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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Children Never Grow Out Of Some Things

I'll remind you again to visit my Pinterest page with over 7,000 photos of gorgeous eye candy. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Just click here.

How do I put this? Hmmmm...Well, I guess I could just say hubs has a hard time finding something in the house I've asked him to find. Usually it's a pantry item. He'll look and look and swear it's not there. While I'll know for a certainty it is. So then I go to the pantry in the kitchen or the smaller one in the laundry room or the shelves we have in a spare room to hold extra food items. I'll find it immediately unless we really are out of it, which is unusual because as soon as I'm down to my last 2 cans I'll put them on our shopping list to buy more. So I'm rarely without something I need. This applies to just about anything in this house besides food items.

When our son was here a few weeks ago, he came out of the guest bathroom and into the kitchen and washed his hands. I queried him about why he didn't wash them in the bathroom. He said, "I couldn't find any soap in there." His father and I just looked at each other. There are 2 sinks in there with a bar in a dish at each sink, 10 bars in a pretty dish holder between the sinks and several more bars in a drawer in there. Son is 49 years old and still can't see something right in front of him. Sigh.......He is soooooo like his dad!

Some of you who have been followers for a while might remember a book I was reading about the Secret Service, the men who protect our presidents. Here's another story.

A vice-president who espoused family values told his secret service detail to take him to the elegant St. Regis hotel. They took him in the back door and to a room on the fourth floor. He then asked them to come back in 3 hours. They then understood he was having an affair with a woman. They left him there unprotected, a clear dereliction of duty. As agents they were embarrassed because they were facilitating his adultery and felt like pimps. They couldn't look his wife in the eye after that. I never give the names but you can buy the book and read it to find out all the little secrets involving men who lead us.

Sweet home on a soothing pond.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous rose wreath!!!

Lovely lined laundry basket.

Adorable kitchen.

Beautiful living room.

I love this print fabric!

Sweet old tins.

A lovely old bottle with a stopper that just won't stop! Magnificent!

Now, this is what I'd call a tiny bedroom.

Pretty little sachets wrapped up with roses and bows.

Lovely lace garment.

Pretty jewelry.

A fantastic wreath. I don't think the flowers are real though. I'd love it no matter what. It's beautiful.

Love these fabric roses.

Pretty close-up of a gorgeous pink rose!

A single Formula One racing tire costs about $1,200.


  1. Connie, our men are very similar I think. Even after showing my husband where something is, sure by the next week he is saying, plaintively...I can't find the kitchen rolls....

  2. I love it- my husband is that way too! I guess your son was looking for a soap pump! LOL
    Great pictures as usual!

  3. Don is the same darned way! He won't be able to find something and I will immediately find it for him. Gotta love them!


  4. My oldest tried that - not being able to find something - when he was about 5. One morning he told me he couldn't find the cereal. I asked him "where was it the last time you got some?" He said "I don't remember." I said, "Well, stand there a while and think about it, it will come to you." Am I mean??? No way was I raising a helpless male! lol

  5. Hi Connie,
    I just dropped in to say "Hi!" and thank you so much for introducing me to PINTEREST. I have spent a glorious afternoon on the couch with my fractured ankle and computer on my lap quickly building a pin board of lovelies!!!
    Thank you so much!!!
    Warm hugs, Laura (from cold and snowy eastern Ontario Canada)

  6. Enjoyed the post. Men can't find anything. I think has something to do with the Y chromosome.

  7. Ohhh boys, theyre babies without us! :) Lovely pictures, LOVE that wreath and that bed nook! :)


  8. Connie,
    At our house we tell the guys "Look with your GIRLS eyes, Please!" My son wouldn't have used the soap because it was too pretty and he would be afraid I didn't want him to use that....
    My hubby doesn't like using cloth napkins because he "is trying to keep them clean" for me....why? so we can use them again? LOL I tell him they are to keep HIM clean... so funny...That is what napkins and soap is USE!
    Even when I tell them exactly where an item is, they can't see it. Yet, do they need help from us when they need to find something in their workshop? ...silly guys....My hubby quit asking a few years back where things were in the kitchen...I said, "Love, we have lived here for 15 years...don't you think you could TRY to remember where things go? LOL He is such a wonderful hubby in all aspects, I usually take his hand and say, "Come with me, I will show you...." and the answer is the same...."Oh, I thought you meant somewhere else...." He has gotten MUCH better at looking until he finds it...I think he is embarrassed about it now!
    Love your beautiful pictures and fun stories!
    Hearts to you!


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