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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Caroline Speaks

 I really recommend you go to my Pinterest and view almost 7,000 photos I've put on there. I think you'll enjoy viewing the ones I've come up with. Truly!

Also, this is my 1300th post. Yippee! I'm nothing if not tenacious. ;-)

I wish all of you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I never make resolutions or set goals. Never have and don't see that changing in the coming years. I do, however, vow to immerse myself in Scriptures this year. I was most lax this past year. I try to lead a spiritual and Christ-centered life but I am far lacking. I vow to be better.

It's 3 AM and I can't sleep, I so came in here to the computer room to blog. Isn't it pathetic when we can't sleep that we turn to blogging?

Anyway, got an email from granddaughter saying that Caroline is hurt because Santa forgot to bring her the Talking Mushroom. Well, that got everyone on her Facebook page looking for a "taking mushroom"! We think it's a book. Even her Poppop, my hubby, googled it to see what it could be. We think now it's a book that perhaps was read to her in her daycare class. This kid doesn't forget a thing!

Caroline was "sweeping" the kitchen with her tiny broom the other day saying, "forward" and "backward." She looked at her mother and said, "I can speak English and Spanish, mummy."  We don't know if forward or backward is the English or the Spanish! ;-)

Then a few days later she told her mummy that she could speak English, Spanish and Magic. I'd like to learn that Magic language myself. :-) Her daddy does speak Spanish, as do her other grandparents, even though he's losing the ability since he's lived in this country before he was a teenager but I don't think she knows much of it. (He is now a citizen and lost his diplomatic immunity when he had to give up his Guatemalan passport. So now he has to watch his speeding. Before, he'd just show them his diplomat passport from his mother working at the embassy. Now, he suffers like the rest of us! LOL) I think she just speaks the language of love to them and they understand because her paternal grandmother can't speak English. But it's so cute to watch them together.

I love making these mosaics for blogs. I don't do real mosaics, however, but eye candy is always on my posts.

An unusual combination of colors done beautifully.

I love this upholstery.

Pretty pillows serving as a vignette are always welcome around this house.

You can see yourself here, right?! ;-)

I remember when those chairs were NEW; now they're vintage.

Bathrooms that don't require a door or curtain on the shower always intrigue me.

Now, these are some cowgirl boots!

And pretty little petit point purses? Uh-huh!

Gorgeous place to be.

Edible eye candy. :-)

Absolutely stunning colors in bedding from Horchow.

Another quaint street.

Tropical leisure.

And lovely dishes.

Legendary Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne had his team's locker room painted an angry red and the visitors' locker room a soothing blue.
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  1. That is a lot of post. I have not been blogging long enough to have seen them all, but have enjoyed what I have seen. Looking forward to visiting and seeing what you share in 2013.

  2. Wow, Connie, that's a lot of posts! And everyone is an enjoyable one.
    I would love to speak magic too!

  3. Caroline sounds so adorable! You must miss her! Beautiful photos with all my favourite colours. Very uplifting which helps since I've been hit by the flu and I am so sick right now, it's horrible.

    Last night, I cut off the two ends of an onion and put it in a jar which I left open and deposited on my night table. Apparently, the onion draws out all the germs inside of us. This morning when I woke up, I could not even get up, I was so feverish and achy all over. But, later on, I noticed that my cold was no longer in my lungs or chest but more in the throat area. I'm wondering if it's the onion remedy.

    Apparently, during the Spanish Flu period, a family of people living on a farm scattered onions in their house and not a single person got it. They did not cut them, they just had them in baskets. They say that when we cut an onion to never save the rest of it if we don't use it all but to throw it out because onions pick up all the germs surrounding them. I got this info in an e-mail late last night, Connie. There was more about mayonnaise and egg salad sandwiches. But I can't recall all the details right now. I do remember they said that it's not the mayonnaise that will make people sick if the sandwiches have been sitting out, but the onion.

  4. Color galore. I love it. I too hope to immerse myself more in the scriptures this year. I definitely have to do it first thing in the morning, early, early, early before I hit the button to turn on the computer, or all the pretty little pictures and stories online will hog my attention.

    Happy January!

  5. I visited your Pinterest page and am now following you! Great pins! Have a blessed and happy New Year...hugs, Penny

  6. You always post the most beautiful photos :) Eye candy for sure. 1300 posts is amazing! Happy 2013!

  7. Wow that is a lot of posts. Best to you in 2013. I loved the pink upholstered settee.

  8. Love these pictures--aqua and pink/coral are my favorite colors combos of late. Thanks for the morning beauty! Off to work!

  9. Hello...I'm visiting your blog via Beverly's Pink Saturday. Happy New Year to you!

  10. I love Cath Kidson....Happy Pink Saturday!!
    And a blessed 2013...I know God has good things for us this year..stop by "My Sweet Prairie Home" and take a look around...

  11. woow that is a great all the colours......
    and do not miss......




    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  12. Hello Connie, I too sometimes can't sleep. I usually read but sometimes I get on my laptop. Right now we are watching a movie and I am trying to visit as many pinkies as I can. I have missed you. We had a wonderful cruise in Europe for two weeks over the holiday. It is good to be home.

    I love your Caroline story. She is such a smart little girl and beautiful too. You are blessed.

    I joined Pinterest but never post anything. I do love your eye candy photos so much. I will check your pics.
    Wishing you a wonderful 2013.
    xo, Jeanne

  13. Happy New Year wishes and thank you for sharing at the hop. I hope you will stop by again soon. I posted the new giveaway! xo


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