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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Roses and a New Bed

I went to Boise today to buy a new bed. Our last bed was purchased from Sears in Feb. 1989........does that tell you something?!?! Hmmmmmmm???? It was time! Now, hubs doesn't have a problem with the bed OR with falling asleep. His head hits the pillow and within 1 minute he's asleep. I lie there thinking up ways to wake him UP!!! LOL. Married for 47+ years and it's been that way from day one. Sooooo he saw no reason to purchase a new one. My back has been killing me. He says to get up off this computer and away from practicing my roses and that will help. Killjoy!!! Anyway, we know who won this battle, right?! New bed arrives next week on thursday. ;-) It's a foam bed like our other one. I love foam because it doesn't bounce like springs and is just so comfy that I said I'd never buy anything BUT a foam/latex bed ever again after this one. Just soooo wonderful!

Okay, here are pix of roses I've done today. Now, I really have to say that they look much better in person. I'm doing them on newsprint because it's so cheap, though an ugly color, but it serves its purpose - cheap for lots of it. ;-) I am practicing with different brushes: angles, filberts, rounds, script liners, flats, large, small, smaller. Just point me in the direction of the brush aisle in Michaels and I'll pick another brush! So here's the last day of what I've done. I'll probably practice more tonight. Some are better than others; some are WORSE than others, but it truly helps me to get used to the brushes and the paints. Yep, different paints are better than others. I'm finding that out also. Cheap paint IS cheap PAINT. You'll also notice I'm practicing leaves and some squiggles also. I think I've got something good going in the last 2 pictures, chicks! But every single brush stroke has taught me something and I'm grateful for my friends who paint that have told me that. They know who they are!!

Ooooh, and please don't laugh too hard!! It ain't easy trying to be another Grandma Moses, ya know......... Hah.........


  1. Aaaahhhhh! Those roses are lookin' very lovely! Your practice and diligence are paying off!!!

  2. Grandma Moses is doing FINE!! The roses sure are coming along well!!!

    Have a terrific day, Connie...


  3. Your doing good Connie . I learned how to paint roses from a video by Donna Dewberry. I could watch her paint roses all day long. She makes it look so-o-o- easy ! But it is harder than it looks.

  4. WOW! Connie you *are* getting good! I enlarged the photos for a closer look. I love the one done on 9-23-08, top row on the end it has a little bud just sitting in the rose. I love buds. The ones at the bottom with leaves are great too. Thanks for your concern about my pranker, I hope all is resolved. Deb

  5. I am in the very same boat (or should I say bed ..wink wink) as you! Our mattress is 9 years old and lumpy and bumpy but since he can sleep like a baby on it there is no reason to get another one!!!! Killjoy alright!!

    I have finally won the battle too but I just have to decide which "Foam" mattress that I want and can afford. You can email me, if you don't mind sharing, which one you got and if you are happy with it!!! Please!!

    Hugs and wishes for many really great nights sleep,

  6. Way to go, Connie! I'm right with you in the cheap paint is cheap paint and the same can be said for brushes. Not that you need to buy the most expensive, but the type and quanity of the bristles matter.

    Congrats on your new bed. That first night is wonderful!


  7. Oh Connie! I loved this are so funny. Glad you got a new bed. We did back in June and I'll tell ya something....I must be sleeping alot harder and better because I am dreaming very vividly and the dreams are so real and I can remember them usually...Is that a good thing...I'm still deciding! LOL! Your roses are so sweet and wow I love the little squigglies. They are the funnest aren't they?!
    By the Way, I've tagged you, come over for some tagging fun.
    Have a great day!

  8. Connie, You've come a long way baby!! LOL Your roses are looking sweet!!


  9. Hi Connie, Always the funny girl! I was thinking about the foam bed too. Is it really that great?
    Bravo for your roses!!!! you go girl! They look exactly like Laure Paillex roses. I love her work. I took new classes last Feb. with Blue Ribbon roses and had a blast.
    Keep painting!

  10. Those roses are looking great! really, they look like they are coming along. Like Theresa, I learned how to paint roses from Donna Dewberry. She does make it look so easy, but it takes practice. (you are getting really good!)
    xo Lidy

  11. Looking good! Are you doing tole painting? I want to learn how to tole paint. I love your roses, you are doing fabo! Are you taking a class or self teaching?

    How exciting about the bed! I hope you will have wonderful dreams and get a full night's sleep!

    Huggies, Shar

  12. Congrats on your new bed and your roses are looking good enough to gather into a boquet! It inspires me to spend some time doing my crafty/artsy stuff this evening(but some cleaning first!) Have a wonderful Wednesday Connie(i am having a giveaway this week so stop by if you can-posts from 9-21-next week)

  13. Connie,I feel your pain over the rose painting, I have been trying for years to paint pretty roses. As much as you are practicing, you will be "fabulous dhaling" TTFN

  14. Connie, your roses are looking lovely!!

  15. I think your roses are coming along great, Connie! I love to try to paint roses! Mine don't come out so great at times, but it is still lots of fun trying!!
    hugs, Sherry

  16. Connie....Now sweets!!! You have to tell us which kind of foam bed you got !!!! LOL Enquiring minds want to know...we may get a new one too!!
    And your roses look fab darling!!!
    I will NEVER be able to paint anything like you go girly!!

  17. Hi Connie,

    Congrats on your new bed. Same thing happens with my husband. He is out like a light and I lie there feeling jealous!

    Stop on over, I left you a special gift on my blog...

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  18. I wish I had a little more time on my hands so I could get back into painting. ENJOY!

  19. Thanks for sending the addy. I had it bookmarked, but forgot the name!

    I used to do tole and decorative, hope to get back to it someday.

    You are doing a beautiful job painting!

    Congrats on the new mattress!!


  20. Hi Connie,

    When you have the time, stop by my blog, I have an award waiting for you!



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