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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Word About My Photos

I get questions all the time about the photos on here—where do I find them, etc. I scour the internet and I do mean scour. There are billions of photos and images out there. You just need to know where to find them. I'm not divulging my sources. If you want to find them just start looking. I can't wait to post sometimes because of the beautiful photos I'm finding. Being more computer savvy than the average person though I am able to find them more easily. But sometimes I'd like to post every single day to share all of them with you. I just can't post every day.

I'm having a problem with my hands doing so much on the computer. Let this be a lesson to those of you that are texting. Your thumbs will be so bad in the coming years you'll either have to give up texting or have surgery. Trust me on this. My contemporaries are now experiencing this phenomenon. It all takes a toll on our bodies. You're talking to th' queen here now!

Youngsters have been warned by there mums and dads for years about the danger of loud music. Those teens today will be deaf or need hearing aids in their forties or fifties. It happened to my hubby but his was being in the Marines and all the training he did for the recruits on the rifle range. He regrets it now. The military does give him free hearing aids though so that's a plus, but nothing takes the place of your own hearing. You have been warned!

There is just something I like about this room. I can't explain it but it is a room I'd like even though there isn't any color in it. Just has a timeless feel about it.

Isn't this a clever idea? Use an old wheel with spokes for holding things.

Does it feel like autumn yet?

Lovin' this little rustic can of posies. ;-)

Yes, I'd like this fuchsia chair!

Clever place setting.

Don't you just love beautiful old roses pitchers? Sigh.

This is a cute kitchen dining area with red and yellow.

I have one of these but don't use it. Just sitting away somewhere waiting to be given to the thrift store.

Looking at all that bougainvillea reminds me of Mexico. This looks to be Italy though.

A gorgeous box!

Clever idea for gift giving for the holidays.

Don't you just love the look of these old buildings with the tall thin windows?

And a touch of vivid pink raspberries for you. :-)

And a vivid pink bench with lots of beautiful pots and flowers for ya.


  1. So true,I always think the people in the car next to us at the traffic lights with their stereo thumping and the windows up,they will have hearing aids before the're out of their teens.
    Lovely pics,especially the floral pitcher. x

  2. Keep on "scouring" - love your photos!

  3. I love, love that green box! That kitchen nook looks very cozy! Thanks for the photos, Connie! So sorry that you're having problems with your hands. There's always something, isn't there. If it's not one thing, it's another. Take care!

  4. I am partially deaf but I am sure the loud music I used to listen too did add to it. My excuse for the very loud music was that I am partially deaf. Of course Mom said it would get worse. Yup, she was right. Although most of my hearing loss is also my fault because I didn't tell mom about an ear infection that I had in both ears. I was 13 and I was afraid she would be mad at me because I didn't wear my hat or had my coat done up all the way. 8 months later, my math teacher figured out that I couldn't hear. Mom did ask me in the 8 months, I just said I could. I don't know why I was afraid to tell her, but I was. When she received the confirmation from the math teacher she let him know that I already had an appointment with a specialist because she thought there was something wrong. Well, needless to say, after seeing the ear doctor, I had 50% hearing loss in both ears. i got tubes put in my ears and they cleaned them out and I could hear better but I did damage my ears. I have about 30 to 40% hearing loss in both ears. I don't wear hearing aids as they give me really bad headaches.

    I love the pictures you post!!!


  5. I hope your hands are feeling less pain soon. I always enjoy your photos too. I was so inspired by all the ruffle pictures from the past few months that I made a ruffle curtain for my bathroom. I have posted pictures if you want to have a peek. I don't know why people make an issue of posting other peoples pictures. If you put it out there, it is available to anyone. debbie


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