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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cottage Picture

I had to run out today for something and stopped in at a store and look what I found! Squeeeeeeal......I love it. A true cottage picture and it was 50% off so I love it even more. Won't Love Bunny be proud that I saved him 50%?!?! I'm not telling him till he gets back from Orlando friday night. Surpriiiiisssseee! It's going behind the sofa in the family room. I don't need to shop for any more pictures. I have a "store load" of them sitting on the floor, side tables and cocktail tables in there. If I had anybody living close to me that loved shabby, chic, romantic, cottage or roses I'd give it to them! Not many people in Idaho have the taste for that yet, but they will, they will! ;-)

Then I wanted to craft something with hubs being away and all this time to myself. I haven't done that for a long time and I have a lot of "alone" time this week. Feeling a bit lonely when the person you've spent the last 47 years with is gone. Not many young people want to associate with the older chicks anymore and that's sad. It happens. (Shrug!) But I've thought a lot about that lately when something happened to bring it to the forefront. It's kind of sad actually because we can teach them so much. I'm old but I'm not incapacitated, ya know! I've got a lot of things I could teach the younger moms, but they always seem to want to hang out with their ilk and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We older ladies just kind of sit in church with all these memories and skills and no one who wants to learn them. (Hey, I was the highest paid woman in a large Fortune 500 company, ya know; I ain't dull by any stretch of the imagination! And that company was in the top 60 of the 500. So I have more than "housewife" skills!!!) :-) This may sound a bit morose, but I didn't mean to sound that way. Just reminiscing. I have such an active brain that it's never ever idle of ideas and "energy" to do something. Maybe I need a protegé! Hah.

So this is what I've come up with. All pink and girly. I wonder who will be the recipient of this gorgeous little roses frou-frou "cake"??? Hmmmmmm???? ;-)


  1. Heeyaa Connie.. I wish we are neighbors.. I don't mind hanging out with you.. in fact some of my friends are around your age.. and yippeeee for the cottage picture.. I promise I won't tell your hubs.. hehehehehehe..

    that is a lovely cake you did!.. very pretty.. wish I have the time and could do one.. but working in an IT company well, taking most of my time.. but I like working and I like the company & its subsidiaries.. even tho' the bosses are sometimes the impossibles! but still i enjoy the environment it gives me for the last 8 years and its getting better each year.. hopefully!..

    have a nice! xoxoxoxo

  2. Good post, Connie. I know what you mean...young 'uns don't want to hang out with ME either! It's sad.

    Love the cake!!


  3. Hey sweet Connie,I'm an older chick too,so I know what you mean.The thing is.You are still a talented old gal,and very pretty to boot.I bet we can party hardy with the best of them.Your art work is fantastic.Love it.Hugs Marie Antionette

  4. Know what ya mean about the young chicks . I have noticed in just the last few years how I am being treated by young people . Sometimes they are down right RUDE ! They have an attitude as if they think we don't know anything ! Oh well I won't even get started on this subject . If I lived closer to you Connie , we would have a big time together.

  5. Hi Connie, I'm so glad you stopped by. I've been spending some time playing around on your beautiful blog and will definately be back. I just love your pink fluffy cake.

    See you again

  6. Great post. I can relate. I made new friends, most older than me. I am 60. They have to be active, have a positive attitude, on the ball and creative.

    My sharpest friend is 84, her live in boyfriend is about 68. Love it!!

  7. Connie...Awwwww sweetie...I sure would like to be BFF with ya! Wish I lived close to ya sweetie!!
    I love all the recent post you've done...I LOVED hearing your darling voice!!! I have been MIA some...hubby has been in & out of hosptial...& I've been up there with him & working also!!
    LOve the cake...& the darling cottage pic....ohhhhh yes & all the re-do to your house looks wonderful!!! Yummy I say!

  8. Hey Connie! Just stopping by for some inspirations! Oh girl, I just love your new picture and it will be perfect behind your couch! I wish I lived near you. I'd take some of your pictures off of your! Like I need another picture...I have them stuffed everywhere and change them out from time to time. LOL! Oh girl, Oh you make me laugh with all of your creative are something know that. I love the little cake you made! After reading what you wrote on your blog, I have to tell you that I just love to hang out with the older ladies. They are so much fun and I always have so much in common with them even though I am 38, which mind you, is no spring chicken. LOL! The boss lady that I used to have when I was doing hair was in here 60's and we really became the best of friends. I still love her, though she moved away to live with her daughter...we still stay in touch by email. I just love hanging out with older ladies. I have a few friends my age, but I seem to always have something more in common with people older than me and they are so full of knowledge and always find something to talk about. Conversation just flows so easy. I have often told my husband that I think I might have been born in the wrong time period....kidding of course...because I know God plants us where he wants us. Well, having told you all of this, I am thrilled to have met you and I thought you were alot younger than you are.... you don't look or act your age at all.... and now that I found out your age, I just love ya all the more.... God Bless you and you keep those creative juices flowing sister....sweet hubby will be back before you know it! LOL!
    Have a great day!


