-)
Then I have this true candy apple red vintage millinery flower that I've had for many years and can't decide what to do with it. Any suggestions? I don't think I'd get very much selling it.

And last, but not least, my practice roses from yesterday. I see some progress! I'm at least to the point of "liking" them now. LOL. I'm almost to the point of trying some on a very small canvas. Leaves and squiggles are much easier, chicks!! ;-)


  1. Connie your vintage millinery roses are very pretty.Can you combine them to one box together?Since they are special to you and want to keep them That is what I would do with them.

    I have a old jewelry box of my great great grandmothers in purple velvet with gold trim and legs real scrolly looking.Not my colors but I won't part with it.I glued flowers to it.

    Oh conrats on the prgress of your roses and on the new mattress.We want a new one too.Hugs,Jen

  2. Good morning Connie! Your roses are extremely likeable. I am glad that you are beginning to like them too. Are you familiar with Karla Nathan? She has some decorated bottles on her blog that might be a good way to use your red rose> Check her out at

  3. I wish I had your determination. I would have given up a long time ago. Your getting so much better! Not that I'm an expert, mind you.

    I've seen those millinery roses before... on baby girl headbands and barrettes. At least I think they're the same thing. Miss Is had a yellow one. When you've mastered painting roses, you can start making them, with polka dots!


  4. Hey there neighbor, you can come over and practice your roses on my porch floor anytime. I have to repaint the porch and I'm thinking I would like a faux rug painted on it, why not, have great day.

  5. Hi Connie... Love the old red rose... perhaps you could display it on some lace, under a small bell jar... You're doing a great job on your painted roses... I'm very impressed! Keep it up and enjoy your day... God bless...

    ~hugs 'n prayers~


  6. You are doing an Amazing job! They look Fabulous!I'd say throw caution to the wind and GO for it!
    Sandra Evertson

  7. Your practice roses are really looking good. The milinary roses are Beautiful! I love that deep red. You are so talented.

  8. Connie, I have all my roses in a decorative jar because I can't decide what to do with them...they are precious to me. So I can't help you with ideas. Display under a dome would be pretty though. Keep up the good work painting.

  9. Your rose paintings are getting better and better. They're lovely! Blessings... Polly

  10. Think the flower would look nice on a bag because then you wouldn't have to worry about washing it. Just nice to have, but I know what you mean, it's also better to make use of it.
    Susannah x

  11. Your roses are getting better and better!
    I would put the roses on a sweet hat!!

  12. Your polka dot rose is so sweet! You are progressing very nicely with your rose paintings.

  13. Your painted roses are looking really good!!! You should be proud of your self,they are alot better than I could do! Oh my gosh I tried painting roses before and that was the end of that!

  14. You know those roses are just calling out for a purple hat?!

  15. You should pin that rose on an old purse. :) Your roses are AWESOME !!! Chipper Chick !! :) Do you like your new nickname ?? lol !! :)


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