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Monday, June 10, 2013

My Hunt for the Best New Chair

Here's the story of my hunt for a new chair.

First of all, Juliette has 2 teeth now. This is great granddaughter #2.

This is one of the fabrics I was thinking about putting on the Lucien chair I wanted. When I showed it to my friend, she said, "It looks like you." I said, "Does that mean I'm cute?" :-) She said, "Yes."    :-)

This one was a serious consideration after seeing it done up in a darling bedroom at Ethan Allen in Boise.

While I loved this red fabric, it wasn't even close to the same red in my other chair so it wouldn't work.

My final choice. It's a bit French-looking also, which was a plus. I like a little bit of the French look in my home. The fabric is ideal also. It's almost burlap feel and look, but very substantial with a grade of "heavy duty" so it'll stand up to grandkids and great grandkids.

When I saw this ad in the a local high-end store in Boise, I almost cried. It's pretty much like the sofa I was considering at Ethan Allen, but went with another one instead. This one is priced at less than half the other sofa though.

That would NOT have been the color I would have chosen though. I am not into browns in any way.

Then I found other sofas while looking for a chair. Isn't this one darling? Reminds me of Pierre Deux fabrics and style.

I loved the style of this sofa and the whole room actually, but then I do love "Traditional" decor.

This one looks comfy also. We have so many choices that it's hard to select just one.

There isn't just any one thing I like about this room but put together, I love it. I think it's absolutely stunning.

This isn't an Ethan Allen chair but I would have chosen this fabric in a heartbeat; however, I have no clue where to find this fabric.

This one is gorgeous also but I like a cushion seat.

This sofa is so much like mine it's uncanny. Now, I can look at this and see how 2 of my current sofa, now in the family room, would have looked if I could get 2 sofas in my living room. I can't. It's just not big enough.

This would have been one I'd have seriously considered if it was available to me. But I love fringe on a sofa and I love that pink with the yellow walls. My sofa leans toward the yellows and my walls are pink. I love it though.

The average woman will spend 8 years of her life shopping.


  1. I love the fabric you have chose, it is typically French.

  2. Beautiful furniture. I agree about the browns-and our entire camper is in browns. I rrplaced the bedspread & shams that came with it with a handmade crazy quilt and different pillow cases but don't know what to fo with the brown GLUED on curtains and sofa. That's right, the curtains are glued on. Why would anyone do that?
    Beautiful Great grandbaby too!

  3. Wow, Connie, only 8 years???
    I must be abnormal one way or the other. I used to shop MUCH more than I do now, but I think I may shop even less than some I know....oh, well, I make up for it on the computer blog reading!
    love your pictures and your new chair. It is wonderful! I have a love seat that is 28 years old. It isn't fancy but it is still in good shape even after 5 surprising! And it even still cleans up well!


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