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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rambling 9/19/12

I am an open person with a lot of things but I absolutely want privacy in my home. I lived in a fish bowl of a house for several years when we first moved to Idaho. It was big and had huge windows. I think we had about 35 huge windows in that house. When we bought it, it had no shades but heavy beige draperies, and we all know how I hate beige. ;-) They were the first to go. The man we bought the house from came by one day and was aghast that we had taken down about $6,000 worth of draperies. Shrug! It was my house then so I didn't care what he said. But we had to put up blinds on the west side because it got so hot and bright in the living room. Everyone could see in so there was no privacy and eventually I put up lace to give us some privacy at least. Since it was a famous house in the town we'd have people just drive by looking at it. Truly, to us, it wasn't anything special, but it eventually wore on us with the gawkers.

Anyway, that set the tone for this house. I have wood blinds on every room in this house. There are only 9 windows in this house. I love that! I don't have much to clean and less to spend on blinds. I also have lace so no one can see in when the blinds are open. Call me nuts if you want but if you've never lived in a fish bowl you'd never understand.

Did you know that Spain will not let you send any foods at all that to that country that contain saccharine? Interesting the postal regulations for other countries.

In Poland you cannot ship articles, printed matter, written documents or other articles contrary to interests of Poland. Where's their free speech then?

Do you try and quiet your mind when it gets loud and bothersome? Go soak or read a book. It's what I do.

And remember this post about the Secret Service in the White House? And there will be more little tidbits through the next several months as I deem them appropriate. But here's a tidbit for you. Once the SS heard about one vice-president who was ordering bottled water—and I believe it was a company he or a friend had an interest in. It was quite an expense so they took some of the water from the VP's residence—Blair House—and some of the bottled water to have it tested. It came back that the tap water in the VP's residence had less bacteria in it than the bottled water! They stopped the delivery of the bottled water immediately.

I keep seeing these tiny cottages but this one has a patio. Cute beyond words.

It's that time of year again where we'll be making and eating these. Actually, those look like apple tree branches the cook has put them on. Cute idea.

If it's pink, I'd take it. This is no exception!

Simple, elegant and darling card.

Eye candy easily made also.

Vintage basket to hold linens.

Cute idea for an outdoors party.

Some french laundry tubs.

A regal bedroom in a gorgeous blue. Look at that spread!

I have never seen such a gorgeous bed ensemble. You have got to wonder how they made that.

Water drops on a beautiful pink flower.

Waterfall for a secluded rest with your sweetheart.

You have no idea how I would love those 2 pink velvet chairs.

Sweet vignette with lace and flowers.

Some goodie cake...and in pink too!
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  1. I hear ya on privacy, Im big on that too! :) And as usual, fantastic photos to brighten up my day! :)


  2. Beige? Oh no, Connie, you couldnt live with that! (nor could I)

  3. I love the two pink chairs! They are so lovely!!!

  4. Those pink chairs would be delightful to sit on during a tea party with my soon as she's old enough, that is. :)

  5. Caramel apples! Yummy! Sometimes I buy the tub of caramel and dip apple slices in it for a treat. I checked out the book on the SS after reading your post. A real eye opener! I never liked LBJ, even back in the day. Guess my instincts were dead on. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a "watering hole" like that in your very own back yard???

  6. Oh ma gosh! I love those pink chairs, too! The tree branches stuck in the apples is a cute idea. Thank you for sharing so much with us Connie!

    XOXOX Debra

  7. What a lovely post! That white bedspread is gorgeous and so are the lavender chairs! Have a great week end! Hugs, Penny

  8. Oh Connie, choices,choices,choices! I love them all! That cottage is sweet and charming! That bedspread is a piece of art! Gorgeous! Aw...carmel apples with real stems! I love that idea! Cute! Have ablessed week my friend! Hugs Anne


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