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Monday, December 3, 2012

A Few Thoughts On My Photos

Several people have asked me where I find my photos. Well, I've answered that on a post here. Check it out. But I will elaborate on a few things. One question is how or why I select the pictures.

That's a bit tough to explain but I'll try. First of all, pink is a qualifier. Second, roses and/or flowers are another qualifier. Then it goes on from there.

I do not like orange in the least bit. I have a Liz Claiborne blouse that has orange in it but it has other colors overpowering it. I love that blouse, but actually, it's too small at the moment but I hope to someday be able to wear it again. (Don't we all say that?) Anyway, it's absolutely stunning and when I unpack it from the garage attic—someday in the future—I'll photograph it and show you. So not liking orange determines that I'll rarely show much of that color. It brings a truly negative feeling to me. I don't really know why but I have a suspicion, and no, I'm not revealing it. Nothing traumatic or tragic.

Then, there's what I am doing at the moment as another qualifier. If I'm trying to buy a new sofa, then I'll look all over the internet at sofas or rooms.

There's also the feeling that one photo might bring to me. Perhaps just something in it will haunt me until I put it in my folder for photos, which I call "Unfinished". Then when I've Photoshopped it a bit, it goes into the folder on my desktop called "Pinks". It is then uploaded to Photobucket. Perhaps a froufrou lamp or an ottoman or just the photographer's skill in doing a great photo shoot. Laundry on a line is another thing I love, along with lace and terrific views out a window and windows. Sometimes it's as simple as seeing a Mac computer. When I see a Mac than I know that person is intelligent. :-) As only intelligent people buy Macs. :-) As they say: I have to kiss a lot of frogs to get my prince—meaning photos.

I also don't show the upper- or high-end homes much. While we all love to see exquisite homes, there aren't many of us that will ever have those. I'm one of those and that doesn't bother me one bit. They're still fantastic to view. But I prefer "normal" everyday homes. It seems more real to most of us. I think we all prefer reality to fantasy. I do! I don't dream big.

I'm really a simple girl; although, a lot of people would disagree with me. They truly don't understand my heart or what makes me tick. I have very few "best friends" as I'm very picky. I have a lot of acquaintances. That's a huge difference in my book. Hubs is my bestest friend and I can tell him just about anything and know it's safe.

As a simple girl, I love simple things like decorated bottles, beautiful rooms—this does not mean elaborate or expensive. Just beautiful. Most rooms I see on a regular basis are what I call "couch potato" rooms. The television is directly across from the sofa and all the chairs in the room face the television also. That would never happen in this house. All the chairs are grouped for conversation. I talk to people. (That doesn't lend itself to me being able to pronounce the name of the latest middle east despot but I don't care one whit as their names are unpronounceable anyway.) I don't have them over to watch anything, especially since we have no television. We read a lot! I'm an avid reader of fiction books.

Another darling home in the French countryside.

This caught my eye very quickly.

More froufrou for you to see.

I don't know why but these walls look pink to me so here they are. Like this room a great deal but I'd do something more with those lamps.

What's not to like about this bed? Lovely!

How do the people in this country drive on the streets? They are so narrow and the buildings and flora are right on the street.

You knew I wouldn't resist this pink door, right?

A darling European kitchen. See, we chicks are so different even when we're from different countries. However, is that knife holder making a statement from the woman of the house? ;-)

Lovely vintage, rustic birdhouse.

Pretty wallpaper border.

Yep, yet another getaway for ya. Hubs has been wanting to buy one of those large umbrellas. I just may let him next year. Then I'll throw some netting over it and sit outside under it. I don't do sun! My granddaughter and I are exactly alike with the same pale coloring. My only coloring? Age spots!

I wish I had found this old cupboard. Adorable.

Cute eye candy.

You know this isn't anywhere in the U.S., right?

I could vacation here...if I didn't have to fly to get there.


  1. I enjoy the photos you find to share. I love the color red and pink was always in my life so I have great fondness for it too! I only like orange in the summer as an accent- it's one of those shades that is rarely flattering to anyone though, so it's definitely not a high on the list color! We have a large tv in our living room and had it set up with surround sound. Back when the kids were teens it was fun, but anymore we don't care much about that. I have noticed if I have a party and the tv gets turned on most of the men gravitate to it and the women generally want to socialize and hang out at the dining table. We've removed our surround system and now I have my living room back! That knife holder in that European kitchen does give me a chuckle!

  2. The colour orange is most compatible with my complexion and there was a time when I did wear it. I also had an orange couch in the 70s. Now, I cannot stand this colour. I abhor it. I can't explain it. It just came about gradually. I pretty much have the same taste as you, Connie, when it comes to colour and decorating. I love that pink door and the check fabric on that bed. The flower bucket with the doves is so sweet! When it comes to photos, I love to look at rustic and fantasy-like cottages. Thanks for a lovely selection, Connie!

  3. I know what you mean about the sun!!!! I get sunsickness super easy so I must hide from the sun. I am very very pale too.

    I love the pictures that you post. It is fun to look at different rooms and houses. I am like you, I do not need a big mansion of a house. My own little house is perfect for me.



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