  9. Connie, how true, your new picture is perfect. I love the little cake, it's so cute.

  10. I too understand that feeling. What is it about us?? Here we are, sixties, but full of ideas, experience etc...but we are labelled 'past it'. the young dont seem to value the experience of age now.
    Moan moan moan!!

  11. Hi Connie,

    I love your new picture:)

    I wish I was in Idaho because I would be raiding your stash pronto!

    I feel like I am in the middle, lol...not old, not I don't fit anywhere...but then again, I think I have always felt like I don't fit in, it's just my way.

    I have always enjoyed the company of older people, I think maybe because I was an only child til I was 12...I was around adults alot, especially with my mom being a single mom at that time, too.

    I hope the rest of the week flies by for time, go to Orlando with your hubby...I would have! Although I do bet it's hotter than Haites (sp?) there this time of year!

    Take care:)

  12. Well Connie, if we were neighbors I'd be hanging out at your cute house. Those young chicks out there don't know what they're missing. I think you're a sweetie!

  13. Hi Connie...I wish we were neighbors...we'd have a ton of fun! I love the cottage cute!

    And that have the bestest ideas ever. I absolutely love it!


  14. Hi Connie,

    Love your bargain. I won't tell your hubby-hehe.

    You are young in spirit. Age is just a number. I have been very fortunate that some of my dear friends are a lot younger than I am (54 and counting).

    Hope you have a great evening.


  15. You really do have an active mind! We'd love to hear some stories about your business days... tell us!

  16. Just stoppin' by for the first time. Is 45 a young chick? That's me! Sixty is just a number, ya know! I like the new print you found, and saved money too!


  17. Hi Connie you are so right. We 50+ girls have heaps to offer.

  18. YOU GO GIRL!! We're still young chickees at heart. I started my blog for that very reason! My nest is empty and the silence echoing from my walls can be unbearable at times. Thank God,I'm not alone with women like you who make their way to my blog. I too look forward to sharing life's experiences and creative talents together, regardless of our ages. Age doesn't define us any more than our telephone number or the combination to our gym lockers,their just DIGITS!

    Have a *Sweet* Day!

  19. Hey hey..I'm not old but I sure do love learning from sisters that are. Hehe. The better stories they have too.

  20. Hi Connie,
    I also wonder why the "youngin's are so busy and forget about crafting and to just slow down..
    Great deal on the picture and the little cake is CUTE...If I lived by you I'd come over and learn some of your crafts :)
    Warmly, Deb

  21. Hey sweetness and sugar :)
    You could come 'hang' with me any time if i lived near you. Only thing is your enthusiasm would probably make me tired!! LOL and i mean that in a GOOD way too!

    Love ya a whole bunch and loooove that pretty foofy la la cake....who's the lucky ducky getting that then????

    Big Hugs
    Shann xxx

  22. Hey Connie,
    I've been away too long! Did someone hurt your feelings? We all need to be there for each other. Maybe it was just a bad apple, there's some of those in every age category, you know? Hmmm~ nevermind them!
    My husband goes away too and I get lonely, but always tend to get a lot of things done when he's on business. Hey, if I was closer, I'd come craft with you, even though I'm not much of crafter (well, maybe I am I just don't know it yet!).
    Okay, I'm off to go listen to your voice now, you non-housewife chick!
    I'll catch up on your other posts tonight after the house is asleep.

  23. Hi Connie, I would love to hang out with you. What fun it would be. I love your cottage piece. Wow what a great find. I know you miss your sweetie, but it sounds like you are doing a lot of fun creating. Love the sweet cake.

    Thank you for stopping by to visit on my anniversary post and giveaway. I was blessed by your kind comment.
    love ya too, Celestina
    la rea rose

  24. A good post, Connie, but it made me sad. It's interesting how things change in our lives.

  25. Hi Toots!

    Love your new picture! Sure wish I lived near you I would love to have your left overs!

    I can't believe anyone would think you were to old to hang out with! You have more get up and go then most young people ever will have.

    You know you can always get the little kids in the neighborhood to come over. They love to learn things and they don't mind how old you are.

    My sister does that. She never had kids and now wishes she had grandkids so the neighborhood kids all love to come over and visit her and hang out with her while she cooks or works in the yard.


  26. Connie your new cottage pic is very pretty!I love your little cake too adorable!I wish I had your energy!Love ya,Jen

  27. Connie,
    I will come over and hang out with you....I feel that way sometimes too and I am only in my mid fifties...good thing I like my own company and never run out of NEW brain is always humming along thinking of something..
    What a sweet cake...
    You keep going girl...

  28. Hi Connie, I so hear you. I am somewhere in between and when your young it is hard to take advice, much easier when you have a maturity under your belt! Maybe you could start a voluntary workshop/support group for young Mums in your area. Not just motherhood but life in general. Rachaelxo


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