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Friday, June 7, 2013

A Taco Bell Incident

Not long ago, I noticed a dark spot on the carpet and told hubs I think he spilled some chocolate from his mini-drumstick. (Remember, I've banned the ones with nuts on them because they were forever falling off and I'd be stepping on them in my bare feet all the time. As much as I love the Drumsticks with chopped nuts on them, I love my feet more!) He said he didn't think he did it, but I hadn't had any chocolate so it had to be him. Anyway, he got the spot remover and I got it up and all was well. Then I asked him how he was always dropping stuff from the cone onto the carpet. His reply to me: Because nothing gets past your chest. He's so right! That's one of the problem larger-chested women have. So be happy if you have a small chest. We've discussed this before, have we not?!? Hmmm?!
Then recently there was the Friday trip to Taco Bell. I love Taco Bell and don't think anyone can beat them for Mexican fast food. But this night was a disaster. I ordered a taco and a burrito with beans and rice on it and a small drink. I filled it with lemonade, took it to a table, put it down and it immediately spilled over 2 tables, floor and me. Sigh. Then I got some burrito on my shirt. I tell you, be glad you're small in the bust department. It was truly ugly that night. I even offered to mop up the lemonade for them, but being kind they refused. I was so embarrassed but that's my life sometimes.

A quote I love:
All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. This can apply to people and houses.

If this photo doesn't make you happy, there's no hope for you. These colorful cottages are adorable. The foliage looks tropical but it looks like snow on the ground, but it must be sand.

What a way to decorate for a party. This is first-class, I tell ya.

Just some beautiful flowers. Almost seem tropical with their vibrant colors.

Yeah, yeah, I know, you want the bed but the pillows must come with it, right? In fact, I'd like a couple of those pillows but I have enough to start a store now.

Just love the patina of this door and the balcony.

Learn your geography while spending time in this bathroom. It's a wee bit busy for me, but very creative. Wonder if it's in England. Hmmmm, could be.

A rose covered old cottage.

This looks like a vintage photograph but I'm sure it isn't. The photographer did a very good job on this though.

While the yard and path are gorgeous, I threw this in for a friend of mine, who loves dogs.

A stunning room. I'd love my office to be this cute.

For you lovers of cups and red ware.

Look how this homeowner has made the dining room so cute with these old barrel chairs painted white and shabby-ed up a bit. Then the gorgeous display of roses on the table and the huge plant on the credenza with a huge mirror. This is a lovely room.

I haven't a clue what kind of tree this is but I love its purple flowers and the serene setting for a luncheon.

This is in no way my style, but I just love the little daybed. Very colorful room though.

You've probably noticed I have a "thing" for secluded spots for lunches. Even indoors at restaurants I prefer a secluded spot if available.


The Netherlands has built 800 miles of massive dikes and seawalls to hold back the sea.


  1. Hope you managed to get the mark out of your shirt. If it had tomato in it would have been difficult.

  2. It is a blessing we are not all alike. We just have to make do with what the good Lord gave us. For me, I definitely do not have your problem.

  3. I guess I should be thankful for my small bust! My mother on the other hand, had the same issue you seem to. Nothing got past her chest. Her name was Jo and when I was a little girl I thought sloppy joe sandwiches were named after her. Honestly. She always seemed to spill some dinner on her chest but would just laugh and go change her shirt. My Mom had the BEST sense of humor of anyone I've ever known.

    Beautiful photos as usual. I, too, am a lover of shabby chic but Hubby isn't. He gives me most everything else I could ever want so I don't push the issue! :-)


  4. Oh Taco Bell, how I miss you so!! I moved to Australia in 2005 and while some of the food is WAY better here, (fresh and local seafood and produce), there are some things I grew up on and cannot get now. What I miss the most...Taco Bell bean burritos, Taco Bell sauce packets, Triscuits, Prices cheese spread, Cheez-its, frosted Mini Wheats, Dove chocolate, the liquid coffee creamer in amazing flavors, FRITOS....omg I do miss Fritos, Pop Tarts, Lucky Charms, oh I am sure there is more but those are the main ones !! have some for me, please :) xx debbie


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