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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Last Roses of Summer

I went out a few days ago to get photos of the last of the blooms in my rose garden. Here they are.

My little "buds"! They may yet bloom. Still a bit warm during the days.

This is my hydrangea singing its last song of 2008. The 2 shots are of different clumps of flowers on the same hydrangea bush. Now, how in the world can that happen?? Beautiful though.......

This was came out a bit blurry but I loved the look anyway. See, even I can't get it right every single time. LOL

Little sad pink rose. It's still struggling through its existence but getting a bit "faded" around the edges........kinda like ME..... ;-)

Another beauty struggling with its end of life cycle..........definitely like me! :-)

This one is a lovely pink salmon color. It's at its peak when taken the other day.

A huge bud of a pink/yellow rose. I'll try to remember to get another shot after it opens fully.

Next 2 shots of a very pale pink/white rose out there. One is a closer shot but this is lovely when at its peak during the summer. I can't remember the name but it a multi-petaled rose. Just gorgeous!

This one is my favorite in the garden. I love this color and the fullness of the bloom and its "ruffley" appearance.

Another rose getting ready for autumn.

Close up of it loosing its petals. Makes me a bit sad. I could see some little bugs nibbling on some of them. The dew is still visible on some of the above roses also. I should have waited until about noon to take the pictures but I took them early in the morning when the sun was in the east. But aren't they simply beautiful??? I love my rose garden. Love Bunny is taking me over to Greenhurst nursery saturday to get me a gardenia plant. I love the smell. BUT I promise to let hubs take care of it. Otherwise, it'll die as I only have a PINK thumb and not a GREEN one in any way at all. ;-)

And last but not least are the latest practice painting roses - one a closer look than the other. My group chicks have told me to bite the proverbial bullet and start on a canvas with these roses. I'm scared!!! Yes, I'm truly scared to put that first drop of paint for a rose on my canvas. I'm stalling but I'll do it within the next 2 days. Pray for me!!!!!


  1. Sweetie, they all look lovely!! I LOVE the Soft Pink one that seems to be in the shape of a heart!!
    have an awesome weekend!!

  2. Those are so pretty !! You should dry some of the hydrangea and enjoy it this winter. :)

  3. Your roses are lovely, both the real ones and the painted ones! Get that canvas out, girl! Go for it!

    I LOVE gardenias! I've tried a few times to have one, but I've never had any luck with them. Every time we go to the green house I look at them and hubby laughs and says "no". I sniffle, but I agree with him, it would just be a waste of money and a good plant. So I take a deep whiff of their wonderful scent and move on!

  4. Hi Chic,Your still beautiful just like your gorgeous flowers.Us older chics may fade just a little but we still maintain our beauty,You just have to look a bit deeper.LOL Marie Antionette

  5. Connie,Goodmorning.The roses look so pretty.I love the softness of the hydranga.Your paintings are looking very good.Practice makes perfect.Hugs,Jen

  6. Oh they are all lovely but I think the hydrangeas are my favorite!

    Happy Friday :)


  7. Hi Connie, all of your roses are beautiful, I have really let my go but they're be ok. I still working away in my kitchen,but wanted to get a little visiting in. Deb

  8. Alright, looks like a need a tour of your yard too! They are beautiful, Connie. Someday I hope to have a yard to be proud of.

    Canvas... you can do it!


  9. Beautiful roses Connie!

    Your painted roses are looking fabulous too! I think you should definitely move to the canvas. I just know you will do a beautiful job! Have a great day!


  10. Morning girl!!!! What gorgeous roses and ohhh I love hydrangeas! get that canvas are doing'll be selling framed art in no time! Have a great weekend sweetie!

  11. I think your rose pictures are so pretty, it is hard to get a close up in focus. Would one be correct in assuming you like pink roses:). Keep up the good work with the painted roses, Do go to the canvas, and remember it is "only paint". you don't like it paint over it. The masters like Da vinchi did. Enjoy the process.TTFN

  12. Awe....don't make me sad with summer fading away! I do love fall, but I'm just not ready yet this year! You are doing awesome with your roses dear!

    Hugs, Sharon

  13. Hi Connie,
    Your flowers just went so well with your blog color. It was a beautiful sight.
    My friend paints and I too want to paint roses and was having the same scared feeling. She said, Becky you can always just paint white over it and start again...duh. She is right. Go for it girl. Also I have seen people use old tiles to paint on and Soap. Cheap but great practice.

  14. Wow your roses are soo amazing!!
    I wish I had a green thumb but I have a huge fear of SPIDERS!!!!
    so I dont garden much!!
    your doing great on painting your roses as well!

  15. Hi Connie! I love all your roses even though they are the last roses before Fall sets in. Too pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi. I love visitors! Especially those with roses!
    The Polka Dot Rose

  16. Ok Connie my sweet friend; Your roses are very pretty and better then I could ever do. I am very proud of you for just plunging in and do it. Bravo. No get out that canvas and get to it.

    Have a great weekend.



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